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Florida 2022 Lionfish Festival May 14-15 in Destin
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/04/22

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is excited to announce the eighth annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness Festival May 14 and 15 at HarborWalk Village in Destin. Come out and celebrate the fight against invasive lionfish with the FWC and Destin–Fort Walton Beach. Activities will include fillet demonstrations; family-friendly games and activities; art, diving and conservation booths; and the world’s largest...

New FWC Dolphinfish Recreational Regulations in effect in Atlantic State Waters
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/04/22

Effective May 1, the following regulations will go into effect for Florida recreational harvest of dolphinfish in Atlantic state waters: Five fish per person daily recreational bag limit. - 30 fish per vessel private recreational daily vessel limit. These new regulations are a proactive conservation measure intended to help address stakeholder concerns regarding declines in the dolphinfish fishery, which are...

KDWPT Changes Walleye Harvest Regulations at Marion Reservoir for Study
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/04/22

Kansas walleye harvest regulations have changed at Marion Reservoir – north of U.S. 56 between Marion and Hillsboro – as part of a four-year pilot study to improve public walleye fishing opportunities. Effective January 1, 2022, Marion Reservoir walleye is managed with the following harvest regulations: 18-inch minimum length limit - 3 per day creel limit, with no more than...

Iowa 2022 Walleye Season Opens May 7 on the Great Lakes
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/04/22

Iowa's 146th walleye fishing season officially opens May 7 at Spirit Lake, East and West Okoboji lakes. Walleye populations on the Iowa Great Lakes are in great shape, said Mike Hawkins, fisheries biologist for the Iowa DNR. Walleye season opens the first Saturday in May and runs through February 14 each year on Spirit Lake, East Okoboji Lake and West Okoboji Lake. The protected slot limit on walleyes changed this year to...

Minnesota 2022 Upper Red Lake Walleye Regulations when Season Opens May 14
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/04/22

Anglers fishing during the 2022 open-water season that starts May 14 on Upper Red Lake in northern Minnesota will have a four-walleye possession limit, with only one walleye longer than 20 inches allowed, according to the Minnesota DNR. Although angler activity was once again high last winter, harvest was modest at 134,000 pounds of walleye. Early winter fishing was very good, but heavy snow reduced anglers’ mobility and harvest in the later months. In addition...

table id="tfhover" class="tftable" border="2"> California 2022 Pacific Halibut Fishery Opens May 1
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/15/22

The California CDFW announced that the 2022 recreational Pacific halibut fishery will open Sunday, May 1 and remain open until November 15, or until the quota is reached, whichever is earlier. The 2022 Pacific halibut quota for the California sport fishery is 38,740 pounds – approximately the same as the 2021 quota. The season dates are expected to meet the goal of providing as much fishing opportunity as possible throughout the season and...

CDFW Restricts Use Of Crab Traps For Recreational Crab Fishery
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/15/22

California CDFW Director Charlton H. Bonham has assessed entanglement risk under the Risk Assessment Mitigation Program (RAMP) and in accordance with regulations adopted by the California Fish and Game Commission for the recreational crab fishery. Due to increased risk of whale entanglement, Director Bonham is restricting the use of crab traps for the remainder of the recreational Dungeness crab fishing season. The season ends on...