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Tips for Tagging a Late-Season Whitetail

Deer season is still going strong throughout much of North America, and if you still have an open tag, it’s time to get off the couch and into a treestand or ground blind. Under certain conditions, the late season can be your best chance at a mature buck — provided you keep in mind the three tips...

Deer Hunting Mistakes Guaranteed to Ruin the Rut

The rut is the Super Bowl of whitetail hunting. Bucks that typically behave like ghosts are suddenly vulnerable, and your chances of tagging a wall-hanger are at their highest. But whitetails are still whitetails—always cautious and rarely pushovers. So there are plenty of ways you can go wrong. Here are 15 ways you can turn the annual breeding season into a surefire flop...

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Kentucky Quota Elk Drawing Results Available May 15
Posted on: 05/11/18

Kentucky received a record number of applications submitted by more than 35,000 people from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. Now it is time to learn who has won the highly sought-after opportunity. The names of those selected for the quota hunts will be first revealed at a special event set for noon (Eastern time), May 15, at...

Vermont Proposes 2018 Antlerless Deer Harvest Similar to Last Year
Posted on: 05/11/18

Vermont is recommending an antlerless deer harvest this year that is very similar to what was recommended in 2017, said Nick Fortin, deer project leader for the Fish & Wildlife Department. The recommendation is intended to reduce deer numbers in those areas while stabilizing populations in other areas. Hunting for antlerless deer is proposed statewide for...

Apply for Oregon 2018 Fall Controlled Hunts by May 15
Posted on: 05/10/18

Fall may be months away but it’s time to start planning your Oregon big game hunts for deer, elk and pronghorn antelope. Don’t forget to apply for a controlled hunt by Tuesday, May 15, at 11:59 p.m. PT. Apply online, at a license sales agent or ODFW office that sells licenses. The cost is...

Apply for Florida 2018 Special-Opportunity Fall Hunt Permits Starting May 15
Posted on: 05/07/18

Apply for Florida 2018 Special-Opportunity Fall Hunt permits starting May 15. The application period runs through midnight of June 15. Since 1997, the FWC has offered these unique fall-season hunts for deer, wild hog and released quail on some well-managed public hunting lands. You may apply for as many special-opportunity hunts and...

Apply for Florida 2018 Fall Deer & Hog Quota Hunt Permits Starting May 15
Posted on: 05/07/18

Apply for Florida Phase I 2018 Fall Deer & Hog Hunt permits starting May 15 - June 19. The FWC offers thousands of quota hunt opportunities each year. Hunters may choose to apply for fall quota hunts for deer and wild hogs. You may apply for each of the hunt types, and there is no fee to do so. But...

Apply for Florida National Wildlife Refuge Hunts Starting May 15
Posted on: 05/07/18

Florida hunters begin applying for National Wildlife Refuge hunt permits. There are also several fall hunts on five national wildlife refuges that you may apply for during the same Phase I application period of May 15 – June 15. These National Wildlife Refuge hunts offer...

Deer Hunters Apply for Illinois 2nd Firearms Lottery by June 30
Posted on: 05/07/18

Resident and non-resident deer hunters can apply for the second lottery drawing for 2018 Illinois Firearm Deer and Muzzleloader-only Deer permits. The deadline to apply for the second lottery is June 30. Hunting season dates are...