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Deer Hunting Mistakes Guaranteed to Ruin the Rut
Posted on: 10/09/17

The rut is the Super Bowl of whitetail hunting. Bucks that typically behave like ghosts are suddenly vulnerable, and your chances of tagging a wall-hanger are at their highest. But whitetails are still whitetails—always cautious and rarely pushovers. So there are plenty of ways you can go wrong. Here are 15 ways you can turn the annual breeding season into a surefire flop...

The Easy Secrets to Jump-Shooting Ducks
Posted on: 09/05/17
When the ducks dont come to you, you can go to the ducks. Floating a river or jump-­shooting ponds, potholes, and creeks puts ducks in the bag on tough days. The tactic has an excitement all its own: You trade the breathless anticipation of seeing ducks drop into the decoys for the adrenaline boost of waterfowl blasting into the air in a shower of spray. You’re also trading incoming and overhead shots for chances at birds going up and away. The shooting is much more like upland hunting than typical waterfowling. Here are some tips...

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Michigan Legislature Votes to Establish Sandhill Crane Hunting Season
Posted on: 10/20/17

Michigan’s House of Representatives is urging the state Natural Resources Commission to establish a sandhill crane hunting season, and the vote passed without debate. These large birds cause even larger headaches for farmers across the state of Michigan, and that has been...

Minnesota 2017 Whitefish, Tullibee Sport-Netting Opens Oct 27
Posted on: 10/20/17

Recreational netting for whitefish and tullibee (cisco) is anticipated to open on several Schedule I Lakes in the Grand Rapids fisheries work area beginning in late October, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Schedule I Lakes, which are more susceptible to...

Nebraska Special Youth Upland Hunts Oct 21-22
Posted on: 10/20/17

Youth ages 15 and younger are encouraged to participate in special youth pheasant hunts during the Oct. 21-22 statewide youth pheasant, quail and partridge season. Rooster pheasants will be released at 14 wildlife management areas before the special youth hunt season. The special hunts are open to the public, and the number of participants is not limited...

New Mexico Late-Season Archery Elk Licenses Available Oct 25
Posted on: 10/20/17

There will be 275 first-come, first-served late-season bull elk archery hunting licenses on sale beginning Oct. 25 on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish website. The sale will begin at 10 a.m. and will be open only to...

OK New Record Typical Elk for Cy Curtis Awards Program - Taken by Young Female Archer
Posted on: 10/20/17

Oklahoma now has a new record typical elk in its Cy Curtis Awards Program. And the record-holder is just 15 years old. Olivia Parry of Camargo was just 14 and on her first elk hunt when she bagged the bull elk on private land in Dewey County on Oct. 16, 2016. After the mandatory drying period, the 5-by-5 rack was scored at 377 6/8, shattering the existing Cy Curtis record by...

Utah 2017 Pheasant Hunting Season Opens Nov 1st - DWR Releasing 10K Pheasants
Posted on: 10/20/17

The number of Utahs wild birds is up this fall, more than 10,000 pen-reared pheasants will be released on public hunting areas, and the hunt on private land will be longer than last year. The state's 2017 general pheasant hunt runs Nov. 4–Dec. 3 on both private and public land. Starting this season, the pheasant hunt on both private land and public land will run for...

Utah Recommending Hunters to Keep More Pintail Ducks in the 2018-19 Season
Posted on: 10/20/17

Utah's waterfowl hunting season just started, but biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources are already formulating ideas for the 2018–2019 hunt. One idea is to allow hunters to keep more pintail ducks. This season, hunters may take only one pintail a day. Starting with the 2018–2019 season, hunters might be...

West Virginia State Parks & Forests Offering Special Lodging Discount To Veterans Oct 29-Nov 16
Posted on: 10/20/17

The West Virginia State Parks system is giving back to military servicemen and women by offering a special discount to veterans who stay overnight at select parks and forests between Oct. 29 and Nov. 16. The offer, good for 50 percent off regular lodge and ...