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State-by-State 2020 Spring Turkey Hunting Forecast
Posted on: 02/07/20

Attention turkey bums: There is great spring hunting opportunities available coast to coast from March through early June. Choose from Florida Osceolas in early March or hard-gobbling Easterns open throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Head to Texas for loud-mouthed Rios or north to the prairies for last-chance Merriam’s. Each state has an Overall Outlook, Potential Spring 2020 Hotspots and Quick Tips to help you start planning your Spring 2020 hunts...

When is the Best Time for Shed Antler Hunting?
Posted on: 01/22/20

When should you start shed hunting? Today we’re going to tackle that very question. But first, why is it an important question to have an answer to in the first place? Why Is It Important To Know When To Start Shed Hunting? Assuming you’d like to find piles of shed antlers this year, the timing of when you shed hunt is important for three reasons:1.The Impact of Human Pressure, 2.Rodent chewing and 3.Human Competition. So How Do I Know When To Start Shed Hunting?...

Missouri 2020 Catch-and-Keep Trout Fishing Opens March 1st
Posted on: 02/17/20

March 1 marks the annual opening of catch-and-keep trout fishing in Missouri at the state’s four trout parks: Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon, Montauk State Park near Licking, Roaring River State Park near Cassville, and Maramec Spring Park near St. James. The catch-and-keep season at the trout parks runs through Oct. 31. New this year...

North Carolina to Hold Meetings to Discuss Sunday Hunting on Game Lands
Posted on: 02/17/20

The N.C. is adding an in-person public input meeting in Raleigh and two online virtual meetings to seek feedback from the public, agency constituents and stakeholders to help identify issues and options related to Sunday hunting on game lands. On Monday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m at the Wildlife Resources Commission's first floor auditorium. The 2nd is Thursday, Feb. 20 at 7 p.m...

North Dakota 2020 Spring Light Goose Conservation Order Opens Feb 22
Posted on: 02/17/20

North Dakota’s spring light goose conservation order opens Feb. 22 for residents and non-residents and continues through May 10. Residents must have a valid current season 2019-20 (valid through March 31) or 2020-21 (required April 1) combination license; or a small game, and general game and habitat license. Resident youth under age 16 only need the general game and habitat license. Nonresidents need...

Oklahoma 2020 Deer Gun Season to Remain at 16 Days
Posted on: 02/17/20

Oklahoma’s deer gun hunting season will not be lengthened but instead will remain 16 days long following the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission’s approval of administrative rules during its regular meeting last week. Among the Title 800 administrative rule changes that were approved include; 1.) increase antlerless deer bag limits for gun and muzzleloader deer seasons within...

States Agree on Allocations for 2020 Columbia River Salmon Fisheries
Posted on: 02/17/20

The directors of the Washington and Oregon departments of Fish and Wildlife recently reached an agreement this week on allocations and gear types for Columbia River salmon fisheries in 2020. Under the 2020 plan, 75 percent of the spring Chinook would be allocated to recreational anglers – a 5 percent increase from...

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Decline in Arkansas Hunting/Fishing Licenses Could Hurt Conservation
Posted on: 02/15/20
A continued decline in hunting and angling has Commissioners and staff at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission concerned that the funding for natural resource management is in jeopardy. In the last five years, Arkansas fishing/hunting license sales have declined. The decline has much more far-reaching effects than dollars lost through license sales. The current North American model of wildlife management depends upon hunters and anglers to provide...

California Drawing for 2020 Spring Wild Turkey Hunts on Public, Private Land
Posted on: 02/15/20
The CDFW is offering nearly 100 special hunts on both public and private land for the upcoming spring wild turkey season, which opens statewide March 28 and extends through May 3. Young hunters have additional opportunities to bag a tom turkey. California’s archery-only spring turkey season runs from May 4-17. CDFW’s SHARE Program, is offering drawings for spring turkey hunts on two private ranches. The application deadline for all these hunts is as follows...