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Falconry Resources for USA, Canada & Abroad

Great Lakes Falconers Association- Illinois

Green Mountain Falconry School - Vermont

North American Falconers Association

West Coast Falconry -- Northern California 

USA  Falconry Asociations and Clubs -- For a List of State DNR's see State Regulations


  • Hawkeye Falconry -- Ireland, Falconry Courses & Training - Introduction and Advanced Courses
  • The K Club -- Ireland Falconry Lessons & Experiences Ireland, Falconry Courses


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Interested in falconry?  Falconry is practiced in all USA states but Hawaii. Here is a list of resources for USA, Canada and abroad to get you started.

Start inquiring with your state's falconry clubs. A list of club addresses can be found below. Contact them. Ask them if there are any falconers that can take you out and show you the sport. 

Other thing you can try: There is a falconry school in Vermont, you can go there to find out if you like handling raptors and get exposer, for a fee of course.

Don't ask if there are any falconers that will sponsor you yet; the answer is "no". They need to get to know you. When you find a sponsor, then you'll need the equipment. You need to build a Hawk Mews, which could run $1000 for materials (just an example of cost involved in falconry).
Falconry Resources for USA, Canada & Abroad
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