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Upland Bird Hunting News - Submitted by:  The Backcountry Press (TBC Press)
The latest hunting news and information for upland birds in your neck of the woods and beyond. Includes: grouse, pheasant, quail, partridge, ptarmigan  and dove.

10 Pheasant Hunting Tips

Here are 10 tips from some of the best pheasant hunters around –hunting guides, state wildlife area managers and hunting club owners –on how to find more birds on public and private lands throughout the West...

Upland Bird Hunting Resources

For the best upland bird hunting information please visit:

Pheasants Forever  or  Quail Forever chapters in your area.

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Applications for Arkansas 2019 Permit Dove Hunts Available Aug 1st - More Hunting Fields Added
Posted on: 07/19/19

Starting Aug. 1, Arkansas hunters can apply for a permit at to hunt on any of the four private fields in the program. The cost to apply per hunter is $5. The draw for all locations will be held Aug. 16 and applicants will be notified by email if they draw or not. Hunters chosen will receive directions to their field well in advance of opening day of dove season. The first weekend will cover...

Apply for New Mexico 2019 Special Pheasant, Sandhill Crane Hunts by Aug 21
Posted on: 07/19/19

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is now accepting applications for 2019 special sandhill crane and pheasant permits. Applications can be made online at the department’s website. The application deadline for special sandhill crane and pheasant permits is 5 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 21. No more than four persons may apply per application and...

Indiana 2019 Reserved Hunt Deadlines for Deer, Upland Bird & Waterfowl
Posted on: 07/12/19

The online method is the only wayfor Indiana hunters to apply for deer, upland bird & waterfowl reserved hunts. Applicants must possess a hunting license valid for the hunt for which they are applying. Applications must be completed by the application deadline. Hunters will be selected through a random computerized drawing. A link to view drawing results will be posted online within...

AGFC Adds Three New Fields to 2019 Permit Dove Hunt Lineup - Applications Open Aug 1st
Posted on: 07/11/19

Hunters looking for a private-land dove hunt this season will find their opportunities enhanced by an additional three locations and 82 more permits available each weekend in September through the Arkansas GFC drawn permit hunt system. The AGFC has lined up the same field it has had for two years, near the community of Blakemore between England and Lonoke on Arkansas Highway 31. But it has added...

Plans underway for 2019 Minnesota Governor's Pheasant Hunting Opener
Posted on: 07/11/19

Planning is underway for the ninth annual Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener, being held Oct. 11-12. This year’s event will be held in Austin, located in the southeastern part of the state. It is the first time Austin has hosted the event. In addition to pheasant hunting, the weekend event will include...

No Wisconsin Sharp-Tailed Grouse Permits Issued for fall 2019
Posted on: 07/11/19

In light of new scientific data and concerns over future viability of the sharp-tailed grouse population in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will not issue hunting permits for the fall 2019 hunting season. This decision comes as a result of a review of the spring 2019 survey data as well as from a new scientific population model which show...

Minnesota 2019 Spring Ruffed Grouse, Sharptail Counts Similar to Last Year
Posted on: 07/03/19

Minnesota ruffed grouse and sharp-tailed grouse counts are similar to last year, based on results from spring population surveys, the Department of Natural Resources said Monday. The 2019 survey results for ruffed grouse were 1.5 drums per stop statewide. Results this year follow a decrease from 2017 to 2018. In the northeast survey region, which is...

Iowa Late Winter Snow, Spring Rain Dampen Pheasant, Quail Nesting Outlook
Posted on: 07/02/19

Iowa’s string of mild winters came to a screeching halt midway through 2019 when the calendar turned to February and the weather pattern went haywire. “We had such an unusual winter last year – started out mild and dry, and then we had a winter’s worth of snow - 23 inches - in February and several warm-cold snaps that brought freezing rain and ice. Not an easy winter for pheasants and quail to...