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State-by-State 2019 Spring Turkey Hunting Forecast
Posted on: 02/06/19
Attention turkey bums: Your job has become substantially more difficult. With great spring hunting opportunities available coast to coast from March through early June, you’ll probably have to pick and choose your adventures. For many folks, that means southern Florida Osceolas in early March—or, for the eager crowd, maybe Hawaiian Rio Grandes even earlier. Your choices expand as seasons for hard-gobbling Easterns open throughout the Southeast and Midwest. And then there’s that quick jaunt to Texas for loud-mouthed Rios — or maybe north to the prairies for last-chance Merriam’s...

Simple Tricks to Protect Ice Fishing Gear
Posted on: 01/11/19
It’s amazing how far ice fishing tactics and gear have come in a relatively short amount of time. But even the latest and greatest tools and gear are susceptible to damage, because let’s face it—ice anglers are known to brave some of the nastiest conditions. In this article is a few simple tricks to protect ice fishing gear...

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Australia Implements New Rules For NSW Deer Hunting
Posted on: 04/18/19

Australia deer hunting in New South Wales (NSW) got a significant hit on the head with regulations that remove the season on fallow and red deer and allow spotlights to be used on private land. The suspension applies to all areas across NSW and will be for a period of three years. Suspension of the normal rules for hunting deer will allow more control options to be available to hunters and minimise wild deer impact on landholders and...

Australia Duck Hunters have Shorter 2019 Season -- Duck Hunter Numbers also Down
Posted on: 04/18/19

The Australia 2019 duck hunting season in Victoria has been shortened from 12 to nine weeks due to dry conditions and reduced bird numbers. The hunting season opened Saturday 16 March 2019 and closes on Sunday 19 May 2019. About 1,300 hunters took part in the opening weekend of the duck hunting season in Victoria, fewer than normal, according to the Game Management Authority. In addition...

Reopening Botswana To Trophy Hunting Depends On U.S. Support
Posted on: 04/17/19

For nearly a year, momentum has been building in Botswana to reform the nation’s wildlife sector to increase its economic productivity and, the options available to manage the country’s large elephant population. Last April’s election of President Mokgweetsi Masisi, created the space to challenge the policies of his predecessor, Ian Khama. This includes Khama’s near-complete closure of the country to trophy hunting enacted in 2014. Calls to overturn the hunting ban were...

Massachusetts 2019 Spring Turkey Hunting Opens April 29
Posted on: 04/17/19

The 2019 Massachusetts spring turkey hunting season opens on April 29 and runs through May 25. The 2019 Youth Turkey Hunt is April 27. Bag limit is two bearded birds per spring, one per day. During the spring season, hunting hours begin ½ hour before sunrise and end at noon. Get ready for the start of season by reviewing regulations and...

Maryland Striped Bass Trophy Season Opens April 20
Posted on: 04/17/19

The Maryland DNR announced that the state’s trophy striped bass season will begin April 20 and last through May 15. Anglers may catch one striped bass per day, with a minimum size of 35 inches, in the Chesapeake Bay from Brewerton Channel to the Virginia state line, excluding all bays, sounds, tributaries, creeks and rivers, except Tangier Sound and ...

Minnesota DNR Confirms Invasive Silver Carp Caught in St. Croix River
Posted on: 04/17/19

The Minnesota DNR has confirmed the capture of a silver carp on the St. Croix River. The invasive carp was caught by a commercial fisher near Prescott, Wisconsin, during routine spring netting. Captures of individual invasive carp are disappointing but not surprising, said DNR invasive fish coordinator Nick Frohnauer. This silver carp was captured in an area that is...

New York 2019 Spring Turkey Season Opens May 1st
Posted on: 04/17/19

New York 2019 spring turkey season opens May 1, in all of Upstate New York north of the Bronx-Westchester County boundary. In addition, DEC's annual youth turkey hunting weekend will take place on April 20-21. The youth turkey hunt for junior hunters ages 12-15 is open in all of Upstate New York and Suffolk County. Other Important Details for the Spring Turkey Season are...

Oregon 2019 Spring Turkey Hunting Season is Underway - Outlook Good
Posted on: 04/17/19

Oregon 2019 spring turkey hunting opened April 15 and runs through May 31. the bag limit is three male turkeys or turkeys with a visible beard; one turkey per day. All you need to spring turkey hunt is camo, a call, and a shotgun. A hen or jake decoy can also improve your odds. Hunters need to purchase a tag before harvesting each turkey. There is no deadline, just get one before you go hunting. In addition...

Apply for Oregon 2019 Big Game Controlled Hunts by May 15
Posted on: 04/17/19

Don’t wait until the last minute to apply for Oregon's 2019 big game controlled hunts. There is always a rush the last few days before the May 15 deadline. Oregon has limited-entry aka controlled hunts for many big game species in parts of Oregon, including ...