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State by State 2019 Deer Hunting Forecast
Posted on: 07/17/19

A state-by-state analysis of your deer hunting prospects for fall of 2019. One look at America’s current deer hunting scene makes you realize we’re experiencing some pretty good days right now. Coast to coast and border to border, opportunities abound, from tracking big-woods whitetails in the Northeast, glassing for ghost-like mule deer in the Southwest, shivering on a treestand while attempting to ambush a thick-necked Midwest brute, and more...

Western States with 2019 Over-the-Counter Elk Tags
Posted on: 05/14/19

If you want to hunt elk in the West, in order to get tags in the best units and to hunt during times when there is less competition, you will have to draw a tag and you usually need a lot of points to do it. But that is a different article. Here is the best information needed to hunt elk this year in the west...

Apply for Minnesota 2021 Elk Licenses by June 11
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/25/21

Interested hunters have through Friday, June 11, to apply for one of 30 elk licenses offered this year by the Minnesota DNR. Seasons will run from late August to mid-October. This year’s seasons are similar to last year’s, which provided hunters with more opportunities to harvest antlerless elk. Hunters can choose from three license options: a license for a bull elk; a license for an antlerless elk, which can be...

Applications for Utah 2021 Antlerless Hunts Opens May 27
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/25/21

Beginning on Thursday, May 27 at 8 a.m., you can apply for a permit to hunt Utah's antlerless big game animals, including cow elk, cow moose, doe deer, doe pronghorn and ewe bighorn sheep. (Although you cannot apply for both a cow moose permit and a ewe bighorn sheep permit in the same year -- you must pick one or the other.) You must submit your application no later than 11 p.m. on June 17 to be included in the drawing for hunting permits. In addition, hunters must...

Vermont Accepting 2021 Muzzleloader Season Antlerless Deer Permit Applications
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/25/21

Vermont’s muzzleloader season antlerless deer permit applications are now available online at Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s website and from license agents. The deadline to apply for a muzzleloader antlerless deer permit is August 4. The information and online applications are on the departments website. Hunting for antlerless deer will be allowed statewide during the archery season. One deer of either sex will be allowed during the October 23-24 youth and...

Reminder: Apply for Wisconsin 2021 Elk Tag by May 31
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/25/21

The Wisconsin DNR reminds interested Wisconsin hunters to apply for a 2021 elk tag by May 31. Each spring, the DNR accepts applications for a once-in-a-lifetime elk harvest tag for the fall hunting season. Collaborative reintroduction efforts have grown Wisconsin’s elk population enough to sustain an annual hunting season since 2018, and hunters with elk tags have had a 93% harvest success rate. The DNR anticipates...

Apply for AZGFD 2021 Fall Hunts by June 8
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/17/21

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is accepting applications for 2021 hunt permit-tags issued through the draw process for deer, fall turkey, fall javelina, bighorn sheep, fall bison and sandhill crane. The deadline for the department to receive all applications is 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Tuesday, June 8, 2021. Applicants must possess a valid Arizona hunting license to apply for a hunt permit-tag. That license must be...

Apply Now for CDFW 2021 Special Draw Deer Hunt on Knoxville Wildlife Area
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/17/21

California CDFW is now accepting applications for a limited, lottery draw deer hunt scheduled for opening week of the A-Zone general deer season, August 14-20, on the Knoxville Wildlife Area in Napa County. Applications are being accepted until June 20, 2021. The 21,000-acre Knoxville Wildlife Area is located approximately 1.5 miles north of Lake Berryessa and is a Type C wildlife area. This special lottery draw deer hunt was created to...

Reminder: CDFW Deadline to Apply for the 2021 Big Game Drawing is June 2
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/11/21

California hunters can now purchase hunting licenses for the 2020-21 season, as well as apply for the Big Game Drawing online. Californians have many options to harvest wild protein, and at this time, the current COVID-19 pandemic is not expected to lead to the closure or delay of any hunting seasons. The deadline to apply for the Big Game Drawing is June 2, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. The 2020 California Big Game Hunting Digest, which includes information about...

