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Simple Tricks to Protect Ice Fishing Gear
Posted on: 01/11/19
It’s amazing how far ice fishing tactics and gear have come in a relatively short amount of time. But even the latest and greatest tools and gear are susceptible to damage, because let’s face it—ice anglers are known to brave some of the nastiest conditions. In this article is a few simple tricks to protect ice fishing gear...

Tips for Hunting Late-Season Diving Ducks
Posted on: 01/09/19
Sure, you’ll pop a bufflehead from your puddle duck spread on occasion. But dedicated diver hunting means swarms of bluebills, redheads, canvasbacks, and goldeneyes decoying just off the gun barrel. It takes place on big water and is at its best when the weather is cold and dangerous. But a hot shoot can make mallard snobs trade Texas rigs for longlines. Here’s your crash course...

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Canada Black Bear Hunt in Saskatchewan, Trip of a Lifetime – What to Know
Posted on: 01/22/19

Getting close to a variety of animals and then harvesting one that’s unique is available when you bear hunt in Saskatchewan. If you ever get the opportunity to bear hunt Saskatchewan, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. If giant bears are what you seek, you’ll find them in Saskatchewan. There’s a high number of Boone and Crocket bears taken every year. And there’s a higher average number of color phases, especially in the north. The idea of traveling to Saskatchewan can seem daunting, however...

Expanded Hunting, Fishing Opportunities in Southwest Ohio
Posted on: 01/22/19

The Ohio DNR) recently designated the 152nd wildlife area in the state for the purpose of wildlife conservation, propagation and habitat management and will be known as the Eagle Creek Wildlife Area. The Eagle Creek Wildlife Area will allow hunting, fishing, trapping and wildlife viewing opportunities. The property will not be open to the public until fall 2019. The department will be posting..

Three Ways to Tweak Your Shotgun Setup for Coyote Hunting
Posted on: 01/22/19

Shotguns can make a good backup to a rifle. They have advantages in thick cover, where close shot opportunities disappear fast. But a scattergun isn’t always a backup. In some predator hunting scenarios, rifles aren’t safe--or even legal--to use, making a shotgun the only option. A coyote that’s been lured to 30 yards is one that’s been fooled completely. If you want to do that consistently on these wary animals, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to your usual rifle-hunting setup...

CDFW Investigating Die-Off of Desert Bighorn Sheep
Posted on: 01/21/19

Wildlife biologists from the CDFW are investigating what appears to be a significant mortality event associated with respiratory disease among the San Gorgonio desert bighorn sheep population in Riverside County. CDFW has confirmed that at least 20 animals have died but suspects that total mortality may be greater. The significance of this outbreak...

California Recreational and Commercial Dungeness Crab Fisheries to Open in Humboldt County
Posted on: 01/21/19

CDFW Director Charlton H. Bonham issued a declaration to open the recreational and commercial Dungeness crab fisheries from Patrick’s Point, Humboldt County north to the California/Oregon state line. The area from the Patrick’s Point, Humboldt County (41° 8.00’ N. Latitude) north to the California/Oregon state line was closed due to...

Delaware Receives Land Parcel Donation Adding Wetlands to Fork Branch Nature Preserve
Posted on: 01/21/19

Delaware announced recently that it has secured two wetland parcels formerly owned by the McClements family of Dover, to become part of the Fork Branch Nature Preserve. The two parcels, one almost three acres in size, the other just over 2½ acres, are located adjacent to the Anne McClements Woods tract of the 247-acre Fork Branch Nature Preserve. Both properties were donated by...

Apply for North Dakota Nonresident Any-Deer Bow Licenses by March 1
Posted on: 01/21/19

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will have 607 any-deer bow licenses available to nonresidents in 2019. Applicants must apply online at the Game and Fish website. Paper applications are not available. The deadline for applying is March 1. Up to five hunters can apply together as a party. A lottery will be held if...