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Michigan 2020 Deer Hunting Outlook Promising
Early Antlerless Firearm Season Opens Sept 19
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/11/20

The Michigan DNR has released its annual deer hunting preview just ahead of the 2020 seasons, opening with this weekend’s Liberty Hunt (Sept. 12-13) for youth and hunters with disabilities and Early Antlerless Firearm (in certain DNUs) Sept 19-20. Overall, conditions are looking excellent for the upcoming seasons, and hunters can expect conditions that meet or exceed 2019. Hunters who have seen the 2020 Hunting Digest may have noticed quite a few regulation changes. The 2020 regional deer hunting Seasons and forecast includes...

Minnesota 2020-21 Waterfowl/Migratory Bird Hunting Season Opens with Youth Sept 12 & 13
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/11/20

Minnesota 2020-21 Waterfowl/Migratory Bird Hunting Season opens with youth Sept 12 & 13. During the Youth Waterfowl Hunt, youth hunters get their own two-day opportunity to learn how to hunt waterfowl this weekend with an adult who is not hunting. On Saturday, Sept. 12, and Sunday, Sept. 13, waterfowl hunters age 17 and younger, when accompanied by a non-hunting adult age 18 and older, may take ducks, geese, mergansers, coots and moorhens from...

S.C. Reminds Deer Hunters that Natural Lures & Attractants are Banned
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/11/20

Deer hunters are reminded that the following regulation was put in place last year, impacting the use of natural deer lures and attractants in South Carolina. To take effect in the 2019-2020 South Carolina deer season, it is illegal to possess or use, for the purpose of hunting or scouting any wild animal in S.C., any substance or material that contains or purports to contain any excretion collected from a cervid (deer) including urine, feces, blood, gland oil, or other body fluid. This does not prohibit the use of...

Georgia 2020 Deer Hunting Season Opens Sept 12
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/10/20

Deer hunters will get to take to the woods beginning this Saturday, Sept. 12, according to the Georgia DNR. Georgia operates more than 100 public WMAs. These areas offer hunting dates throughout deer season, and even some specialty deer hunts, including youth, ladies, seniors, and disability and returning veterans license holders. Maps, dates and more info can be found online. To pursue deer in Georgia, hunters must...

Iowa Fishing Regulations Relaxed at Spring Lake in Cherokee County
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/10/20

The Iowa DNR will relax the fishing regulations at Spring Lake at Koser Spring Lake Park starting Sept. 12 to allow anglers to more freely harvest fish before the lake is renovated this fall to eliminate carp. Spring Lake has flooded numerous times in the past several years and brought an influx of rough fish species, including the invasive silver carp. Liberalized fishing regulations for Spring Lake will be in effect from Sept. 12 through Oct. 4. Specific regulation changes include...

Michigan 2020 Deer Hunting Season Opens Sept 12
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/10/20

Michigan’s Liberty Hunt, a firearm deer hunt on private or public lands for youth and hunters with disabilities, is back statewide Sept. 12-13. Those 16 or younger and eligible hunters with disabilities can join the hunt. A list of qualifying criteria is available in the 2020 Hunting Digest. Some locations offer track chairs, elevated hunting blinds or hunting blinds equipped with adaptive gear. Valid licenses for this hunt include...

Missouri Sets Proposed Bear Hunting Framework for Future Seasons
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/10/20

Missouri recently approved a proposed hunting framework by the Missouri MDC for a potential future black bear season in Missouri. The Commission approved the framework at its Sept. 4 open meeting in Jefferson City and is asking for final public input Oct. 16 through Nov. 14. If the season framework is ultimately approved by the Commission and a permit and harvest quota is established, the earliest a season could occur is fall 2021 and...

Missouri Revises Regulations Regarding Coyote Hunting
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/10/20

The Missouri MDC updated regulations to the Wildlife Code of Missouri regarding coyote hunting and feral hog control at its Sept. 4 Conservation Commission meeting in Jefferson City. The change comes in response to citizen requests to the Regulations Committee to use night vision, infrared, thermal imagery equipment, or artificial light to hunt coyotes and from landowners to allow their authorized representatives to use night vision, infrared, or...

Iowa 2020 Pheasant Survey Shows Game Bird Numbers Up
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

Iowa’s recently completed annual pheasant survey is great news for hunters – statewide, Iowa averaged 20.2 birds per 30-mile route, up significantly from 2019, with six of the nine survey regions averaging more than 20 pheasants per route, the most since 2007. Pheasant hunters should expect significantly better pheasant numbers in 2020. Pheasant hunting this fall could be some of the best the state has seen in a decade. 2020-21 Upland bird hunting seasons are...

Iowa 2020-21 Migratory/Waterfowl Season Gets Underway
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

Iowa 2020-21 migratory waterfowl season got underway with the special teal Sept 1-16 and Canada Goose (designated areas): Sep. 5 – 13. Iowa 2020-21 migratory waterfowl season is similar to 2019 with one exception: the scaup bag limit will be 1 for the first 15 days of the season and increase to 2 for the remaining 45 days. The Light Goose Conservation Order will be extended to May 1 (implemented 2021). Seasons are as follows...