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The latest news and information for antelope, deer and elk hunting in your neck of the woods and beyond.

A Hunters Pre-Season Checklist
Posted on: 08/18/18

You are a hunter. Your thoughts are now drifting toward cool, crisp mornings, falling leaves and maybe a bit of snow cover on the ground. It is time to do your homework. Here is a handy, but extensive checklist for you to use to make certain that you are fully prepared when your hunting season arrives...

Hunting Gear Checklist for Big Game
Posted on: 08/18/18

Big game hunting needs some amount of seriousness. Planning is necessary due to the risks involved like high altitude, cold weather, exhaustion and fatigue, and attacks from wild animals. Common among the big game animals in North America are moose, elk, deer, caribou, buffalo, big horn sheep, mountain lion and bears. The Hunting Gear Checklist for Big Game covers the necessary hunting equipment needed in the field to transport and perserve your trophy...

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Top Articles
High Water Closes Arkansas Deer Hunting in Some Areas
Posted on: 11/10/18

High water on the White and Cache rivers has forced the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to temporarily close deer season in some wildlife management areas of eastern Arkansas, as well as some private land in the Cache River basin. Modern gun deer season opens Nov. 10 and deer hunters are urged to...

Tennessee 2018-19 Deer Gun Hunting Season Opens Nov 17
Posted on: 11/10/18

Tennessee’s 2018-19 gun hunting season for deer opens Saturday, Nov. 17. Deer gun season has the traditional opening date of the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. During gun season, sportsmen may also use muzzleloader or archery equipment. The season will continue through Jan. 6, 2019. The second Young Sportsman Hunt is...

EHD Outbreak in Illinois Claims More than 400 Deer
Posted on: 11/09/18

As of October 29, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has received reports of 432 suspected cases of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) in white-tailed deer so far in 2018. EHD appears to be at low to moderate levels in counties on or near the Illinois River, extending from Schuyler County to the southwest through...

Whitetail Deer, Elk Harvests Remain Slow in Northwest Montana
Posted on: 11/09/18

Mild weather conditions continue to hamper hunter success across northwest Montana. Through the third weekend of Montana’s general big-game hunting season, a total of 6,748 hunters have stopped at five check stations across Region 1. That is nearly 850 fewer hunters than a year ago. In addition...

Ohio 2018 Deer-Gun Hunting Season Opens Nov 26
Posted on: 11/09/18

Ohio’s white-tailed deer continue to provide hunters across the state with excellent opportunities for success as they head out into the field. The deer-gun seasons run from Monday, Nov. 26, to Sunday, Dec. 2, and Dec. 15-16. A new regulation for the 2018-2019 hunting season limits hunters to...

Hunt Wild Wisconsin Mobile Application - New for Fall of 2018
Posted on: 11/09/18

New for Fall 2018, the Hunt Wild Wisconsin mobile application has everything hunters need to improve their time in the outdoors. Hunt Wild Wisconsin is going to help our hunters from day one - they can find new public lands, take a look at the regulations, and much more - all in...

Michigan Deer Hunting Opportunities in Nov for Hunters with Health Challenges
Posted on: 10/30/18

Michigan hunters with qualifying disabilities are encouraged to take advantage of reserved deer hunting opportunities at the Pierce Road Hunt Unit of the Sharonville State Game Area (in Jackson and Washtenaw counties). As part of the DNR’s Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors initiative, this 600-acre unit was...

Minnesota 2018 Firearms Deer Season Opens Nov 3 - Some Points to Remember
Posted on: 10/30/18

Minnesota’s firearms deer season begins a half-hour before sunrise on Saturday, Nov. 3. Some points to remember: Hunters will have additional deer hunting opportunities because deer numbers continue to rebound across the state. Many areas now have populations at or above goal levels. The DNR requires hunters in...

Pennsylvania 2018 Deer Rifle Hunting Season Opens Nov 26
Posted on: 10/30/18

The Pennsylvania 2018 two-week firearms season for deer will open statewide on the Monday following Thanksgiving. The statewide season this year runs from Nov. 26 to Dec. 8. A general hunting license is required to hunt in any season. One antlered deer per license year can be taken with a general hunting license. In addition...

Hawaii Aquires New Wilderness Recreation Area in Oʻahu
Posted on: 10/29/18

A recent land acquisition involving federal, state and private-sector partners will result in Oʻahu residents gaining new outdoor recreational opportunities, while protecting Central O‘ahu’s aquifer and improving habitat for native species, many of them endangered. Nearly 2,900 acres of mountain watershed and lands set for...

Dozen Elk Harvested During 2018 Tennessee Elk Hunts
Posted on: 10/29/18

Participants harvested a total of 12 elk during the 2018 Tennessee elk hunts in the three segments. Participants could hunt on North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area and surrounding private lands. This year was the most harvests since the managed hunts began in 2009...