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Duck - Waterfowl Hunting News - Submitted by:  The Backcountry Press (TBC Press)
The latest hunting news and information for ducks, geese & other waterfowl in your neck of the woods and beyond. Includes: teal ducks, geese, sandhill crane, woodcocks, swans and other waterfowl

Helpful Hints for Waterfowlers to Improve Hunting Success

Would you like to improve your waterfowling success and make each trip a bit safer and more enjoyable? These 30 tips from Ducks Unlimited could help. First, Avoid Foul Weather Fowl-ups - Duck caller reeds sometimes freeze or stick in frigid weather. Prevent gum-ups by using a product such as Rain-X or Aquapel that's made to deter rain, snow and ice buildup on windshields. A few drops rubbed on...

Keep Your Bird Dogs Safe in Cold Weather - Follow These Tips

Pay special attention to your bird dogs when the temps dip on late-season hunts. Our bird dogs give 100 percent, and often they don’t know when to stop. We love that about them, but the responsibility to protect them is on our shoulders. And it’s not just big water that can be dangerous....

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Top Articles
Migratory Bird Laws You May Not Know -- Printer Friendly Version Available
Posted on: 03/26/20

This article deals with Q&A from a former duck guide, who broke migratory bird laws, and is trying to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. The information is based on federal law. Be sure to check with state agencies to make sure you are in compliance with state law. Ryan Warden became an expert on migratory gamebird regulations in 2011 after...

Best Public Lands Near Big Cities
Posted on: 03/11/20

If you live in a big city and love to hunt and fish, it can be a struggle to find a place to pursue those passions and find success. Hooking into a hot bed of smallies or shooting a doe, few ducks or rabbits for the pot is more difficult in urban areas than the back 40. That’s where this list comes in...

IDNR Proposed Waterfowl Seasons for 2021-2025
Posted on: 03/07/20

The Illinois DNR Division of Wildlife Resources has proposed waterfowl hunting zone lines and season dates for the 2021–2025 seasons. The five-year proposal will be reviewed by the IDNR Natural Resources Advisory Board (NRAB) at its meeting March 30 in Springfield. IDNR Wildlife Resources staff has recommended no changes to existing waterfowl hunting zone lines. Among the recommendations were...

North Dakota 2020 Spring Light Goose Conservation Order Opens Feb 22
Posted on: 02/17/20

North Dakota’s spring light goose conservation order opens Feb. 22 for residents and non-residents and continues through May 10. Residents must have a valid current season 2019-20 (valid through March 31) or 2020-21 (required April 1) combination license; or a small game, and general game and habitat license. Resident youth under age 16 only need the general game and habitat license. Nonresidents need...

Ten Rules to Help Avoid Hunting Dog Disasters
Posted on: 02/13/20

Today’s hunter hits the woods, fields, and marshes with dogs by their sides, eager to locate game and help owners bring it home for the table. But hunting with a dog is not without its risks. The great outdoors is an unforgiving place at times, and being prepared for unforeseen obstacles is the best way to avoid disaster. Here are 10 things to consider before taking your dog afield...

Iowa Proposed 2020-21 Waterfowl Seasons & Regulations
Posted on: 02/11/20

The Iowa (DNR) is accepting comments on proposed waterfowl and coot hunting seasons and bag limits, which includes 2021-22 season dates, and the proposed restructuring of the hunting zones and seasons for 2021-2025. A copy of the proposal is available online. The proposal modifies waterfowl hunting zone boundaries for 2021-2025 to expand the season dates of...

New Montana License & Application Changes for 2020
Posted on: 02/11/20

Montana FWP will be switching to a regular paper license in 2020. The new licenses will be printed on 8.5” x 11” paper. This includes all carcass tags. Licenses, carcass tags, and permits will be available to all hunters to print immediately after purchasing online or at the successful completion of a drawing. Hunters will be emailed a link that they will follow to print their carcass tags only once. An important change this year is...

MDC to Host Waterfowl Season Workshop in Columbia Jan 30
Posted on: 01/27/20

The Missouri (MDC) invites Missouri waterfowl hunters to upcoming public workshops where MDC staff will gather hunter input about duck season dates and zone boundary locations for the 2021–2025 hunting seasons. These workshops are free and no registration is required. One of these workshops will take place in central Missouri, 7–9 p.m., on Jan. 30 at...