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Apply for Arizona 2020 Spring Turkey, Javelina, Bison & Bear Leftover Hunt Permit-Tags Nov 18
Posted on: 11/05/19

The wait is over for hopeful Arizona hunters who applied for a 2020 spring hunt permit-tag. Results are in. AZGFD will begin accepting paper applications for leftover hunt permit-tags Monday, Nov. 18 -- by mail only -- at 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85086, Attn.: Draw/First Come. Leftover hunt permit-tags will be available for purchase on a “first come, first served” basis beginning...

Apply for Arkansas 2020 Trophy Alligator Gar Permit Through Dec 31
Posted on: 11/05/19
Arkansas anglers interested in hooking into a trophy of truly epic size can apply for a 2020 Alligator Gar Trophy tag from November 1 through December 31. 100 Alligator Gar Trophy tags for the 2020 season will be issued. Applications are available under the “Fishing License” section of the AGFC’s online license system. Anyone may fish for alligator gar on a catch-and-release basis with an Alligator Gar Permit (AGP), but a trophy tag (AGT) is required to keep an Alligator Gar longer than...

California 2019 Recreational Dungeness Crab & North Coast All-Depth Recreational Fishing Seasons Open
Posted on: 11/05/19
California 2019 recreational statewide sport season for Dungeness crab opened Saturday, Nov. 2. the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is advising anglers not to consume the viscera of crab caught in two coastal areas due to the presence of domoic acid. CDFW also has a new recreational fishing opportunity for groundfish north of Point Arena (38° 57.5’ N. lat.) from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, 2019...

Georgia Offers New Program for Deer Management Assistance on Private Lands
Posted on: 11/05/19

The Georgia Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) is a brand-new program dedicated to assisting hunt clubs and landowners with deer management on private lands, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division. How will the program work? Georgia’s DMAP has several levels, each with its own fees and acreage minimums that...

Georgia Anglers Can Receive Free Short Leaders as Redfish Season GearsUp
Posted on: 11/05/19

The Georgia DNR is reminding anglers they can participate in the FishSmart Red Snapper and Red Drum Conservation Project. This innovative project is an evolution in sportfishing and enhances anglers' long-established role as conservationists. To raise awareness of this new initiative, interested anglers can receive FREE short leader rigs by...

Maryland Ocean City Angler Catches Record Gray Triggerfish
Posted on: 11/05/19

Ocean City resident Mike Glyphis set a new Maryland state record for gray triggerfish. Glyphis caught the 5.6-pound fish Oct. 30 while fishing 16 miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean. Glyphis said at first he thought his line was snagged on debris. But after a few tugs on his line, he says “the thing took off.” After a few minutes of fighting the fish, the veteran angler...

Maryland 2019 Junior Deer Hunting Days Set for November
Posted on: 11/05/19

The Maryland DNR encourages experienced deer hunters to introduce youth to the time-honored cultural and sporting tradition of deer hunting during two Junior Deer Hunting Days in November. The hunts will be held Nov. 16, on private and designated public land in all counties, and Nov. 17 on private land in all counties except...

New Hampshire 2019 Muzzleloader Deer Season is Underway
Posted on: 11/05/19

Over 20,000 muzzleloader hunters are expected to take to New Hampshire’s woodlands during the upcoming muzzleloader deer season, which runs from November 2-12, 2019. Muzzleloaders are single barrel, single shot firearms which require the bullets, primer, and powder to be loaded through a muzzle each time before firing. In New Hampshire, muzzleloader hunters are...

76% of Hunters Successful in 2019 New Hampshire Moose Hunt
Posted on: 11/05/19

New Hampshire’s 2019 moose season wrapped up with hunters taking a total of 38 moose – 31 bulls and 7 cows – according to preliminary numbers from New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Moose Biologist Henry Jones. That means that hunters achieved a...