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Our country is still battling COVID-19. States are doing their best to keep parks, fishing, hunting and other outdoor actitivies open to the public, HOWEVER it is YOU that must follow the guidelines set by These guidelines include; social distancing, the Leave No Trace principles, including pack-in and pack-out, to keep outdoor spaces safe and healthy. These guidelines are also good to practice even after the threat of COVID-19 is gone.

Arizona Anglers Can Earn Cash Bonuses During the Brown Trout Bonanza on the Colorado River
Best Angler gets $500! Earn Several Other Bonuses from $50 to $300!
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/12/21

Anglers can earn cash rewards and bonuses for participating in the Brown Trout Bonanza on the stretch of the Colorado River between Glen Canyon Dam and the Paria River, April 1 and running through May 2. Also beginning April 1, there is now a $33 reward for each brown trout captured as well as these additional incentives during the Bonanza...

DNREC to Issue Surf Fishing Permit Vouchers April 14
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/12/21

In response to the eighth modification to the COVID-19 emergency order, the Delaware DNR and Environmental Control will issue up to 1,000 additional one-year surf fishing permits for 2021, with a special voucher distribution Wednesday, April 14. Those who wish to purchase one of the additional 1,000 one-year surf fishing permits must first acquire a special voucher. Vouchers will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on at the following locations until...

Gulf of Mexico Great Red Snapper Count May Have Little Impact on 2021 Season
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/12/21

Last week’s meeting of the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council (Gulf Council) Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) yielded mixed results for red snapper anglers The SSC voted to partially incorporate the Great Red Snapper Count, which estimated the red snapper population in the Gulf is three times higher than previous estimates, into the Gulf Council management process. However, that action may have little impact on the 2021 red snapper season...

North Carolina 2021 Roanoke River Striped Bass Harvest Season Opens
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/12/21

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission issued a reminder to anglers that the 2021 striped bass harvest season in the Roanoke River Management Area is now open. Harvest dates are: April 10–16 in the lower river zone (downstream of the U.S. 258 Highway bridge at Scotland Neck to the mouth at Albemarle Sound). April 24–30 in the upper river zone (upstream of the U.S. 258 Highway bridge at Scotland Neck to the base of Roanoke Rapids Dam). Although...

West Virginia Anglers Will Have Opportunities to Catch Tiger Trout This Spring
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/12/21

Anglers looking for an exciting fishing adventure in West Virginia will have opportunities to catch tiger trout this spring. Recently, Gov. Jim Justice announced that the West Virginia WVDNR will stock this unique sport fish in lakes and streams around the state for the first time in decades. Through the months of April and May, the WVDNR will stock 25,000 tiger trout, some of which are trophy size at four pounds. They will be stocked with...

New Law Impacts Iowa Boat Operators on Federal Waterways
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/09/21

A new federal law went into effect on April 1, that requires the operator of a boat with an installed Engine Cut-Off Switch (ECOS) to use the ECOS link while operating on all federally navigable waterways. In Iowa, that means the four flood control reservoirs: Coralville, Rathbun, Red Rock and Saylorville; and the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The link is usually a coiled bungee cord lanyard clipped onto the operator's person, personal floatation device or...