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Includes: grouse, pheasant, quail, partridge, ptarmigan  and dove.

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10 Pheasant Hunting Tips

Here are 10 tips from some of the best pheasant hunters around –hunting guides, state wildlife area managers and hunting club owners –on how to find more birds on public and private lands throughout the West...

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Ohio Prohibits Quail Hunting on Public Lands with 2 Exceptions
Posted by TBC Press on: 11/06/20

Ohio Reminds upland bird hunters that quail hunting is prohibited on public lands in Ohio, with 2 exceptions: 1. Tri-Valley Wildlife Area (Muskingum Co.) 2. Controlled hunt opportunities at Crown City Wildlife Area (Gallia & Lawrence Cos.). Quail hunting is open on private land only in 16 counties. In addition, daily bag limits have been reduced from 4 to 2 birds. This reduced bag limit applies to private lands and to Tri-Valley and Crown City Wildlife Areas. IN addition...

California 2020 General Pheasant and Late Dove Season Opens Nov 14
Posted by TBC Press on: 11/02/20

California 2020 General Pheasant Season Opens Statewide Nov 14 and extends through Dec. 27. Late Season Dove Hunting Opens Statewide Nov 14 and extends through Dec. 28. PHEASANT: Daily Bag Limit: 2 males per day for first two days of the season; 3 males per day after the first two days of the season. Possession Limit is Triple the daily bag limit through Dec 27. DOVE: Mourning Dove and White-winged Dove,15, up to 10 of which may be...

Additional 2020 Delaware Hunting Seasons Open in November
November deer shotgun season opening Nov 13
Posted by TBC Press on: 11/02/20

Numerous Delaware hunting seasons open in November, including the popular November deer shotgun season opening Nov. 13. Deer hunting is allowed on all Sundays through Jan. 31, 2021, using only those hunting methods legal for the respective deer hunting seasons, with more information available from the Delaware DNR and Environmental Control online. Hunters are encouraged to harvest does (female deer) to help manage the size and...

Texas 2020 Quail Season Opens Oct 31 with Modest Outlook
Posted by TBC Press on: 10/27/20

Quail season opens in Texas on Oct. 31 and while the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) surveys have returned relatively low quail numbers in comparison to previous years, hunters hitting the field this season will see more favorable conditions in certain portions of the state. Overall, the South Texas Plains and Rolling Plains ecoregions of Texas host the highest populations of bobwhite quail. Despite below average roadside count...

Kansas 2020 Upland Game Bird Seasons Look Promising When Season Opens Nov 14
Posted by TBC Press on: 10/23/20

November 14 marks the opening day for Kansas’ regular quail and pheasant seasons, and November 21 marks the opening day of Kansas’ regular greater prairie chicken season. This year, the outlook looks promising, as both popular upland game bird populations appear to be faring well. But when opportunities exist statewide, it can sometimes be difficult for upland bird hunters to narrow down the best locations to hunt. That’s where the 2020 Kansas Upland Bird Forecast comes in handy...

Ohio To Release Pheasants in Public Hunting Areas Late Oct & Nov for 2020 Season
Posted by TBC Press on: 10/23/20

Ring-necked pheasant hunters have the chance to pursue this popular game bird when the Ohio (ODNR) Division of Wildlife releases the birds at 28 of Ohio’s public hunting areas in late October and November. More than 14,000 rooster pheasants are scheduled to be released to provide put-and-take hunting opportunities across the state. The Division of Wildlife will release pheasants for the following dates: Oct. 24-25 (first youth weekend), Oct. 31-Nov. 1 (second youth weekend), Nov. 6, 2020 (opening day) and...

Connecticut 2020 Saturday Pheasant Hunting Underway through Nov 14
Posted by TBC Press on: 10/22/20

The Connecticut 2020 permit-based Saturday program continues from October 17th - November 14th, however, hunting times will be shortened and fewer individuals will be allowed to hunt during each time period to increase safety during the pandemic. Areas will be stocked on Saturday morning and prior to each hunting group. Hunting times will be 8 am - 10 am; 10:30 am - 12:30 pm and 1 pm - 3 pm. Hunters will only be able to make a total of ...

IDNR 2020-21 Controlled Pheasant Hunting Program Changes
Posted by TBC Press on: 10/2/20

The Illinois (IDNR) recently announced changes to controlled pheasant hunting for the 2020-21 hunting season. The changes, health and safety protocols implemented in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, will provide greater protection to both the hunting public and site staff during the season. Standby Controlled Pheasant Hunting Permits will not be available this hunting season. Pheasant hunters will need to...

Indiana 2020 Upland Pheasant & Quail Hunting Season Opens Nov 1
Posted by TBC Press on: 10/2/20

Indiana 2020 upland pheasant and quail hunting season opens November 1 and runs through Dec. 15. In the South Zone quail hunting runs through Jan. 10, 2021. Hunters will also note the second leg of Dove season also opens Nov 1 through Nov 15. The possession limit on pheasants, quail is two times the daily bag limit. Quail bag limits vary on some DNR properties and the daily bag and possession limits are for mourning doves and white-winged doves is...