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Big Game Hunting News - Submitted by:  The Backcountry Press (TBC Press)
The latest news and information for big game hunting in your neck of the woods and beyond.  Includes: Alligator, Bear, Caribou, Moose, Mountain Lion, Muskox, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Bison and Wolf. 

A Hunters Pre-Season Checklist
Posted on: 08/18/18

You are a hunter. Your thoughts are now drifting toward cool, crisp mornings, falling leaves and maybe a bit of snow cover on the ground. It is time to do your homework. Here is a handy, but extensive checklist for you to use to make certain that you are fully prepared when your hunting season arrives...

Hunting Gear Checklist for Big Game
Posted on: 08/18/18

Big game hunting needs some amount of seriousness. Planning is necessary due to the risks involved like high altitude, cold weather, exhaustion and fatigue, and attacks from wild animals. Common among the big game animals in North America are moose, elk, deer, caribou, buffalo, big horn sheep, mountain lion and bears. The Hunting Gear Checklist for Big Game covers the necessary hunting equipment needed in the field to transport and perserve your trophy...

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Top Articles
Newfoundland Approves 2020-21 Hunting Regulation Changes
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/26/20

The Honourable Gerry Byrne, Newfoundland Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources, announced details of the 2020-21 hunting and trapping season and the posting of the 2020-21 online Hunting and Trapping Guide. Topics covered as part of the consultation include aligning of Island Moose Management Area (MMA) season starting dates; permitting hunting with crossbows; and permitting the use of another small calibre (.17 HMR) rifle ammunition. For the 2020-21 season there is a decrease of...

South Dakota Habitat Stamp Requirement in Effect July 1
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/25/20

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department (GFP) is reminding outdoor enthusiasts the habitat stamp requirement goes into effect July 1. The habitat stamp was created by the 2020 South Dakota legislature. A habitat stamp is required for anyone 18 years of age or older when purchasing or applying for a hunting, fishing or furbearer license. The annual fee for the habitat stamp is $10 for residents and $25 for nonresidents. A habitat stamp is not required for...

Alaska Bear Hunting Regulation Changes Are NOT Extreme
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/23/20
While not surprising, another unbelievable and untrue headline has emerged concerning Alaksa and bear hunting regulations.“Trump administration makes it easier for hunters to kill bear cubs and wolf pups in Alaska,” with the tagline, “A ban against luring mothers from their dens with doughnuts and other treats will be lifted.” The Trump administration is scaling back the expanded federal regulations to match the state regulations. In other words, state and federal policy are aligning on bear hunting regulations, and the situation is not nearly as extreme as these news sources portray it to be...

Enter the 2020 TWRF Conservation Raffle for Chance at One of 7 Prize Packages
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/22/20
Enter the 2020 TWRF Conservation Raffle for Chance at One of 7 prize packages. Tickets on sale now until August 16, 2020 at 11:59pm Central. Raffle is open to anyone 18 years and older. You do not have to be a resident of Tennessee to enter. Tickets on sale now until August 16, 2020 at 11:59pm Central. Raffle is open to anyone 18 years and older. You do not have to be a resident of Tennessee to enter. The drawing will take place on Monday August 17, 2020. The 7 prize Packages are...

Apply for Tennessee 2020 Big Game Quota Hunt by July 22
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/22/20

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has announced the application period for the 2020 Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Big Game Quota Hunts, the regular elk, youth elk, and WMA youth is now underway through July 22. Entries must be submitted before midnight (CDT) July 22. The WMA hunting instruction sheet lists locations and dates for each of the quota hunts along with drawing rules and regulations. Instruction sheets can be obtained and...

Deadline to Apply for Vermont 2020 Moose Hunting Permit is July 8
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/22/20

Vermont 2020 Moose permit applications are available on the Department’s website for the hunt limited to Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) E in the northeastern corner of the state. The department will issue 55 either-sex moose hunting permits in WMU E for the moose seasons this October, which is expected to result in the harvest of 30-35 moose. Nonresident applicants are cautioned to apply because COVID-19 travel restrictions could be extended into the fall moose hunting season and...

Apply for Arkansas 2020 Alligator Hunt Permits by June 30
Posted by TBC Press on: 06/17/20

Hunters interested in chasing an Arkansas alligator on public land and water this fall have until midnight June 30 to put their name in the hat. Applications for the 2020 Arkansas alligator season are available online. Each permit authorizes the harvest of one alligator, which must be at least 4 feet long. Alligator hunting is allowed 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise Sept. 18-21 and Sept. 25-28. Each permit holder may have up to...

Buy a Ticket for the Nevada Dream Tag Raffle by June 30
Posted on: 06/10/20

The Nevada Dream Tags Program is a raffle that allows resident and nonresident sportsmen a chance at the hunt of a lifetime while also contributing to Nevada’s wildlife habitat. The tags are similar to other western states’ raffle tags and “hunt of a lifetime” tags. Tickets for the Nevada Dream Tag raffle are available now and will be sold until June 30. The winners will be announced in early July. All that is required to get started in the raffle is to...

New Mexico 2020 Special Oryx Hunts Available for Injured Service Members
Posted on: 06/10/20

Injured military service members can apply online starting June 17 for New Mexico's upcoming special drawing to award up to 10 special oryx authorizations for hunts on White Sands Missile Range. Applications will be accepted only through the Department’s Online License System through July 22. Applicants must be veterans of the U.S. military with a disability rating of 50 percent or greater in accordance with...

Pennsylvania Sets 2020-21 Hunting, Trapping Seasons & Bag Limits
Posted on: 06/10/20

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners recently gave final approval to hunting and trapping seasons and bag limits for the 2020-21 license year. Highlights include: Expanding Sunday hunting opportunities on three days – Sunday, Nov. 15 for archery deer hunting, Sunday, Nov. 22 for bear hunting during the bear firearms season, and Sunday, Nov. 29 for deer hunting during the firearms deer season. The board also approved...