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Includes: The six types of wild turkeys: Eastern wild turkey, Osceola wild turkey, Gould's wild turkey, Merriam's wild turkey, Rio Grande wild turkey, and the Ocellated wild turkey.

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Accomplishing the Turkey Grand Slam on a Budget
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/02/21
The National Wild Turkey Federation recognizes six different slams for wild turkeys, the most popular being the Grand Slam. To achieve a Grand Slam, a hunter must harvest the four most common subspecies of the American wild turkey (the Eastern, Merriam's, Rio Grande and Osceola). Jeff Budz of Florida has completed a Super Slam -- killing a wild turkey in each of the 49 states. He also has more Grand Slams than anyone else. Budz isn’t rich and believes everyone should take the time to get a Grand Slam, without going broke in the process. He shares his insight on how to accomplish this realistic goal...

Apply Now For A Georgia 2022 Quota Hunt - Deadlines vary depending on hunt type.
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/07/22

As of June 1, hunters can apply electronically for quota hunts including youth, deer, alligator, waterfowl, dove and turkey, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division. “Interested in participating in a quota hunt this year? Be sure to take note of quota hunt deadlines and get that application in before that date. Application deadlines vary depending on hunt type such as...

Apply by June 14 for Arizona 2022 Fall Hunts
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/19/22

The Arizona AZGFD is accepting applications for 2022 hunt permit-tags issued through the draw process for deer, fall turkey, fall javelina, bighorn sheep, fall bison and sandhill crane. The deadline for the department to receive all applications is 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Applicants must possess a valid Arizona hunting license to apply for a hunt permit-tag. That license must be valid on the last day of the application period (June 14)...

Arizona Proposed Fall, Spring Hunt Recommendations for 2022-2023
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/15/22

The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s proposed recommendations for deer, turkey, javelina, bighorn sheep, bison, bear, mountain lion, population management, and limited-entry permit-tag hunts for fall 2022 and spring 2023 are available for review online. The hunt structures and recommendations were formulated based on the hunt guidelines approved April 1 by the AGFD. All questions or comments about a particular game management unit or hunt can be...

West Virginia 2022 General Spring Gobbler Season Opens April 18
Youth Season is April 16-17
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/15/22

West Virginia’s spring gobbler season opens on April 18 and continues for five weeks to May 22, according to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR). Hunters can harvest one bearded bird per day with a season bag limit of two. This year’s youth season will be the weekend of April 16-17. Youth under the age of 18 can harvest one bearded bird, which counts toward their season bag limit of two, during the two days of hunting. All hunters 15 and older are required to have...

Pennsylvania 2022 Regular Spring Turkey Season Opens April 30
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/12/22

The Pennsylvania 2022 spring turkey hunting season opens for the Special season, for eligible junior hunters, with required license, and mentored hunters 16 and under – April 23, 2022. Only 1 spring gobbler may be taken during this hunt. Hunting hours end at noon. The Regular 2022 SPRING GOBBLER (Bearded bird only): April 30-May 31, 2022. Daily limit 1, season limit 2. (Second spring gobbler may be only taken by persons who possess a valid special wild turkey license.) From April 30-May 14, legal hunting hours are...