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State by State 2019 Deer Hunting Forecast
Posted on: 07/17/19
A state-by-state analysis of your deer hunting prospects for fall of 2019. One look at America’s current deer hunting scene makes you realize we’re experiencing some pretty good days right now. Coast to coast and border to border, opportunities abound, from tracking big-woods whitetails in the Northeast, glassing for ghost-like mule deer in the Southwest, shivering on a treestand while attempting to ambush a thick-necked Midwest brute, and more...

How to Spot-and-Stalk Your Way to an Archery Antelope
Posted on: 07/11/19

Today, most bow­hunters use pop-up blinds for antelope. Bowhunting antelope on foot is never easy, but if you love the challenge you can do it regardless of water or weather conditions...


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When the Rut is Rocking 
Remi Warren Alaska Moose Hunt
Arkansas 2019 Predator Control Permit Application Available Online
Posted on: 09/19/19

Arkansans wanting to reduce the number of furbearers on their property now have additional opportunities through a free online permit developed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The permit is valid only on private property where the permit holder has permission to remove bobcats, coyotes, gray foxes, opossums, raccoons, red foxes and striped skunks. Holders of this permit may trap these species year-round in accordance with...

Florida 2019 Teal & Woodduck Season Opens Sept 21 - Public Land Hunting Opportunity Deadlines
Posted on: 09/19/19
Florida 2019 Teal and wood duck only season opens Sept. 21-25. During Teal and Wood Duck only - 6 (of which only 2 can be wood ducks) Teal Only - 6, General Duck - 6, including no more than 2 mallards (of which only 1 can be female), 4 scoters, 4 eiders, 4 long-tailed ducks, 3 wood ducks, 2 redheads, 2 black ducks, 2 scaup, 2 canvasbacks, 1 pintail, 1 mottled duck (Florida duck) and 1 fulvous whistling-duck. All other species of duck may be taken up to the 6 duck daily limit. If ...

Florida 2019 Deer Season Opens with New Regulations
Posted on: 09/19/19
Florida 2019 archery and crossbow seasons in Zone A opened Aug. 3 and ran through Sept. 1 and Sept. 6, respectively. In Zone C, archery and crossbow seasons open Sept. 14. Archery and crossbow seasons in Zone B start Oct. 19. And in Zone D, archery and crossbow seasons begin Oct. 26. NEW regulations this year include New annual bag limit for deer and New harvest reporting requirement for deer hunters...

Michigan DNR Remind Hunters About 'Do Not Eat' Deer Advisory Near Oscoda Marsh
Posted on: 09/19/19
With archery hunting season beginning Oct. 1, the Michigan DNR and Health and Human Services (MDHHS) are reminding hunters of the ‘Do Not Eat’ advisory for deer taken within 5 miles of Clark’s Marsh in Oscoda Township due to PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid). PFOS is the most common PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) that bioaccumulates in fish and wild game. In 2019, the area covered by the advisory was refined to...

Kansas 2019 Upland Bird Hunting Prospects Are Good
Posted on: 09/19/19
Surveys are complete, data is in, and the 2019 Kansas Upland Bird Hunting Forecast is ready for viewing. The highly-anticipated annual forecast predicts what pheasant, quail and prairie chicken hunters can likely expect going into the new seasons. Based on this year’s crow counts for pheasants, whistle counts for quail, and lek counts for prairie chickens, overall upland bird hunting prospects are looking good for fall...

Georgia 2019 Deer Archery Season gets Underway
Posted on: 09/18/19

Georgia archery hunters hit the woods Saturday, Sept. 14 for their chance at bringing home some venison, according to the Georgia DNR. Georgia WRD operates more than 100 public wildlife management areas (WMAs). These areas offer hunting dates throughout deer season. Maps, dates and more info can be found online. State law allows hunters to harvest up to 10 antlerless deer, and no more than...

Indiana 2019 Deer Reduction Zone Season is Underway
Posted on: 09/18/19

Indiana 2019 deer reduction zone season got underway Sept 15 and runs through Jan 31, 2020. Deer Reduction Zones, previously called urban zones, give hunters opportunities to harvest deer in defined urban areas and along portions of Indiana highways, in addition to harvests allowed within statewide bag limits elsewhere in Indiana. Bag limit: 10 deer, of which only one can be antlered. Individuals hunting in...

Indiana 2019 Youth Deer Season, Sept. 28-29 - Regular Archery Opens in Oct
Posted on: 09/18/19
Indiana 2019 youth deer hunting season opens Sept 28-29. Youth age 17 or younger on the date of the hunt can participate but must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years of age. The youth hunter must possess a valid license for hunting deer (youth hunt/trap combo or other) while in the field unless exempt from needing a license. The youth’s adult partner must possess a valid hunting license of any type that is not an apprentice license. All hunters must...