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Ten Reasons How Anyone Can Get Lost in the Wild
Posted on: 10/23/18

Between the years of 1992 and 2007, our national parks were the site of 65,439 search and rescue (SAR) incidents. From these thousands of SAR missions, a large percentage of “call outs” involved outdoor enthusiasts who had become lost in the wild. But with all of the technology we have today—such as cell phones, GPS devices, and satellite phones—how does this still happen?

Why Fisherman Should Have a Livewell Pump
Posted on: 10/23/18

Fishing livewells are increasingly popular for a couple of reasons. For fishermen who use live bait, having a livewell pretty much the best way to keep that bait alive until you need it. Another huge market for livewells is bass tournament fishing. Because tournament fishing encourages...

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Tenderize Wild Game Steaks with This Handy Kitchen Tool
Posted on: 11/16/18

Apart from loins and tenderloins, a common complaint when it comes to cuts of wild game meat (and steaks in particular) is that they can be chewy and tough. Last week a recipe for Belgian Carbonnade made use of a tough elk round steak that was mildly freezer burned. How were they able to make it not just edible, but tender and delicious?...

Washington Steelhead Fishing to Remain Open in the Snake River
Posted on: 11/16/18

Steelhead fishing on the Snake River and tributaries will remain open in Washington despite a statewide steelhead fishery closure next month in neighboring Idaho, fishery managers with the WDFW said. The Snake River serves as a shared boundary water between Idaho and Washington from Clarkston upstream to the Oregon border. This stretch of the Snake River will...

West Virginia Buck Firearms Season Opens Nov 19 - Season Fact Sheet
Posted on: 11/16/18

West Virginia’s traditional buck firearms season begins Monday, Nov. 19, the earliest possible opening date. This season opens the Monday before Thanksgiving every year, and gives hunters an opportunity to hunt during part of the rut, when bucks are active. Hunters may harvest two deer on the same day, but

Wisconsin Man Bags 19-Point Buck
Posted on: 11/16/18

A Wisconsin man says his conquest is finally done after he bagged a 19-point buck over the weekend. Joshua Gawrysiak, of Eau Claire hunted the buck for five years before finally shooting it with a Matthews Compound Bow in Chippewa Falls on Saturday morning. The 32-year-old shot the buck after it followed a doe near the deer stand where...

Best WMAs in Arkansas for Duck Hunting - Season Opens Nov 17
Posted on: 11/14/18

Arkansas 2018-19 Duck hunting season opens Nov 17 and runs through Nov 25. The name Bayou Meto has long been synonymous with world-class waterfowling. In reality, several Arkansas WMAs serve up waterfowling opportunities equal to- sometimes better than - the duck hunting available in Bayou Meto...

Illinois 2018 Firearm Deer Season Opens Nov 16
Posted on: 11/14/18

Deer hunters are reminded to focus on safety as the 2018 Illinois Firearm Deer Season opens this week. The seven-day firearm season begins this Friday, Nov. 16 through Sunday, Nov. 18. A second round of firearm deer hunting will be held from Nov. 29-Dec. 2. Hunters who take a deer during the firearm season in most Illinois counties must...

Maryland 2018 Deer Firearms Season Opens Nov 24 - Sunday Hunting Available/a>
Posted on: 11/14/18

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announces that the two-week firearm hunting season for sika and white-tailed deer opens Nov. 24 and runs through Dec. 8. Sunday deer hunting is available in all but three counties and remains...

Oklahoma 2018 Deer Gun Hunting Season Opens Nov 17 - Deer Rut Report
Posted on: 11/14/18

The Oklahoma 2018 deer gun hunting season will open a half-hour before official sunrise this Saturday, Nov. 17. Based on field reports from each region of the state, the bucks will be cruising for the last few does that have not been bred during the peak of rut this week. Dallas Barber, big game biologist said deer gun hunters have reason to...

Texas Hunters Reminded of New Mule Deer Antler Restrictions
Posted on: 11/14/18

Texas hunters taking to the field for this weekend’s mule deer season opener in six southeast Panhandle counties are encouraged to take a closer look before pulling the trigger as new antler restriction regulations take effect. Mule deer season in the antler restriction counties occurs runs Nov. 17 – Dec. 2. The Wildlife Department is implementing...

Hunter Success High in Early Portion of Wisconsin 1st Managed Elk Hunt
Posted on: 11/14/18

Following more than 22 years of elk management and reintroduction efforts, 2018 marked Wisconsin's first managed elk hunt in state history. Not only are a few lucky hunters enjoying this unique experience, but they are finding success, too...