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Includes: The six types of wild turkeys: Eastern wild turkey, Osceola wild turkey, Gould's wild turkey, Merriam's wild turkey, Rio Grande wild turkey, and the Ocellated wild turkey.

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Accomplishing the Turkey Grand Slam on a Budget
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/02/21
The National Wild Turkey Federation recognizes six different slams for wild turkeys, the most popular being the Grand Slam. To achieve a Grand Slam, a hunter must harvest the four most common subspecies of the American wild turkey (the Eastern, Merriam's, Rio Grande and Osceola). Jeff Budz of Florida has completed a Super Slam -- killing a wild turkey in each of the 49 states. He also has more Grand Slams than anyone else. Budz isn’t rich and believes everyone should take the time to get a Grand Slam, without going broke in the process. He shares his insight on how to accomplish this realistic goal...

Arkansas 2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Season Opens April 19
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/26/21

The Arkansas 2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Season Opens April 19 in Zones 1 & 2. The Special Youth Turkey Hunt in Zones 1 & 2 are April 10-11. Zone Turkey Harvest Limits: Zone 1: One legal turkey, no jakes (see Statewide Turkey Bag Limit for exceptions). Hunters who kill a turkey in this zone must travel to Zone 2 to attempt to harvest a second turkey. Zone 2: Two legal turkeys, no jakes. Hunters can help the AGFC track hunting effort and success throughout turkey season this spring by...

Iowa 2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Season Opens Statewide April 12
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/26/21

Iowa 2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Season opens statewide April 12. Youth Season (Residents Only) April 9-11. The daily bag and season possession limit is one bearded or male wild turkey for each valid license and transportation tag issued to the hunter. Shooting hours are a half-hour before sunrise to sunset. Iowa DNR wants to encourage hunters to Include safety as part of the spring turkey hunting preparation. Be aware of...

Washington 2021 Spring Turkey Season Opens April 15
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/26/21

With the 2021 spring turkey season set to begin April 15, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) urges new, prospective hunters to complete hunter education now to participate in 2021 hunting opportunities. The 2021 Season runs April 15 - May 31. Hunting hours are - one-half hour before - sunrise to sunset during spring seasons. ONLY Male turkeys and - turkeys with visible beards are allowed. A total of...

New Jersey 2021 Spring Turkey Permit Sale Information
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/25/21

New Jersey 2021 Spring turkey permits not claimed in the lottery and all other permits go on sale Monday, March 29 at 10:00 a.m. Permits will be available on a first come, first served basis. Permits will be available online and at license agents. Hunters should check the Permit Availability Chart after the lottery deadline - if a large number of permits for the Area/Period you want are available please wait to avoid difficulty logging in. There was a greater than...

New York 2021 Regular Spring Turkey Hunting Season Opens May 1
Youth Hunting Days in April

Posted by TBC Press on: 03/25/21

New York 2021 Regular Spring Turkey Hunting Season Opens May 1 through May 31 in All of upstate New York north of the Bronx-Westchester County boundary. Hunting Hours are one-half-hour before sunrise to noon. Season Bag Limit is Two bearded turkeys (one bird per day). During both Spring and Fall seasons, you must report taking a turkey within 7 days, via the DECALS Online Harvest Reporting system or by calling 1-866-426-3778. YOUTH 2021 SPRING TURKEY HUNTING is...

Rhode Island 2021 Spring Turkey Permits Available April 1
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/25/21

The Rhode Island DEM announces that permits for the spring turkey hunting season will be available beginning April 1. Hunters are encouraged to purchase their permit online. The 2021 spring turkey season will be open from April 29 through May 23. The season bag limit is two bearded birds, and no more than one may be taken on state lands during the spring season. Legal shooting hours are a half hour before sunrise to 1:00 p.m. Harvest reporting is required through...

North Carolina 2021 Spring Wild Turkey Season Opens April 3
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/22/21

The 2021 Wild turkey hunting season opens in North Carolina on April 3. The youth season is April 3 – 9, and the statewide season is April 10 – May 8. Hunters are limited to two turkeys for the season, only one of which may be taken during the youth season. The youth season is open to anyone under the age of 18, and hunters age 16 and 17 must have hunting licenses. All hunters are must...

Wyoming 2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Season Opens in April
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/22/21

There’s a new opening date for Wyoming’s 2021 spring turkey season. Hunters should plan for an April 20 opener in four of the state’s five hunt areas. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission made this change to align more appropriately the bird’s biology, simplify regulations and increase hunter opportunity. The exception to the later opener is Hunt Area 3, with a season from April 1 to May 31. The later opening date better aligns with...

Register for MDC 2021 Youth Turkey Clinic and Mentored Hunt April 9-10
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/12/21

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), in partnership with the Kenneth Kirchman Foundation, invites new youth turkey hunters to register for a free clinic and mentored hunt, April 9–10, near Revere in Clark County. The program will begin with a clinic at 4 p.m. on Friday, April 9, where participants will learn tactics for harvesting a turkey, meet their mentors, and practice shooting and calling-in turkeys. On Saturday morning, participants will...