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Simple Tricks to Protect Ice Fishing Gear
Posted on: 01/11/19
It’s amazing how far ice fishing tactics and gear have come in a relatively short amount of time. But even the latest and greatest tools and gear are susceptible to damage, because let’s face it—ice anglers are known to brave some of the nastiest conditions. In this article is a few simple tricks to protect ice fishing gear...

Tips for Hunting Late-Season Diving Ducks
Posted on: 01/09/19
Sure, you’ll pop a bufflehead from your puddle duck spread on occasion. But dedicated diver hunting means swarms of bluebills, redheads, canvasbacks, and goldeneyes decoying just off the gun barrel. It takes place on big water and is at its best when the weather is cold and dangerous. But a hot shoot can make mallard snobs trade Texas rigs for longlines. Here’s your crash course...

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Colorado to Update Management Plan for White River Deer Herd - Seeks Public Input
Posted on: 01/16/19

The management plan for the White River mule deer herd is due for an update in 2019 and Colorado CPW managers say the public's input will be critical in light of significant changes that have affected the herd over the past two decades. A 30-day public comment form is available and in addition, the public can provide input directly to agency personnel at a public meeting, 6 p.m., Jan. 23 in...

Delaware Requires Mandatory Wild Turkey Hunting Courses - Registration Open
Posted on: 01/16/19

DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife Hunter Education Program reminds both resident and non-resident hunters that they must pass a turkey hunting course approved by the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife before they can legally hunt turkeys in the First State. Registration is now open for one-day turkey hunting courses offered by the Division of Fish & Wildlife at the following...

Michigan Regulation Change Affects Smelt Fishing
Posted on: 01/16/19

If you’re fishing for smelt this year, make sure you know about a legislative change that alters how anglers can target smelt in Michigan. The previous state statute let people use any number of hooks attached to a single line, while fishing for smelt, alewife or other bait fish in the Great Lakes or recognized smelt waters. Now...

West Nile Virus Detected in Wisconsin Ruffed Grouse
Posted on: 01/16/19

West Nile virus was detected in three of 16 ruffed grouse that were found sick or dead and submitted by the public to the Wisconsin DNR for testing from October through December 2018. At this time, there is no evidence to confirm that West Nile virus or any other factor is having population-level impacts on ruffed grouse in Wisconsin. However...

Regulation Details for Minnesota Special Late-Season Deer Hunts in Southeastern Area
Posted on: 01/15/19

Minnesota hunters interested in another opportunity this winter to harvest deer can find details about a special hunt that takes place from Friday, Jan. 25, to Sunday, Jan. 27, and Friday, Feb. 1, to Sunday, Feb. 3, in deer permit area 346 in parts of Winona and Houston counties. The hunt is open to both residents and nonresidents. A limited number of special permits will be available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at...

Self-Service CWD Sampling Stations Deployed in North Alabama
Posted on: 01/14/19

The Alabama (WFF) has deployed six self-service Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) sampling stations in north Alabama as part of its increased CWD sampling surveillance efforts in the state. The sample station freezers are in Fayette, Lamar, Marion, Franklin, Lauderdale, and Colbert counties, and are available to receive deer head samples...

Alaska Upper Cook Inlet Sport & Commercial King Salmon Fisheries Closed - Area Subsistence Fisheries Restricted
Posted on: 01/14/19

The Alaska DF&G recently announced closures to 2019 Northern Cook Inlet (NCI) king salmon commercial and sports fisheries. Subsistence king salmon fisheries in Northern Cook Inlet will also be restricted. The department is restricting and closing king salmon fisheries to conserve weak king salmon stocks. Multiple king salmon stocks in NCI, including...