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Upland Bird Hunting News - Submitted by:  The Backcountry Press (TBC Press)
The latest hunting news and information for upland birds in your neck of the woods and beyond. Includes: grouse, pheasant, quail, partridge, ptarmigan  and dove.

10 Pheasant Hunting Tips

Here are 10 tips from some of the best pheasant hunters around –hunting guides, state wildlife area managers and hunting club owners –on how to find more birds on public and private lands throughout the West...

Upland Bird Hunting Resources

For the best upland bird hunting information please visit:

Pheasants Forever  or  Quail Forever chapters in your area.

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California Lead-Free Hunting Takes Effect Statewide July 1
Posted on: 05/14/19

The California DFW wants to remind hunters that beginning July 1, 2019, nonlead ammunition will be required when taking wildlife with a firearm anywhere in California. California will become the first state in the nation to require nonlead ammunition for all firearms-related hunting. CDFW strongly recommends that hunters acquire and practice with nonlead ammunition well before heading afield, particularly in advance of upcoming...

Michigan Pheasant Hunters have More Opportunities this Fall
Posted on: 04/24/19

Michigam pheasant hunters soon may be finding and harvesting more pheasants afield through which select state game areas in the southern Lower Peninsula will receive released rooster pheasants over the next two seasons. Pheasant releases will be divided into two periods on 11 different state game areas...

Texas Sets 2019 Upland Bird Hunting Seasons
Posted on: 04/19/19

Texas wingshooters can begin marking their calendars for the 2019-20 hunting seasons, with minimal changes over last year’s schedule. Following is the season calendar and framework for 2019-20 dove, woodcock and sandhill crane:

Missouri Sets 2019 Upland Bird Hunting Seasons
Posted on: 04/16/19

The (MDC) recently set the 2019 migratory-game-bird-hunting seasons. Mourning Doves, Eurasian Collared Doves, and White-Winged Doves - Season: Sept. 1 through Nov. 29 - Bag Limits: 15 daily and 45 in possession combined total for all three species. For Sora and Virginia Rails, Wilson's (Common) Snipe and woodcock the seasons are...

Pennsylvania 2019-20 Upland Bird Hunting Seasons Approved
Posted on: 04/16/19

Pennsylvania recently gave final approval to upland bird hunting and bag limits for the 2019-20 license year. RUFFED GROUSE: Oct. 19–Nov. 29 and Dec. 16-24 (2 daily, 6 possession). PHEASANT: Special season for eligible junior hunters, with or without required license – Oct. 12-19 (2 daily, 6 in possession). PHEASANT: Oct. 26-Nov. 29, Dec. 16-24 and Dec. 26-Feb. 29 (2 daily, 6 in possession). Male pheasants only in...

Virginia Proposed 2019-20 Upland Dove Hunting Season
Posted on: 04/16/19

The VDGIF staff has proposed upland dove hunting for the 2019-20 seasons. Dove season shooting hours have been expanded. Shooting hours for opening day (Sept. 1) remain from noon to sunset, but for the remainder of the season, shooting hours are now open from ½-hour before sunrise to sunset. The 2019 Seasons for dove, Sora and Virginia Rails and...

Iowa 2019 Pheasant Season Likely Impacted by February Winter Storm
Posted on: 02/27/19

For Iowa’s pheasant and quail, the storm and this winter continues to be a life and death event. The storm’s path dumped heavy snow on top of existing ice crusted drifts and blew it with 50 mph winds filling in every ditch, fencerow and CRP field. About the only relief is available in the cattails or winter shelter belts, if they’re available. Deep snow cover has...

The Epic Hunt for Nevada Himalayan Snowcock
Posted on: 02/25/19

There aren’t many birds that can stand up to the rough conditions that high alpine meadows and mountain slopes offer, but the Himalayan snowcock is a champion among them. The terrain it calls home in Nevada’s Ruby Mountains is equally inhospitable. A hunting trip for himalayan snowcock is more like Big Game than Bird Hunting. This article will give you the seasons and information on hunting this fascinating exotic game bird...

IDNR Announces 2019 Wingshooting Opportunities Schedule
Posted on: 02/15/19

The Illinois DNR, in cooperation with a number of partners announced its schedule of wingshooting clinics to be held at sites throughout Illinois from March through mid-November. Wingshooting clinics are intended to provide instruction and improve the shooting skills of beginning shooting students as well as experienced hunters. The wingshoooting cinics are...