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The latest news and information for antelope, deer and elk hunting in your neck of the woods and beyond.

State by State 2019 Deer Hunting Forecast
Posted on: 07/17/19
A state-by-state analysis of your deer hunting prospects for fall of 2019. One look at America’s current deer hunting scene makes you realize we’re experiencing some pretty good days right now. Coast to coast and border to border, opportunities abound, from tracking big-woods whitetails in the Northeast, glassing for ghost-like mule deer in the Southwest, shivering on a treestand while attempting to ambush a thick-necked Midwest brute, and more...

Western States with 2019 Over-the-Counter Elk Tags
Posted on: 05/14/19
If you want to hunt elk in the West, in order to get tags in the best units and to hunt during times when there is less competition, you will have to draw a tag and you usually need a lot of points to do it. But that is a different article. Here is the best information needed to hunt elk this year in the west...

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Applications Available for TPWD 2019 Drawn Hunt Permits in 51 Hunt Categories - First Application Deadlines are Aug 1st
Posted on: 07/19/19
The Texas PWD 2019 drawn hunt permits program applications are being accepted now for a shot at more than 9,000 permits in 51 hunt categories. The permits are for drawn hunts on both public and private lands throughout Texas. Among the offerings available through the online system are hunts for white-tailed and mule deer, pronghorn, turkey, alligator, exotic gemsbok, and scimitar-horned oryx. The first application deadlines are in August. Aug. 1 is the deadline for...

Apply for West Virginia 2019 Controlled Deer Hunts at 6 State Parks by Aug 25
Posted on: 07/19/19

Applications are being accepted through Aug. 25, 2019, for controlled deer hunts at six West Virginia state parks. The six areas are Beech Fork (Cabell County), Cacapon Resort (Morgan County), Canaan Valley Resort (Tucker County), North Bend (Ritchie County), Pipestem Resort (Summers County) and Twin Falls Resort (Wyoming County) state parks. The drawings will...

Apply for Louisiana 2019 Lottery Deer Hunts by Aug 31
Posted on: 07/17/19

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is accepting applications for lottery deer hunts on LDWF Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) for the 2019-2020 hunting season. Lottery hunts for deer will be held for persons with disabilities, including veterans, on select WMAs; Lottery hunts for deer will be held for persons with disabilities, including...

South Dakota GFP Modifies Rifle & Archery Anteloipe Hunting Units
Posted on: 07/17/19

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission modified the firearm and archery antelope units and adjusted firearm licenses for the 2019 and 2020 hunting seasons. The Commission made the following changes for the firearms antelope season...

South Dakota GFP Propose Changes to Deer & Elk Carcass Transportation
Posted on: 07/17/19

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission proposed a change to the way hunters would be allowed to transport deer, elk, or moose carcasses from areas that have been identified as Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) endemic areas. The Commission made three proposed rule changes to help manage the spread of CWD...

Florida Harvest Reporting & Other 2019 Deer Hunting Regulation Changes
Posted on: 07/16/19

The Florida (FWC) passed new deer hunting rules that take effect starting with the opening of archery and crossbow seasons in Zone A on Aug. 3, 2019. New rules take effect requiring Florida hunters to record all harvested deer in a harvest log and report the harvest to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) harvest reporting system along with other regulation changes...

South Carolina 2019 Deer Hunting Regulation Changes
Posted on: 07/16/19

South Carolina deer hunters should start seeing deer tags for the 2019 season in their mailboxes soon, and there are significant changes to the antlerless tagging system that all hunters need to be aware of before taking to the field. New for this year are improvements to the Antlerless Deer Tag program. The new law eliminates the eight date specific anterless tags, replacing them with...

Deadline to Enter South Dakota Hunt for Habitat Raffle is Aug 15
Posted on: 07/15/19
Outdoor enthusiasts looking for the hunt of a lifetime should look to a new opportunity ins South Dakota called the Hunt for Habitat super tag raffle. The raffle offers two prize options for 2019 with four total prize packages available. The deadline to enter the Hunt For Habitat raffle is Aug. 15. Winners will be drawn Aug. 19. Three winners will receive one any elk, one any deer and one any antelope license. The winners of these packages will...

Indiana 2019 State Parks Draw Deer Hunt Application Opens July 15
Posted on: 07/12/19

Indiana hunters can apply online for State Parks Deer Management Draw Hunts beginning July 15. Applications are only available online and close Aug. 26. Applicants must possess any valid license to take a deer in Indiana at the time of the application, excluding an apprentice license, and must be Indiana residents who will be 18 years of age by the date of the first hunt. 2019 State Parks Deer Management Draw Hunt properties are...

Indiana 2019 Reserved Hunt Deadlines for Deer, Upland Bird & Waterfowl
Posted on: 07/12/19

The online method is the only wayfor Indiana hunters to apply for deer, upland bird & waterfowl reserved hunts. Applicants must possess a hunting license valid for the hunt for which they are applying. Applications must be completed by the application deadline. Hunters will be selected through a random computerized drawing. A link to view drawing results will be posted online within...

Michigan DNR Approves 2019 Deer Regulations Related to CWD
Posted on: 07/12/19

A series of deer hunting regulations aimed at slowing the spread of chronic wasting disease were approved by the Michigan DNR Commission at its regular monthly meeting in Lansing. The action came after a thorough review of the best available science on CWD and multiple opportunities for public input. Major deer hunting regulations, which were approved for the 2019 deer seasons, unless noted otherwise, include...

Hawaii DLNR Issues Temporary Closure of Hunting in Mauna Kea Forest Reserve July 15-Aug 12
Posted on: 07/11/19

In an effort to protect public safety and provide security and safety for the movement of heavy construction equipment associated with the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on Hawai‘i Island’s Mauna Kea, DLNR Chair Suzanne Case has ordered the temporary closure for hunting of hunting units A, K, and G in the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve and Natural Area Reserve for hunting, effective July 15, 2019. This means...