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The Backcountry Press hopes more hunting / fishing outfitters, guides, charters, lodges and resorts will play a bigger role in bringing our readers the latest information on who and where to hunt, fish or stay.

Our goal is to bring you interesting outdoor news, hunting / fishing stories & tips from around the globe to stir your senses -- not just something to further empty your wallet.

The Backcountry Press feels our readers would prefer to read/hear about: 
  • A hunt in which the hunter combated extreme weather or outwitted a wily buck.  
  • How a fisherman made a monster catch or where the fish are.
  • An outfitter, guide or lodge giving a great deal on that once in a lifetime hunting or fishing trip you've dreamed about.

For the Fishermen: The backcountry Press has one of the largest USA fishing tournament directories. Whether an event is for freshwater, saltwater, open water or ice fishing, they are listed in our USA Fishing Contests, Derbies and Tournaments Directory.  Up-dated through-out the season, TBC Press makes every effort to have the most complete, up-to-date directory of fishing venues. 

The Backcountry Press (TBC Press) publishes the news 5 days a week, however in busy hunting / fishing seasons we often run a special Saturday and/or Sunday edition to keep you informed.

The Backcountry Press also understands that news about turkey or deer seasons starting in 50 states can get a bit tiring unless its YOUR state your reading about. But hunting and fishing news is JUST that.. Its outdoor news that is happening in your neck of the woods and beyond.

Our Focus is to bring you the most current and up to date hunting and fishing news period. With our website TBC Press and our Blog along with our social media Twitter (TBCPress)  and Tumblr, we feel The Backcountry Press is well rounded to do just that. 

Altho hunting and fishing gear is important and advertising pays for the news so we can bring it to you for free, it is NOT our main focus.