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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Hunting Waterfowl
Posted on: 06/26/20
Waterfowl is one of the smallest, most niche communities you can find in hunting. In many places, you will have to share wetlands with your fellow hunters and compete for birds. Some of the best days have been spent waist-deep in a marsh holding a shotgun and blowing a duck call. Those days are waiting for you as well—if you stick with it. This sport, like so many others, rewards patience and hard work. The more you go, the more you learn. So, let’s get started...

When is the Best Time for Shed Antler Hunting?
Posted on: 01/22/20

When should you start shed hunting? Today we’re going to tackle that very question. But first, why is it an important question to have an answer to in the first place? Why Is It Important To Know When To Start Shed Hunting? Assuming you’d like to find piles of shed antlers this year, the timing of when you shed hunt is important for three reasons:1.The Impact of Human Pressure, 2.Rodent chewing and 3.Human Competition. So How Do I Know When To Start Shed Hunting?...

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there could be limitations for out of state hunters to include a 14-day quarantine requirement or negative COVID-19 testing alternative.. Please check with the State's Department of Natural Resources BEFORE you apply for the 2020 Fall Hunts.

As our country opens up again, states are doing their best to reopen parks, fishing, hunting and other outdoor actitivies to the public, HOWEVER it is YOU that must follow the guidelines set by These guidelines include; social distancing, the Leave No Trace principles, including pack-in and pack-out, to keep outdoor spaces safe and healthy. These guidelines are also good to practice even after the threat of COVID-19 is gone.

Alaska 2020-21 Waterfowl & Migratory Bird Regulation Changes
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/08/20

Alaska Department of Fish & Game (DF&G) has set the 2020-21 waterfowl & migratory bird regulations. Some changes were approved that include waterfow seasons and more. Units 1-4 (Southeast Region): the waterfowl hunting season has been shifted to occur from September 16 – December 31 in accordance with 2019 Board of Game action. For Brant - Statewide: daily bag and possession limits have been reduced to...

Idaho Offers Disabled American Veterans New Discounts for Muzzleloader & Archery Permits
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/08/20

A new law that took effect July 1 reduces the Idaho archery and muzzleloader permit fees specifically for Disabled American Veterans. Only holders of Disabled American Veteran licenses are eligible for the discounted permits. The new fees for both permit types are $3.75 for resident and $5.75 for nonresident Disabled American Veterans. DAV license holders previously had to pay the regular resident or nonresident price for these permits. To receive DAV reduced fees, veterans must...

Maine Accepting Applications for 2020 Any Deer Permit Lottery
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/08/20

Maine is now accepting applications for 2020 Any Deer Permit Lottery. There is no application fee to apply for an any-deer permit. You can apply online. Applications must be completed by 11:59 pm (ET) on August 17, 2020. A chance drawing will be held on September 11, 2020. Please note: you may only supply the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife with one application for the lottery per year; if it is found that an applicant has applied more than one time in a year, that applicant will be disqualified. In addition...

Oregon 2020 Razor Clamming Closed on Clatsop Beaches July 15-Sept 30
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/08/20

The Oregon 2020 annual summer conservation closure for razor clams begins Wednesday, July 15 and runs through Sept. 30 on Clatsop beaches (from Tillamook Head in Seaside to the mouth of the Columbia River.) Clatsop beaches account for more than 90 percent of the total razor clam harvest in Oregon. Razor clam harvesting continues to be open on other state beaches though a few closures are in effect due to toxin levels. The best opportunities outside Clatsop beaches are in...

Applications Open for TPWD 2020-21 Draw Hunts - Deadlines Vary
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/07/20

Hunters looking for a new opportunity or a change of scenery this fall are encouraged to check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) drawn hunt permits program. Applications are being accepted now for a shot at more than 9,500 permits in 56 hunt categories. Application deadlines are the 1st and 15th of the month from Aug. 1st to Nov. 1st.The permits are for drawn hunts on both public and private lands throughout Texas. Among the offerings available through the online system are hunts for...

Apply for Utah 2020 Upland Bird Hunting by July 16
Posted by TBC Press on: 07/08/20

If you are looking for a unique experience in Utah's outdoors, consider applying for permits to hunt greater sage grouse, sandhill crane, swan, sharp-tailed grouse and more this fall. The application period for these four Utah bird hunts opened on Wednesday, July 1. To participate in the hunt drawing, you must apply for permits through the DWR website no later than 11 p.m. MDT on July 16. You should be notified of your drawing results by Aug. 3. However, some bird species also require a special permit in addition to a hunting license. Those species include...