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Nebraska 2020-21 Upland Bird & Upland Slam Season gets Underway
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

Hunters have long known that Nebraska is an upland bird hunter’s paradise with diverse upland hunting opportunities, long seasons, great access to public lands, and high hunter satisfaction rates. This year, take advantage of Nebraska’s unique upland hunting opportunities by participating in the Upland Slam. Sharp-tailed grouse opened: Sept. 1, 2020 – Jan. 31, 2021 and Greater prairie-chicken opened: Sept. 1, 2020 – Jan. 31, 2021. The concept of the Nebraska Upland Slam is simple: harvest four birds...

New York Confirms Deer with EHD in Putnam & Orange County
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

The New York State (DEC) confirmed that several white-tailed deer in the towns of Nelsonville and Cold Spring in Putnam County and near Goshen in Orange County died after contracting Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD). DEC wildlife biologists collected half a dozen deer carcasses in Putnam County and submitted the carcasses to the Wildlife Health Unit for necropsy. Tissue samples were...

South Dakota Finalizes New Fishing Regulations
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

The South Dakota GFP Commission voted to change four rules regarding waters in South Dakota. The commission voted to allow the spearing of gamefish from the Nebraska/South Dakota border at the point where the river becomes entirely in South Dakota, upstream to the Ft. Randall Dam from May 1 – March 31. This would align the current gamefish spearfishing season dates below other Missouri River dams. Statewide, the hours for spearfishing game fish will...

South Dakota Extends 2020 Pheasant Hunting Season
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

For the first time in the history of South Dakota pheasant hunting, pheasant hunters will be able to begin hunting pheasants at 10 a.m. CT (9 a.m. MT) for the entire pheasant season, including the resident-only season, which begins this year on Saturday, October 10. Hunters will also have the opportunity to hunt ringnecks for a couple of extra weeks as the Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission extended the season to January 31, 2021. In addition...

Utah 2020 Upland Bird & Game Slams Opens for Wingshooters
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

Consider participating in the Utah Upland Game Slam, which encourages hunters to harvest a variety of upland game species, while generating money to help fund a variety of habitat and upland game-related projects. A new, eighth slam is being added this year! The Appetizer Slam includes some of Utah’s smaller game birds, including California quail, Gambel’s quail and mourning dove. To complete the slam, hunters must...

West Virginia 2020 Archery/Crossbow Seasons for Deer/Bear Opens Sept 26
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

West Virginia’s 2020 archery and crossbow seasons for white-tailed deer, black bear and wild boar will open Saturday, Sept. 26 and close on Dec. 31. Interest in archery and crossbow hunting continues to be very strong and WV provides an incredible opportunity for our state hunters and those from outside WV to enjoy our wonderful woodlands while hunting for deer, bear and wild boars. Here are some regulations hunters should be aware of...

West Virginia has Plenty of Fishing Opportunities in the Coming Months
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/08/20

Labor Day weekend might be the unofficial end of summer, but there are plenty of opportunities in the coming months for fishing adventures in the Mountain State, according to fish management officials for the West Virginia DNR. With thousands of miles of streams trickling through the mountains and hundreds of lakes dotting the landscape, there's no shortage of quiet and scenic places to cast a line in WV. We have an online mapping tool that shows...

North Dakota Asks Upland Bird Hunters to Submit Wing Envelopes
Posted by TBC Press on: 09/04/20

Hunters can help in the effort to manage upland game birds in North Dakota by collecting feathers from harvested birds and sending in wing envelopes. Birds included in the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s upland game wing survey, which has been in practice for decades, are ring-necked pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge, turkeys and ruffed grouse. Collecting enough pheasant samples is typically never a problem, but...