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Top Fishing Articles
How to Build a Fly Rod Holder Roof Rack Out of PVC
Posted on: 05/22/19
Fly rods can be challenging to transport. When broken down, four-piece rods take up almost no space. But when assembled, the typical nine-foot length makes stashing them in your vehicle nearly impossible. Here’s a better option: If your vehicle’s roof is equipped with crossbars, you can outfit it with a holder made of common PVC tube. You can build this holder for about $30.To build this rod holder, you’ll need...

State Directory of FREE Fishing Days for 2019
Posted on: 05/16/19
These are days – some states even offer free fishing weekends – where anglers can go fishing without a license. Check out the next free fishing days in your state. Please note that the individual states may place certain restrictions and other regulations may apply, so be sure to contact your state fish and wildlife agency for specific state regulations. STATE'S FREE FISHING DAYS for 2019 are...

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Winter BIG BASS Fishing 2019! Deep Water Rig / Setup
Huge 757-lb Broadbill Swordfish Landed in Florida
Hawaii Boating Division to Auction Off 5 Impounded Boats June 28
Posted on: 05/24/19

The Hawaii DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) recently announced a public auction of five (5) impounded vessels from the Ala Wai and Keehi Small Boat Harbors on O‘ahu. Bidders must appear in person at the June 28th auction to be held at the DOBOR District Office at 4 Sand Island Access Road beginning at 9 a.m. The vessels to be auctioned are as follows...

Rains, Flooding Affect Some Kansas State Parks
Posted on: 05/24/19

The Kansas DWPT reported recently that frequent heavy rains are impacting some state parks in eastern Kansas. High water levels at many reservoirs have flooded campgrounds, overtopped roads, closed boat ramps and beaches and dampened visitors’ enthusiasm for any outdoor activities. Most state parks in western Kansas have been largely unaffected. In eastern Kansas...

Maryland 2019 Snakehead Fishing Derby June 8th
Posted on: 05/24/19

The Maryland DNR is teaming up with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to host the first “Freedom and Fishing Snakehead Derby” on June 8 at Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park in Dorchester County. Participation for Freedom and Fishing is free, but registration is required. Anglers of all ages are invited to participate in this free, all-day derby, which features...

Minnesota DNR has Closed Fort Snelling State Park Through June due to Damage & Flooding
Posted on: 05/24/19

Due to persistent flooding and damage in Minnesota from the winter’s hefty snowpack and spring’s heavy rains, Fort Snelling State Park will remain closed to the public through Memorial Day weekend and the month of June. The closure could remain in effect until sometime in July, depending on...

TPWD Reopens Alligator Gar Fishing in Trinity River
Posted on: 05/24/19

The Texas PWD is reopening fishing for alligator gar in portions of the river between the Highway 287 bridge near Cayuga and State Highway 7 near Crockett effective Friday, May 24th. TPWD temporarily prohibited taking or attempting to take alligator gar on May 6 to protect spawning alligator gar, which is a species of conservation concern in the Trinity River. Water conditions that...

California Increases Bag Limit for Recreational Lingcod & Others Effective June 1st
Posted on: 05/23/19

CDFW has announced increases to the recreational canary rockfish, black rockfish and lingcod daily limits. Within the statewide Rockfish Cabezon Greenlings Complex daily bag limit of 10 fish, the sub-bag limit for canary rockfish will increase from two to three fish, and the sub-bag limit for black rockfish will increase from three to four fish. The daily bag limit for lingcod will increase from ...

Maryland Has Two More Record Fish in the Books for 2019
Posted on: 05/23/19

Maryland Anglers have caught Two more record fish in 2019. Brian Gay of Millsboro, Delaware landed the record Atlantic white hake and Nick Palese, 32, caught the record bullhead catfish. Gay, an experienced angler, was fishing for sea bass in roughly 280 feet of water 50 miles off the coast in Poor Man’s Canyon when he felt the bite. Nick Palese, 32, caught the bullhead catfish May 18 along...

Michigan Angler Nabs State-Record Bigmouth Buffalo
Posted on: 05/23/19

Earlier this month, Tyler Fisher of St. Charles, Michigan, caught a record-breaking bigmouth buffalo, unseating the previous state-record fish that was caught in 2017. Fisher caught his fish – weighing in at 32.01 pounds and measuring 38 inches – while bowfishing in the Shiawassee River in Saginaw County. Kathrin Schrouder, a DNR fisheries biologist out of Bay City, verified...