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Iowa DNR Launches New Deer Exchange Online Database
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/03/20

The Iowa Deer Exchange is the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ new free online database where deer hunters willing to provide venison can connect with Iowans who want venison. Hunters enter their information to the database, including their location. Recipients choose the condition they want the meat when they register – boned out, whole (field dressed), quartered, frozen, jerky /sausage or any, and in what amount. They also set the...

Apply for Nebraska 2020 Special Youth Lifetime Half Price Permit Drawing by Sept 26
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/03/20

In an effort to encourage young Nebraskans to participate in hunting and fishing, the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation established its Youth Lifetime Half Price Permit Program. This program gives Nebraska youth age 15 and younger the opportunity to purchase a lifetime hunt, fish and other permits for half price. The application period runs now through Sept. 25, 2020. Just fill out the online form listed . Drawing rules are...

New Pennsylvania State Record Brown Trout
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/03/20

The Pennsylvania PFBC is pleased to announce a new state record Brown Trout! On the morning of August 8, 2020, angler Robert Ferraro, 68, of Erie, departed Walnut Creek Marina along with three friends aboard his boat, 'Heartbeat,' to enjoy a day of fishing. The group was targeting steelhead as they began trolling in 74 feet of water in the area known as...

SCDNR 2020 Youth Days for Deer on Private Land Sept 12 & 26
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/03/20

SCDNR 2020 Youth Days in Game Zone 2 will be held on Saturday, Sept. 12, and on Saturday, Sept. 26 in Game Zone 1. Per state law, these special youth hunting days prior to the regular season are for youth 17 years old and younger only. Adults may guide, but only the youth may take or attempt to take deer. Youth hunters who have not completed the hunter education program must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age. There are no...

Apply for SCDNR 2020-21 Public Drawing Waterfowl Hunts by Oct 15
Due to COVID-19 concerns, SCDNR will implement changes in procedure at Public Waterfowl Lottery Hunt site locations
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/03/20

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources is accepting 2020-2021 public drawing waterfowl hunts. Applications will be accepted online though Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 5PM. SCDNR is using an online application system for public hunts that are conducted on a lottery basis. Applications for hunts are entered under the heading LOTTERY HUNTS using the internet site. Due to concerns for the potential of COVID-19 transmission, SCDNR will...

SCDNR 2020 McBee WMA Lottery Quail Hunt Applications Available
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/03/20

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is now accepting online applications for the McBee WMA Quail Lottery Hunts through October 15th at 5:00 pm. A non-refundable fee of $5 is required of all applicants for the lottery. Youth hunters on the application must be at least 10 years old. After the selection process occurs, only the primary applicant will receive email notification of the drawing’s completion. Hunt dates are...

Alaska Hunting, Fishing Health Mandates during COVID-19
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/01/20

Hunting, fishing, and trapping activities are important to many Alaskans and non-residents. Hunters, anglers, and trappers are reminded that all seasons remain open as scheduled during the COVID-19 pandemic unless changed by emergency order. All emergency orders and announcements can be found on the departments website. The Alaska DFG reminds everyone that the Health Mandates issued by the State are continually being updated to provide guidance for traveling both to and within Alaska. In example...

Illinois 2020-21 Waterfowl Hunting Updates
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/01/20

The Illinois (IDNR) is reminding waterfowl hunters of key dates and other information regarding the 2020–2021 waterfowl seasons and beyond. Public Duck and Goose Hunting Permits - Sept. 1–14 for the second lottery, and Sept. 15–28 for the third lottery. Hunters should note several changes to the Duck and Goose Hunting Area Permits.Waterfowl hunting sites - Changes to daily procedures at other waterfowl hunting sites are anticipated in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 2020-2021 Waterfowl Seasons - Illinois waterfowl hunters are reminded of...