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Apply for Maine 2021 Any-Deer Permit Lottery by Aug 17
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/14/21

The Maine 2021 Any-deer permit lottery is open for hunters to apply until 11:59 PM on August 17, 2021. It is FREE to apply for the any-deer permit lottery and you can apply online. The drawing will be held on September 10, 2021 and results will be posted on the Department's website. Decide which Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) you would like to apply for by viewing the interactive Wildlife Management District Map or WMD PDF map and description. In addition...

New $10,000 award announced for the Florida Python Challenge
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/06/21

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), South Florida Water Management District and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida are pleased to announce a new $10,000 Ultimate Grand Prize exclusive to the 2021 Florida Python Challenge® thanks to sponsor, Virtual Business Services. The award will be presented to the participant who removes the most pythons as part of the competition. Participants who do not...

Oregon 2021 Leftover Hunting Tags on Sale Now
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/06/21

Oregon 2021 Leftover tags went on sale July 1. Tags will only be available for purchase via ODFW's online licensing system. See a list of leftover tags available at link below. Purchasing a leftover tag does not effect your preference points. Hunters who want to try and purchase one of the more than 7,000 leftover tags (6,235 for 100 buck deer series, 1,062 for 200 elk series) will need to...

Apply for South Carolina 2021 Deer Lottery Hunts by Aug 15
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/06/21

S.C. (SCDNR) is now accepting applications for 2021 deer lottery hunts on public lands through 5 p.m. on August 15. The Multi-site, Unrestricted Multi-site, Webb Gun, and Webb Archery lotteries operate independently and maintain separate preference points. The “unrestricted” multi-site lottery application will cover hunting opportunities on Bear Island, Donnelley, and Bonneau Ferry WMA with no antler restrictions at these sites. The other multi-site lottery application includes...

TPWD Accepting 2021 Drawn Hunt Permit Applications
First App Deadlines are Aug 1st
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/06/21

Hunters looking for a new opportunity or a change of scenery this fall are encouraged to check out the Texas TPWD 2021 drawn hunt permits program. Applications are being accepted now for a shot at almost 10,000 permits in 61 hunt categories. The permits are for drawn hunts on both public and private lands throughout Texas. Among the offerings available through the online system are hunts for white-tailed and mule deer, pronghorn, turkey, alligator and guided packages for...

Apply for WV 2021 State Park Lottery Hunts by Aug 30
Also Apply for Class N/NN Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/06/21

The West Virginia DNR is now accepting applications to participate in controlled deer hunts at seven state parks. Controlled hunts are scheduled this fall at Beech Fork, Blennerhassett, Canaan Valley, Cacapon, North Bend, Stonewall, and Twin Falls state parks. Hunters have from July 1 to Aug. 30 to apply. Drawing for the hunts will start on Aug. 31 and successful applicants will be notified between Sept. 6-17. Applications for the hunts must be submitted online and...

Registration is open for the Florida 2021 Python Challenge
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/17/21

Registration is open for the Florida 2021 Python Challenge which will be held July 9-18, 2021. Members of the public can take the online training and then compete to remove invasive Burmese pythons from the wild. FWC has expanded access for python hunters to 134,000 acres of state parks and the Big Cypress National Preserve. Native Florida wildlife get a fighting chance with each python removed from the Everglades, and...

FWC Offers Public Hunting Opportunities for Wild Hog at 26 WMAs
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/17/21

If you’re looking for a hunting opportunity in Florida this time of year, you might want to consider wild hog hunting. During spring and summer, the Florida FWC offers public hunting opportunities for wild hog at 26 wildlife management areas across the state. You don’t need a hunting license to hunt wild hogs at a WMA, though you will need a management area permit, unless exempt. Many of these spring and summer hog hunts on WMAs don’t require a quota permit; however...