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TBC Press Daily Hunting and Fishing News Blog

Most Alabama Public Fishing Lakes Reopen in February

by TBC Press on 01/21/20

Most Alabama Public Fishing Lakes Reopen in February   February 1 marks the beginning of fishing season for 22 of Alabama’s 23 State-owned Public Fishing Lakes. Located throughout the state, these lakes are noted for their quality fishing for bream, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and crappie (in most lakes). Because these smaller lakes warm more quickly than larger bodies of water, early spring fishing can be excellent. Washington County Public Fishing Lake remains closed while... READ MORE

Colorado Warns Anglers of Purchasing Bogus Licenses on Fraudulent Websites

by TBC Press on 01/21/20

After being alerted to a fraudulent website claiming to sell Colorado fishing licenses, CPW urges people to be wary of 3rd party sites offering deals on CPW products. CPW’s online shop and hundreds of license sales agents across the state are the easiest, most secure and best-priced methods of purchasing fishing licenses. There is no guarantee that licenses purchased through 3rd party sites will be legitimate products recognized by CPW or that they will ever be delivered to the purchaser. Additionally... READ MORE

Field Notes of a Colorado Rookie Sportsperson

by TBC Press on 01/21/20

Field Notes of a Colorado Rookie Sportsperson   Ten months of classroom study, days of target practice at the shooting range and hours of immersing myself in the ethics and strategies of hunting all built to a climax on the weekend after Christmas: my first big game hunt. The anticipation was almost overwhelming as, on Dec. 28, my daughter, Natalie, and I embarked on our first big game hunt as members of Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Rookie Sportsperson Program (RSP). On the big day, Natalie and I met Wilkins at... READ MORE

Missouri Increases Feral Hog Elimation Efforts, Adapts Strategy for 2020

by TBC Press on 01/21/20

The Missouri Feral Hog Elimination Partnership (the Partnership) eliminated 10,495 feral hogs from Missouri in 2019, and will increase efforts in 2020 as multiple agencies work together to eliminate feral hogs from the state. Increased efforts include a workforce focused on feral hog elimination in key areas, including Mark Twain National Forest lands, beginning in late January. Winter operations will be a large-scale effort where we will... READ MORE

West Virginia Anglers Catch Record Grass Carp, Blue Catfish

by TBC Press on 01/21/20

West Virginia Anglers Catch Record Grass Carp, Blue Catfish   The state length records for grass carp and blue catfish were broken earlier in January by two West Virginia anglers, the Division of Natural Resources announced recently. Zachary Adkins of Cabins caught a 53.1-inch, 59-pound grass carp at Warden Lake in Hardy County on Jan. 3. Justin Conner of Culloden caught a 49.84-inch, 58.38-pound blue catfish on the Ohio River in Mason County on Jan. 11. Anglers used.... READ MORE

Wisconsin Issues PFAS Fish Advisory For Starkweather Creek & Lake Monona

by TBC Press on 01/21/20

Based on fish tissue data, the Wisconsin DNR and the Department of Health Services (DHS) are recommending PFAS-based fish consumption advisories for Starkweather Creek and Lake Monona in Dane County. Recent sampling by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shows elevated PFOS in fish tissue and surface water in those waterways. The revised consumption guidelines for fish from Starkweather Creek and Lake Monona are... READ MORE

California Extends Duck Hunting Season to Jan 31, 2020

by TBC Press on 01/20/20

California Extends Duck Hunting Season to Jan 31, 2020  California’s 2019-20 duck season will be extended five additional days this season, closing on Friday, Jan. 31, 2020, at the end of legal shooting hours in the Balance of State, Southern San Joaquin and Southern California zones that cover most of the state. The five additional days are intended to provide more hunter opportunity at the end of the season when waterfowl hunting is often at its best. The extension does not include... READ MORE

