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State by State 2019 Deer Hunting Forecast
Posted on: 07/17/19

A state-by-state analysis of your deer hunting prospects for fall of 2019. One look at America’s current deer hunting scene makes you realize we’re experiencing some pretty good days right now. Coast to coast and border to border, opportunities abound, from tracking big-woods whitetails in the Northeast, glassing for ghost-like mule deer in the Southwest, shivering on a treestand while attempting to ambush a thick-necked Midwest brute, and more...

Western States with 2019 Over-the-Counter Elk Tags
Posted on: 05/14/19

If you want to hunt elk in the West, in order to get tags in the best units and to hunt during times when there is less competition, you will have to draw a tag and you usually need a lot of points to do it. But that is a different article. Here is the best information needed to hunt elk this year in the west...

AZGFD Leftover 2021 Elk/Pronghorn Hunt Permit-Tags on Sale March 29
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/22/21

AZGFD has posted a list of leftover hunt permit-tags, as well as a printable paper application, on its website.There are 707 leftover hunt permit-tags, including 661 for the minimal occurrence zone/low density (general) hunt in game management units 12A, 12B, 13A and 13B. The department is accepting paper applications for leftover hunt permit-tags on a first-come, first-served basis — by mail only — as of Monday, March 22. Any remaining leftover hunt permit-tags will...

New Montana Bill 505 for Elk Management Under Some Criticism
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/20/21

Montana has an elk problem. They have too few of them in the right places, public land where hunters can pursue them with an over-the-counter tag for our full 5-week rifle season. And they have too many elk in the wrong places, large private ranches where public hunting is generally not allowed. A New Montana bill (House Bill 505) that would incentivize private landowners to manage elk herds is taking plenty of criticism. The controversy highlights larger issues facing...

ODFW Propose Changes to 2022 Archery Elk Seasons
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/12/21

ODFW staff are planning to propose changes to the 2022 archery elk seasons to better manage elk populations and hunting pressure in popular units. Under an initial draft proposal, archery elk hunting would remain a general season hunting opportunity in western Oregon and much of eastern Oregon. However, several northeast Oregon units would move from general season hunting to some form of controlled archery hunting to better manage elk populations and...

Minnesota 2021 Landowner Enrollment Set to Begin for Walk-In Access program
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/10/21

Enrollment opens for Minnesota’s Walk-In Access program, which pays private landowners to allow public hunting on their lands, on Monday, March 15. This year, landowners can receive $18 per acre enrolled. And the program is expanding to include more counties. Enrollment in the Walk-In Access program will be available for landowners in more than 50 Minnesota counties. The Walk-In Access program is a win-win for hunters and landowners because...

Wisconsin 2021 Elk Hunt Applications Open through May 31
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/10/21

Wisconsin DNR reminds hunters that the application period for the 2021 elk hunt is open through May 31 for the chance to draw a hunt of a lifetime. Elk hunting season is open Oct. 16-Nov. 14 and Dec. 9-17, 2021. Successful applicants can hunt during either period. Only Wisconsin residents are eligible to receive an elk tag. The 2021 hunting season is expected to occur only within the northern elk management zone. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will also...

Texas Confirms Chronic Wasting Disease in Lubbock County
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/08/21

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) recently confirmed Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in a free-ranging 8 ½-year-old mule deer in Lubbock County, marking the first positive detection of the disease in the county. In coordination with the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC), Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is working to develop a containment & surveillance zone in the area. The tissue samples were...

Texas Seeks Input for 2021-2022 Hunting Regulation Proposals
Posted by TBC Press on: 03/08/21

Texas (TPWD) is now taking public comment on the following proposed changes to the 2021-2022 Statewide Hunting and Migratory Game Bird Proclamations: Add crossbow to the definition of lawful archery equipment - Remove the prohibition on trailing wounded deer with dogs in Angelina, Hardin, Nacogdoches, Orange, Shelby, and Tyler counties; In addition, allow the trailing of wounded deer to no more than two dogs on a leash in...