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Ten Reasons How Anyone Can Get Lost in the Wild
Posted on: 10/23/18

Between the years of 1992 and 2007, our national parks were the site of 65,439 search and rescue (SAR) incidents. From these thousands of SAR missions, a large percentage of “call outs” involved outdoor enthusiasts who had become lost in the wild. But with all of the technology we have today—such as cell phones, GPS devices, and satellite phones—how does this still happen?

Why Fisherman Should Have a Livewell Pump
Posted on: 10/23/18

Fishing livewells are increasingly popular for a couple of reasons. For fishermen who use live bait, having a livewell pretty much the best way to keep that bait alive until you need it. Another huge market for livewells is bass tournament fishing. Because tournament fishing encourages...

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Florida Snook Season Closes Dec 15 in Atlantic State & Federal Waters
Posted on: 12/12/18

The Florida recreational harvest season for snook closes Dec. 15 in Atlantic state and federal waters, including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River, and will remain closed through Jan. 31, 2019, reopening to harvest Feb. 1. Anglers may continue to catch and release snook during the closed season. Most state and all federal waters in the Gulf, including...

Two Idle-Speed, No-Wake Zones Now Activated on Florida Suwannee, Santa Fe Rivers
Posted on: 12/12/18

Two idle-speed, no-wake zones was activated Dec 10, with one on the Suwannee River and another on the Santa Fe, according to Florida (FWC) officials. Zone 1 was activated on the Suwannee and runs from the U.S. 90 Bridge at Ellaville south to...

Indiana 2018-19 Duck Hunting Season Open through Jan 20
Posted on: 12/12/18

Indiana 2018-19 duck hunting season in the NORTH Zone opened Dec 22 and runs through Dec 30. The CENTRAL Zone Opened Nov 24 and runs through Jan 13, 2019. The SOUTH Zone opened Dec 1 and runs through Jan 20 2019. The daily bag limit for ducks is six. This includes any combination of...

Indiana 2018 Deer Muzzlerloader Season Open through Dec 23
Posted on: 12/12/18

Indiana 2018 deer muzzlerloader season opened Dec 8 and runs through Dec 23. Deer hunting hours: ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset. All harvested deer and turkey must be checked within 48 hours of harvest at an official deer or turkey check station or online. Indiana 2018 deer hunting seasons are...

New Program Aims to Boost Michigan Grasslands in State Game Areas
Posted on: 12/12/18

Last week, representatives of the Michigan DNR, Pheasants Forever and several other groups gathered at Maple River State Game Area (which stretches through Clinton, Gratiot and Ionia counties) to launch the Adopt-A-Game-Area program and dedicate a kiosk recognizing sponsors of the game area. This new program encourages individuals and organizations to...

Minnesota Proposes to Strengthen Bear Hunting Tooth Sample Requirement
Posted on: 12/12/18

Bear hunters who are successful in 2019 and after would be required to submit a bear tooth sample to be eligible for the upcoming year’s bear hunting license lottery under a new rule proposed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The DNR has for many years required hunters to submit bear tooth samples. However...

Minnesota Fishing Regulation Changes on Lake of the Woods & Rainy River Effective March 2019
Posted on: 12/12/18

Anglers will be able to keep fewer walleye and sauger beginning Friday, March 1, on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The winter regulations on Lake of the Woods will match the current summer regulations, reducing the aggregate walleye and sauger limit from...

West Virginia Trappers and Hunters Must Tag Furbearers
Posted on: 12/12/18

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources would like to remind beaver, bobcat, fisher and otter trappers that they are required to electronically register their catches within 30 days after the close of the respective season. The furbearer trapping seasons in West Virginia opened Nov. 3. A game check confirmation number issued by the DNR must be recorded in writing with the trapper's name and address, or written on a field tag, and must be...

West Virginia Hunters Harvested 44,572 Bucks During 2018 Firearms Season
Posted on: 12/12/18

Preliminary data collected from the electronic game checking system indicates that deer hunters in West Virginia harvested 44,572 antlered deer during the two-week buck firearms season which ran from Nov. 19 through Dec. 1, 2018. The top 10 counties for buck harvest in 2018 were...