Montana Confirms CWD Found in Moose Near Libby

by TBC Press on 01/20/20

Montana confirms that a second moose has tested positive for chronic wasting disease in northwest Montana. A hunter harvested the bull moose during the last week of the general hunting season near Fawn Creek southeast of Libby. The moose was harvested within the Libby CWD Management Zone near the southeastern boundary. During the 2020 hunting season setting process, FWP is proposing an over-the-counter... READ MORE

Nikon Stops Making Riflescopes - Continues its binocular, rangefinder, and spotting scope lines.

by TBC Press on 01/20/20

Nikon Stops Making Riflescopes  In December, Nikon’s North American office delivered stunning news: It was walking away from the riflescope market. Dealers were told they could sell through their current inventories of Buckmaster, ProStaff, and BLACK scopes, but they shouldn’t write new orders, and they shouldn’t expect inventories to be replenished. Nikon’s advertising agency of 25 years confirmed the brand’s contraction from the riflescope sector, but stressed that Nikon will still be a dominant player in... READ MORE

North Dakota Confirms CWD Found in Deer

by TBC Press on 01/20/20

Eight deer taken during the 2019 North Dakota deer gun season tested positive for chronic wasting disease, according to Dr. Charlie Bahnson, wildlife veterinarian for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. All were antlered deer taken from areas previously known to have CWD – six from unit 3F2 and two from 3A1. Bahnson said six of the eight were mule deer, with two whitetails from unit 3F2.  CWD was not detected in any deer harvested in... READ MORE

Oregon Recreational Razor Clamming Opens on North Coast

by TBC Press on 01/20/20

Oregon Recreational Razor Clamming Opens on North Coast  The Oregon ODA and the Oregon ODFW announce the opening of razor clam harvesting on the north Oregon coast. Recreational and commercial razor clam harvesting is now open from the Columbia River to Tillamook Head (south of Seaside). Recent samples taken from the area indicate the marine biotoxin domoic acid has dropped below the closure limit. However, recreational and commercial razor clam harvesting remains closed from... READ MORE

TWRA Public Meeting Jan 28 at Buffalo Ridge Refuge Regarding a Shooting Range

by TBC Press on 01/20/20

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will host a public meeting to discuss Buffalo Ridge Refuge in Humphreys County. The meeting will be held Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 6 p.m. in the barn located at the Tom and Wendy Beasley Education Center on the refuge. The purpose of the meeting will be to get public input regarding use of shooting ranges and facilities at the refuge. TWRA is creating multiple public use ranges with... READ MORE

TWRA Seeks Input for 2020-21 and 2021-22 Hunting Season Regulations

by TBC Press on 01/20/20

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is soliciting comments for its 2020-21 and 2021-22 hunting seasons’ regulations. The state’s hunting seasons are set every two years, except for waterfowl and other migratory birds which are set annually. This is an opportunity for the public to provide ideas and share concerns about hunting regulations with TWRA staff. The comment period will be open through Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020.  In addition... READ  MORE

Three Tennessee Counties Have CWD Status Changed

by TBC Press on 01/20/20

Three Tennessee Counties Have CWD Status Changed  Three counties have had their chronic wasting disease (CWD) status changed due to the confirmation of the disease (CWD) in new areas of southwest Tennessee. Haywood and Chester counties have be reclassified from high risk counties to CWD-positive counties after deer tested positive in the respective counties. Lauderdale County has been added as a high-risk county after a deer tested positive in Tipton County within... READ MORE

Louisiana Deer Hunting Closed in Areas with High Water

by TBC Press on 01/17/20

Louisiana Deer Hunting Closed in Areas with High Water  Deer hunting in portions of Deer Area 5 in the Atchafalaya Basin, including Attakapas Wildlife Management Area (WMA), is closed due to flooding, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) announced recently. Deer hunting in those portions of Iberville, St. Martin, St. Mary and Iberia parishes west of the East Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee, east of the West Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee and south of... READ MORE

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