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When is the Best Time for Shed Antler Hunting?
Posted on: 01/22/20

When should you start shed hunting? Today we’re going to tackle that very question. But first, why is it an important question to have an answer to in the first place? Why Is It Important To Know When To Start Shed Hunting? Assuming you’d like to find piles of shed antlers this year, the timing of when you shed hunt is important for three reasons:1.The Impact of Human Pressure, 2.Rodent chewing and 3.Human Competition. So How Do I Know When To Start Shed Hunting?...

Hunting Late-Season Mallards in Fields vs. Water
Posted on: 01/09/20

Whether you’re in flooded timber or a frozen corn field, chasing late-season mallards requires a special set of tactics. And over the years, we’ve developed some rules to live by. They are not all hard and fast, but most will put a few birds on your strap as long as the refuge is full of greenheads...

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CWD Remains Biggest Concern in Southeastern Minnesota
Posted on: 01/22/20

During the 2019 hunting season and special hunts, chronic wasting disease was confirmed in 27 wild deer, all from southeastern Minnesota. CWD was not detected in wild deer in central and north-central Minnesota. Overall, this is good news for Minnesota’s wild deer. The disease is still relatively rare across the state, and the CWD-positive test results this year came from areas where we had the most risk, said Lou Cornicelli, DNR wildlife research manager. However...

Oregon Denies Petition to Prohibit Wild Winter Steelhead Retention in the SW Zone
Posted on: 01/22/20

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission denied a petition to prohibit the retention of wild winter steelhead in rivers throughout the SW Zone via temporary rule in a split vote (4-2). The Commission heard from more than 50 people who signed up to testify for and against the petition. ODFW staff had recommended Commissioners deny this petition as staff do not have a conservation concern for wild winter steelhead on...

Most Alabama Public Fishing Lakes Reopen in February
Posted on: 01/21/20

February 1 marks the beginning of fishing season for 22 of Alabama’s 23 State-owned Public Fishing Lakes. Located throughout the state, these lakes are noted for their quality fishing for bream, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and crappie (in most lakes). Because these smaller lakes warm more quickly than larger bodies of water, early spring fishing can be excellent. Washington County Public Fishing Lake remains closed while...

Colorado Warns Anglers of Purchasing Bogus Licenses on Fraudulent Websites
Posted on: 01/21/20
After being alerted to a fraudulent website claiming to sell Colorado fishing licenses, CPW urges people to be wary of 3rd party sites offering deals on CPW products. CPW’s online shop and hundreds of license sales agents across the state are the easiest, most secure and best-priced methods of purchasing fishing licenses. There is no guarantee that licenses purchased through 3rd party sites will be legitimate products recognized by CPW or that they will ever be delivered to the purchaser. Additionally...

Field Notes of a Colorado Rookie Sportsperson
Posted on: 01/21/20

Ten months of classroom study, days of target practice at the shooting range and hours of immersing myself in the ethics and strategies of hunting all built to a climax on the weekend after Christmas: my first big game hunt. The anticipation was almost overwhelming as, on Dec. 28, my daughter, Natalie, and I embarked on our first big game hunt as members of Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Rookie Sportsperson Program (RSP). On the big day, Natalie and I met Wilkins at...

Missouri Increases Feral Hog Elimation Efforts, Adapts Strategy for 2020
Posted on: 01/21/20

The Missouri Feral Hog Elimination Partnership (the Partnership) eliminated 10,495 feral hogs from Missouri in 2019, and will increase efforts in 2020 as multiple agencies work together to eliminate feral hogs from the state. Increased efforts include a workforce focused on feral hog elimination in key areas, including Mark Twain National Forest lands, beginning in late January. Winter operations will be a large-scale effort where we will...

West Virginia Anglers Catch Record Grass Carp, Blue Catfish
Posted on: 01/21/20

The state length records for grass carp and blue catfish were broken earlier in January by two West Virginia anglers, the Division of Natural Resources announced recently. Zachary Adkins of Cabins caught a 53.1-inch, 59-pound grass carp at Warden Lake in Hardy County on Jan. 3. Justin Conner of Culloden caught a 49.84-inch, 58.38-pound blue catfish on the Ohio River in Mason County on Jan. 11. Anglers used....