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State by State 2019 Deer Hunting Forecast
Posted on: 07/17/19
A state-by-state analysis of your deer hunting prospects for fall of 2019. One look at America’s current deer hunting scene makes you realize we’re experiencing some pretty good days right now. Coast to coast and border to border, opportunities abound, from tracking big-woods whitetails in the Northeast, glassing for ghost-like mule deer in the Southwest, shivering on a treestand while attempting to ambush a thick-necked Midwest brute, and more...

How to Spot-and-Stalk Your Way to an Archery Antelope
Posted on: 07/11/19

Today, most bow­hunters use pop-up blinds for antelope. Bowhunting antelope on foot is never easy, but if you love the challenge you can do it regardless of water or weather conditions...

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Hunter Education and Safety Programs

ATTENTION ALL HUNTERS...It's that time again and most states have started their mandatory Hunter Education Programs and / or their Safety Education Programs for the 2019 season. Classes are held in several areas and dates throughout your state.Click on the state you want and scroll down to Hunter Education. All hunters must attend or have attended these programs in order to hunt this fall...

Hunters: Take the FREE Treestand Safety Course & Why You Should

With more and more news on death and/or serious injuries regarding treestand accidents. Backcountry Press wants to stress the importance of treestand safety. Take the FREE Treestand Safety Course from It is The ONLY TMA approved online treestand safety course. The FREE Course Covers...


Texas Red Snapper Season in Federal Waters to Close Aug 2
Posted on: 07/23/19

Based on current and projected landings estimates, the Texas private recreational angler red snapper season in federal waters off the Texas coast will close at 12:01 a.m., Aug. 2, earlier than the initially projected 97-day season. The private recreational angler red snapper season in Texas state waters out to nine nautical miles is expected to remain open year-round based on...

Applications for Texas 2019-20 Trinity River NWR Public Waterfowl Hunt Available Aug 5
Posted on: 07/23/19
Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge in Texas will be accepting applications for a public Waterfowl hunt starting August 5, 2019 and POSTMARKED by September 3, 2019. (Any application received before or after these dates will NOT be accepted). If selected through a lottery drawing, you will be able to hunt waterfowl for two consecutive weekends on Champion Lake during the regular waterfowl season. Access to the hunt area is...

USFWS sets 2019−2020 Regulatory Changes for Atlantic Flyway Mallards & Canada Geese
Posted on: 07/23/19
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has approved changes to bag limits for Atlantic Flyway mallards and Canada geese for the 2019−2020 waterfowl season. Decreasing eastern mallard populations are forcing Atlantic Flyway states to change their regulations. Hunters will not see a change in the total waterfowl daily bag limit or season length, but there will be a reduction in the mallard daily bag limit from four to two birds. Further, the USFWS approved limiting...

Alabama Extends 2019 Red Snapper Season for Private Anglers
Posted on: 07/22/19

After completing a review of the first 21 days of the proposed 27-day 2019 private angler red snapper season, the Alabama (ADCNR) will add five days to the private vessel recreational season. The additional days will begin 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, August 1, 2019, and run until midnight on Monday, August 5, 2019. The additional days are a result of...

Colorado Closes North Shore Marina at Lake Pueblo State Park Due to Storm Damage
Posted on: 07/22/19

A severe windstorm caused widespread damage to docks and boats at the North Shore Marina at Lake Pueblo State Park on Saturday prompting Colorado Parks and Wildlife to evacuate the marina and close it indefinitely. Park Manager Monique Mullis said the marina is dangerous and off-limits, both from the shore and from the water, to the public after evening storms...

Colorado Expands Hunting Access for 2019 Season
Posted on: 07/22/19

Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) recently approved a multi-year expansion of the Public Access Program that will include up to 100,000 acres added to the program by the fall 2019 hunting season. The Public Access Program provides limited, seasonal hunting and fishing opportunities on Colorado trust land across the state. In August, CPW will announce the...

Maryland Sets 2019 Waterfowl Blind Site Licensing Dates and Locations
Posted on: 07/22/19
Beginning Aug. 6, Maryland resident hunters can apply for a 2019-2020 waterfowl blind site license. On opening day, applicants will be entered into a lottery for a chance to select their sites. On Aug. 6 from 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. applications for licenses will begin being accepted at the various locations listed. Anyone arriving after 8 a.m. will be ineligible. Beginning Aug. 8, blind site licensing will be held at the locations listed during normal business hours. Only resident hunters may participate. Applicants must...

Applications for Arkansas 2019 Permit Dove Hunts Available Aug 1st - More Hunting Fields Added
Posted on: 07/19/19

Starting Aug. 1, Arkansas hunters can apply for a permit at to hunt on any of the four private fields in the program. The cost to apply per hunter is $5. The draw for all locations will be held Aug. 16 and applicants will be notified by email if they draw or not. Hunters chosen will receive directions to their field well in advance of opening day of dove season. The first weekend will cover...