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Top Fishing Articles
Egg-Fly Tricks to Catch More Steelhead
Posted on: 02/21/19

Take the guesswork out of egg-fly selection to catch more steelheead on Great Lakes tributaries from Minnesota to New York. The chromers that run the Great Lakes tributaries from Minnesota to New York peel as much line and jump as high as their Pacific kin. For many flyfishermen, the ultimate thrill is getting one to hit a streamer on the swing. These tips will help you tighten up your egg arsenal for any Great Lakes trip...

Strategies for Catching More Winter Wahoo
Posted on: 02/21/19

Frequent fronts often make the postcardlike conditions in these locations disappear. So why visit when strong sea legs are a requirement? Because any Southern captain will tell you that wahoo go on a feeding tear during the less-than-ideal winter conditions that aren’t for the average tourist. This is your best chance at scoring both numbers of and trophy-caliber wahoo. If you and your hardcore group of buddies are looking for a winter getaway that will end in sore arms and some of the finest sashimi you’ll ever eat, these three top captains will show you the way to trophy ’hoos...

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2019 North America Sportshows
Georgia 2019 Bass Slam is Underway
Posted on: 03/08/19

Georgia anglers, now is the time to start working on the 2019 Bass Slam. Catching a Georgia Bass Slam is already quite the accomplishment, but how about topping it off with winning the grand prize. What is a Georgia Bass Slam? Catch (at least) five of the different black bass species found in Georgia and you have a Georgia Bass Slam! This program recognizes anglers with...

Deadline to Remove North Dakota Fish Houses is March 15
Posted on: 03/06/19

Anglers have until midnight, March 15 to remove permanent fish houses from North Dakota waters, and from any state wildlife management area or federal refuge land. Anglers are advised to remove their house soon because access on many lakes could be restricted due to snow. The deadline of March 15 will not be extended. Fish houses may be used after March 15 if...

Tennessee has New Fishing Regulations in Effect; Guide Available
Posted on: 03/06/19

Tennessee’s 2019-20 fishing regulations went into effect March 1 and anglers are encouraged to obtain the new Fishing Guide now available online and locations throughout the state. Several of the new fishing regulations established by the Tennessee Commission last fall are geared toward the agency’s effort to battle the invasive Asian carp. In TWRA Region I and II...

Slightly Improved’ Forecast for California 2019 Ocean Salmon Season
Posted on: 03/05/19

California’s 2019 ocean salmon fishing season should be slightly better than last year’s, according to information presented at last week’s annual Salmon Information Meeting held in Santa Rosa by the California DFW. The ocean abundance projections for Sacramento River fall Chinook (SRFC), a main salmon stock harvested in California waters, is estimated at..

Oregon Fishing Regulations for Willamette, Clackamas Rivers in Effect
Posted on: 03/05/19

Effective Monday, March 4 until Aug. 31, 2019, the following fishing regulation changes are in effect on Oregon's Willamette and Clackamas Rivers: On the Willamette River: Anglers with the two-rod validation may use two rods while fishing for all species (except sturgeon) in all areas of the Willamette River downstream of Willamette Falls. This change also applies in...

WDFW Approves Modifications to Columbia River Salmon Fishery Policy
Posted on: 03/05/19

The Washington DFW has agreed to allow the use of gillnets during the fall salmon fishery on the lower Columbia River while state fishery managers work with their Oregon counterparts to develop a joint long-term policy for shared waters. The commission's action to extend the use of gillnets was one of a number of recommendations for Columbia River fisheries...

Deadline for Minnesota Anglers to Remove Fish Houses is March 4
Posted on: 03/01/19

The first deadline for anglers to remove their fish houses from inland waters is the end of the day Monday, March 4, according to the Minnesota DNR. The March 4 deadline applies to lakes south of an east-west line formed by U.S. Highway 10, east along Highway 34 to Minnesota Highway 200, east along Highway 200 to...

Michigan 2019 Hand-Netting Season Opens March 1
Posted on: 02/28/19

Michigan’s annual netting seasons are about to get under way. The hand-netting season opens Friday, March 1, while the dip-netting season starts up Wednesday, March 20. Both seasons close May 31. A Michigan fishing license is required. The following species can be taken during both seasons: bowfin, carp, gizzard shad, goldfish, longnose gar, smelt and suckers. Waters open to hand netting include...

Michigan 2019 Lake Trout Regulations to Change in Grand Traverse Bay
Posted on: 02/28/19

Because the 2018 harvest limit for lake trout in Grand Traverse Bay was exceeded, the Michigan DNR is looking at some regulation changes for 2019. Before any changes are proposed to the Commission, the DNR is inviting the public to learn about options during a meeting Wednesday, March 6. To accommodate that required reduction for the 2019 lake trout fishing season, the DNR is considering three options...

Minnesota Ice Fisherman Lands New Catch-and-Release State Record Lake Sturgeon
Posted on: 02/28/19

Minnesota has a new state record lake sturgeon so large that anglers had to drill five holes to fit the 6 1/2 foot long fish through the St. Croix River ice. Early on in the effort to catch the fish on Feb. 9, record holder Darren Troseth knew he had something special on the line. I’ve seen a lot of big sturgeon in my life, but...