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Ice Fishing - Safety Information & Tips
Posted on: 12/01/17
The basics of Ice fishing is finding an iced up body of water that contains fish. If the ice is thick enough to support you and your tackles weight then just drill a decent size hole and drop a hook and line with a bait or maybe a lure and your Ice fishing. If you want to become good at it, experience, knowledge and safety make a big difference...

Essential Steps for Prepping Your Ice-Fishing Gear Like a Pro
Posted on: 11/17/17
Ice anglers are a nervous bunch it seems, from about the time of the whitetail rut, all throughout November. Even if ice doesn’t come in their neck of the woods until December, it seems we find more ways to worry about getting ready for it than we do once it’s actually here. While we can’t do anything about ice-formation, we can certainly give you a peek at an essential pre-ice checklist...

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Florida Spiny Lobster Season Closes April 1
Posted on: 03/22/18

The Florida spiny lobster recreational and commercial season closes to harvest in state and federal waters starting April 1, and will reopen Aug. 6. The two-day recreational sport season is the last consecutive Wednesday and...

Florida 2018 Gag Grouper Recreational Harvest Opens in 4 Counties April 1
Posted on: 03/22/18

State waters off the coast of Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor counties will open to recreational harvest of gag grouper starting April 1. This regional season will remain open through June 30. The season includes all waters of...

Iowa Anglers Happy with DNR Trout Program
Posted on: 03/21/18

More than 3,600 Iowa trout anglers participated in the 2016 Trout Angler Survey, sharing their trout fishing preferences and experiences. Eighty percent of respondents are very satisfied with the trout program. The popularity of the urban trout fishing program continues to...

Wisconsin Anglers Now Enjoy Year-Round Season for Lake Michigan Lake Trout
Posted on: 03/21/18

The lake trout fishing season for Wisconsin anglers on Lake Michigan is now open year-round and the bag limit is five fish per day under rules effective March 17, 2018. The five-bag limit and continuous open season make regulations for lake trout consistent with...

California Coast to Curtail April Recreational Ocean Salmon
Posted on: 03/20/18

California’s recreational salmon fishery will open in ocean waters on Saturday, April 7 from Pigeon Point south to the U.S./Mexico border. The recreational salmon fishery will remain closed in all other areas off California during the month of April. At its meeting this week in Rohnert Park, Calif., the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) made the decision to...

Minnesota Announces Catch & Release Summer Walleye Season for Mille Lacs
Posted on: 03/20/18

When Minnesota anglers hit the water on Mille Lacs for the fishing opener on Saturday, May 12, catch-and-release only regulations will again be in effect. The lake’s spawning walleye population has improved from last year, so no mid-season...

New Hampshire Emergency Rule Restricts Berry Brook to Catch-and-Release-Only Fishing
Posted on: 03/20/18

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department has issued an emergency rule establishing Berry Brook in Rye, NH, as a "catch and release-only" fishing water. The action is being taken because of concern regarding contaminants leaching into the water from the Coakley Landfill site. The presence of ...

Alaska 2018 King Salmon Sport Fishing Restrictions
Posted on: 03/19/18

In favor of protecting returning king salmon and increased fishing opportunities in the future, Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is implementing the following sport fishing regulation restrictions for Little Susitna River, Deshka and Yentna rivers, the Upper Cook Inlet including the entire Susitna River drainage. The EMERGENCY ORDER in these areas are as follows...

Montana Upper Missouri River Paddlefish Lottery Tag Applications Due March 29
Posted on: 03/19/18
Paddlefish anglers planning to harvest a fish in the Upper Missouri River (From Fort Peck Dam to Fort Benton) will need to apply for an Upper Missouri River Paddlefish Tag. Applications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 29, 2018. In addition...

California Drought, Poor Ocean Conditions Impact Salmon Forecast for 2018
Posted on: 03/17/18

Commercial and sport anglers received mixed news recently regarding the status of Sacramento River fall Chinook and Klamath River fall Chinook – California’s two largest Chinook salmon populations. While adult returns of both stocks were well below minimum escapement goals in 2017, and projected abundance for both stocks is...

California Anglers Urged to Return Overdue 2017 Sturgeon Fishing Report Cards
Posted on: 03/17/18

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is reminding sturgeon anglers to return their 2017 Sturgeon Fishing Report Cards as required by law. Although the deadline to report their catch was Jan. 31, 2018, so far about 13,754 – or 31 percent – of the 44,374 report cards have been returned. Sport fishing regulations require that...

Young Missouri Angler Catches State Record and Possible World Record River Redhorse
Posted on: 03/17/18

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports that 11-year old Maverick Yoakum of Dixon became the most recent record-breaking angler in Missouri when he hooked a river redhorse on Tavern Creek using a rod and reel. The new “pole and line” record river redhorse caught by Yoakum on March 4 weighed...