Apply for Idaho 2021 Big Game Controlled Hunts by June 5
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/11/21

The application period for Idaho fall 2021 deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, fall black bear and fall turkey controlled hunts begins May 1 and runs through June 5. Hunters with a valid 2021 Idaho hunting license may apply for controlled hunts at any license vendor, Fish and Game office, or with a credit card online or by calling 1-800-554-8685. There is an additional fee for online and phone orders. Successful controlled hunt applicants will be notified by July 10. Controlled hunts are...

Enter Idaho 2021 Super Hunt Drawing by May 31
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/11/21

Your chance at Idaho's ultimate hunting opportunity is up for grabs, as Fish and Game is once again selling entries for the Super Hunt drawing, and deadline for the first drawing is May 31. Every year, 34 hunters win this special opportunity! Super Hunt winners get to enjoy the best of the best by being able to pursue world class big game in any open hunt in Idaho for the species they draw, and...

Apply for Iowa 2021 Nonresident Deer Tags by June 6
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/11/21

The Iowa nonresident deer hunting application period is now open. Applications close June 6 at midnight, so get a head start and apply today! As a reminder, preference point purchases and applications are no longer available by phone and will only be accessible online. Applying early will not affect your drawing odds, but it does give Iowa DNR staff time to assist you if you make a mistake or have issues with your application. In addition...

Applications for FWC 2021 Deer and Fall Public Hunting Permits Opens May 15
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/06/21

Florida hunters interested in hunting deer or wild hog this fall at a Florida wildlife management area or national wildlife refuge should make plans to apply for quota hunt permits, special-opportunity fall hunts and national wildlife refuge fall hunts during the phase 1 application period, which begins 10 a.m. ET Saturday, May 15 and runs through 11:59 p.m. ET on June 15. You can apply for the opportunities outlined online at the FWC website or...

Apply for Arkansas 2021 Public Land Elk Hunting Permits by June 1
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/03/21

The application period for Arkansas’s 2021 public land elk hunting permits is open from 8 a.m., May 1 until 11:59 p.m. June 1. Twenty public land elk tags will be available for Arkansas’s 2021 elk hunting season. With the Buffalo River Elk Festival tentatively scheduled for September 3-4, these drawings will be conducted by randomized computer draw. Three additional permits will be drawn at the festival for people who register at the event. Applicants must...

Apply for CDFW Special 2021 Golden Opportunity & Open Zone Deer Tags by June 2
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/03/21

For the first-time ever, the California CDFW will raffle off two Golden Opportunity fundraising deer tags to the general hunting public. These rare tags allow hunters to take any legal buck by any legal means anywhere in the state beginning July 10, 2021, through the end of the year. Along with the Golden Opportunity tags, CDFW is also announcing additional chances to win a coveted Open Zone Deer Tag. Applications for both the Golden Opportunity and Open Zone Deer Tags are on sale now through June 2, 2021, and...

Deadline to Apply for MDC 2021 Fall Elk Hunting Permits is May 31
Posted by TBC Press on: 05/03/21

The Missouri MDC reminds Missourians interested in hunting elk in the state this fall to apply during May for one of five available permits. At least one permit will be for approved area landowners with qualifying property and the remainder for the general public. MDC has designated a nine-day archery portion running Oct. 16-24 and a nine-day firearms portion running Dec. 11-19. The five permits will be for bull elk and will be valid for both portions. All permits will be assigned through...

Apply for Nevada 2021 Big Game Tags 2nd Draw starting June 7
Posted by TBC Press on: 04/23/21

A second Nevada drawing will be conducted for remaining 2021 big game tags. Applications will be open June 2 - June 14, and any remaining tags after that draw can be applied for on a first-come, first-served basis. Nevada's big game species include mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, three sub-species of bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat and black bear. In addition...