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TBC Press Daily Hunting and Fishing News Blog

Michigan Legislature Votes to Establish Sandhill Crane Hunting Season

by TBC Press on 10/20/17

Michigan Legislature Votes to Establish Sandhill Crane Hunting Season  Michigans House of Representatives is urging the state Natural Resources Commission to establish a sandhill crane hunting season, and the vote passed without debate. These large birds cause even larger headaches for farmers across the state of Michigan, and that has been a big reason for the recent discussions about starting a hunting season for the bird sometimes referred to as ribeye of the sky. The establishment of a hunting season will help... READ MORE

Minnesota 2017 Whitefish, Tullibee Sport-Netting Opens Oct 27

by TBC Press on 10/20/17

Recreational netting for whitefish and tullibee (cisco) is anticipated to open on several Schedule I Lakes in the Grand Rapids fisheries work area beginning in late October, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Schedule I Lakes, which are more susceptible to sudden changes that impact water temperatures, will be opened and closed on a 48-hour notice posted at lake accesses, other public places, and the DNR website. Schedule II Lakes, will open... READ MORE

Nebraska Special Youth Upland Hunts Oct 21-22

by TBC Press on 10/20/17

Youth ages 15 and younger are encouraged to participate in special youth pheasant hunts during the Oct. 21-22 statewide youth pheasant, quail and partridge season. Rooster pheasants will be released at 14 wildlife management areas before the special youth hunt season. The special hunts are open to the public, and the number of participants is not limited. No registration or special permit is required. Special regulations posted at each of the 14 WMAs will... READ MORE

New Mexico Late-Season Archery Elk Licenses Available Oct 25

by TBC Press on 10/20/17

There will be 275 first-come, first-served late-season bull elk archery hunting licenses on sale beginning Oct. 25 on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish website. The sale will begin at 10 a.m. and will be open only to New Mexico residents for the first 24 hours, after which any remaining licenses will be available to everyone. Only hunters who did not hold a 2017-2018 elk license are eligible. The bag limit for the late-season hunts is one bull elk with antlers having at least six points on one side. Hunters are advised to... READ MORE 

OK New Record Typical Elk for Cy Curtis Awards Program - Taken by Young Female Archer

by TBC Press on 10/20/17

OK New Record Typical Elk for Cy Curtis Awards Program - Taken by Young Female Archer  Oklahoma now has a new record typical elk in its Cy Curtis Awards Program. And the record-holder is just 15 years old. Olivia Parry of Camargo was just 14 and on her first elk hunt when she bagged the bull elk on private land in Dewey County on Oct. 16, 2016. After the mandatory drying period, the 5-by-5 rack was scored at 377 6/8, shattering the existing Cy Curtis record by 39 2/8. Olivia and her father, Scott Parry, who is the Northwest Region Wildlife Supervisor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, began the hunt the... READ MORE

Utah 2017 Pheasant Hunting Season Opens Nov 1st - DWR Releasing 10K Pheasants

by TBC Press on 10/20/17

The number of Utahs wild birds is up this fall, more than 10,000 pen-reared pheasants will be released on public hunting areas, and the hunt on private land will be longer than last year. The state's 2017 general pheasant hunt runs Nov. 4–Dec. 3 on both private and public land. Starting this season, the pheasant hunt on both private land and public land will run for... READ MORE

Utah Recommending Hunters to Keep More Pintail Ducks in the 2018-19 Season

by TBC Press on 10/20/17

Utah Recommending Hunters to Keep More Pintail Ducks in the 2018-19 Season  Utah's waterfowl hunting season just started, but biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources are already formulating ideas for the 2018–2019 hunt. One idea is to allow hunters to keep more pintail ducks. This season, hunters may take only one pintail a day. Starting with the 2018–2019 season, hunters might be allowed to keep two pintails a day. Biologists are also recommending... READ MORE

West Virginia State Parks & Forests Offering Special Lodging Discount To Veterans Oct 29-Nov 16

by TBC Press on 10/20/17

The West Virginia State Parks system is giving back to military servicemen and women by offering a special discount to veterans who stay overnight at select parks and forests between Oct. 29 and Nov. 16. The offer, good for 50 percent off regular lodge and cabin rental rates, is available to military personnel who have served or are currently in reserve or active duty. Participating areas include... READ MORE

