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Tips to Catch Giant Pike When the Summer Heat is On
Posted on: 07/03/19
One of the best things about northern pike is that they’re willing players practically 365 days a year. Drop a shiner through the ice and it’ll get nailed. Work a spinnerbait around a rocky point in fall and it’ll get crushed. It’s the summer months that can be the most challenging for the pike hunter. To score that goliath now, you need to understand...

Three Top Lures for Catching Monster Brown Trout at Night
Posted on: 07/03/19
Wild trout are incredibly susceptible to angling pressure, which is why some of the best-known trout fisheries in the country can get really slow by midsummer. The fish have seen it all, and they’ve gotten smarter and more selective during daylight hours. Between that daytime pressure and the warmer water temperatures, many big browns hunker down until the sun goes away. And when that happens, fishermen go away. That’s when you show up and score. Here’s how...

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2019 North America Sportshows
Best bait, lures, artificial flies for trout season 
Fishing for striped bass on the Hudson River in downtown Albany ...
Florida 2019 Snook & Fall Season Gag Grouper Opens Sept 1st
Posted on: 08/21/19

Florida 2019 Snook opens Sept 1st statewide & gag grouper recreational season in state waters off Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor counties will also be open for harvest Sept. 1. SNOOK: The recreational harvest season for snook starts Sept. 1 statewide, with the exception of state waters from the Pasco-Hernando county line south to Gordon Pass in Collier County. These waters remain closed to harvest due to...

Apply by Sept 30 for Texas 2019 Trinity River Alligator Gar Harvest Authorization
Posted on: 08/17/19

Starting Sept. 1, Texas anglers must have special authorization through a random draw to harvest a large alligator gar from a section of the Trinity River and follow new regulations when fishing for the state’s largest and long-lived freshwater fish in public waters statewide. From Aug. 15 through Sept. 30, anglers holding a license-year or year-from-purchase fishing license can enter a drawing for...

California Anglers Keep an Eye Out for a Reward Tag When Fishing for Big Sturgeon
Posted on: 08/01/19

Every year, CDFW scientists rely on help from California anglers in order to monitor and manage our White Sturgeon population. CDFW currently offers rewards of $50, $100 or $150 per disc tag, although older fish with a $20 tag are sometimes caught. Tags must be physically returned to CDFW to be counted and the reward claimed; photographs cannot be accepted. However...

AGFC Removes all Daily Sportfish Limits from Lake Monticello
Posted on: 07/31/19

The Director of the Arkansas GFC removed all daily sportfish limits and length limits on Lake Monticello for all species of fish in an emergency proclamation as a result of the recent decision by the City of Monticello to drain the lake for repairs to its dam. The City of Monticello has decided to drain the lake to repair issues. As a result of the lake being drained, the AGFC is removing all limits to all species of fish so anglers can...

Oregon to Set 2020 Sport Fishing Regulations
Posted on: 07/31/19

The Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet Friday, Aug. 2 at ODFW Headquarters in Salem, 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem to set the 2020 Sport Fishing Regulations. The Commission will be asked to modify its preference point system rules to provide an additional point to Resident Disabled Veterans license holders who are at least 65 years of age. Resident Disabled Veterans who...

Wyoming Study Shows Strong Comeback of Shovelnose Sturgeon in Bighorn River
Posted on: 07/30/19

Wyoming GFD biologists one shift away from finishing a five-year study, the crew cast off into the fast-flowing river hoping to capture a record amount of shovelnose sturgeon. They were looking to track the progress of a reintroduction project that began more than two decades ago. In 1996, Wyoming biologists stocked sturgeon in the Bighorn River in an attempt to create a unique sport fishing opportunity for...

Young Angler Sets Maryland Record for Florida Pompano
Posted on: 07/29/19

The Maryland DNR has officially recognized 14-year-old Scott Hartzell Jr. of Easton as the first official state record holder for a Florida pompano. Hartzell caught the 3.375-pound fish on Stone Rock near Tilghman Island. Hartzell was trolling for bait fish with family and friends when he caught the fish on a gold Clarkspoon -- at the end of few tangled fishing lines. We weren’t sure what it was, said Scott Hartzell Sr...

Minnesota DNR Offering 4 Multicultural, Family Fishing Events on Mississippi River
Posted on: 07/29/19

Anyone who wants to try fishing is invited to Minnesota's multicultural, family fishing events happening at four locations in four days along the Miss River from Coon Rapids to Hastings, where people can get a chance to fish for many types of fish at close-to-home locations. People can attend one or more of the four days of events, scheduled as follows...