Arizona 2017-18 Quail Hunting Outlook Promising as Season Opens

by TBC Press on 10/19/17

Arizona 2017-18 Quail Hunting Outlook Promising as Season Opens  Arizona 2017-18 quail hunting outlook promising as season opened October 6 for Gambel's & Scaled Quail. Good winter precipitation particularly benefitted Gambel’s quail, the best-known and most widespread of the state’s three main species. That led to spring call counts that were almost double what they were in 2016 and higher than the average of the last 10 years (2008-2017). Throw in statewide summer rains that sustained forage and habitat conditions, and it was... READ MORE

Idaho 2017 Steelhead Harvest Season Opens - Anglers Should Note Some Regulation Changes

by TBC Press on 10/19/17

Idaho harvest season for adipose-clipped hatchery steelhead opened Sunday, Oct. 15 on the Snake, Salmon and Clearwater rivers. Anglers should note some NEW regulation changes. The Fish and Game Commission on Friday, Oct. 13 approved opening the harvest season, but reduced the traditional daily bag limit from three to two adipose-clipped hatchery steelhead in the Snake and Salmon rivers, with additional restrictions in... READ MORE

Idaho 2017 Pheasant Hunting Season Opens Oct 21 - in Areas 2 and 3

by TBC Press on 10/19/17

Idaho 2017 Pheasant Hunting Season Opens Oct 21 - in Areas 2 and 3  Idaho pheasant season is the last upland game bird season to open for the fall. Beginning Saturday Oct 21 in Areas 2 & 3, hunters will get more opportunity for stocked birds at several Fish and Game's Wildlife Management Areas. Daily Bag Limit is 3 cocks, Possession Limit of 9 cocks The season will run from Oct 21 through Nov 30. Hunters should beware of special rules pertaining to WMAs where pheasants are stocked... READ MORE

Idaho Duck Numbers Down from Last Year as Season Gets Underway

by TBC Press on 10/19/17

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's annual North American waterfowl breeding and population habitat survey showed 2017 habitat conditions were similar to, or improved, compared to 2016, with a few exceptions. The top-five most harvested ducks in Idaho include mallards, American wigeon, American green-winged teal, gadwall, and common goldeneye. Idaho hunters harvest more Canada geese and... READ MORE

Kansas 2017-18 Goose Hunting Season Opens Oct 28

by TBC Press on 10/19/17

Kansas 2017-18 goose hunting season opens Oct 28.  By the time goose season comes around, most bird hunters have warmed up their dogs on a dove or teal hunt, put a few rounds through their shotgun at the opening of duck season, and are now primed for the big birds – geese. Canada geese, which include the giant Canadas that can weigh upwards of 12 pounds, and light geese (snows and Ross’) kick off the first of the Kansas goose seasons, followed by white-fronted geese. Seasons details are as follows... READ MORE

New Michigan State-Record Cisco Caught on Lake Ottawa

by TBC Press on 10/19/17

New Michigan State-Record Cisco Caught on Lake Ottawa  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently confirmed a new state-record fish for cisco (formerly known as lake herring). This marks the second state-record fish caught in 2017. The fish was caught Friday, June 9, at 10 a.m. by Michael Lemanski of Florence, Wisconsin, on Lake Ottawa in Iron County in the western Upper Peninsula. Lemanski was still-fishing with... READ MORE

Ohio Hunting Lottery Drawing Nov 1 for Young Archers at Abraham Forest

by TBC Press on 10/19/17

A lottery drawing will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at 6 p.m. for youth bow hunters wishing to participate in this year’s archery season for white-tailed deer at the Abraham Forest, 1 mile west of Green Springs, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). Four lottery applicants will be selected for bow hunting privileges and assigned a specific time to hunt. Lottery winners will be permitted to hunt during two specific two-week periods, from Sunday, Nov. 12, through Saturday, Nov. 25, and... READ MORE

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