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New Zealand 2018 Waterfowl Season Opens May 5th - Reminder of New Regulations
Posted on: 05/02/18

The New Zealand 2018 game bird hunting season gets underway on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Game bird hunters are now restricting the number of shots they can use in game bird hunting in six out of the twelve Fish & Game regions, a measure introduced for...

Utah 2018 Coyote Predator-Control Program - $50 bounty for Each Properly Documented Coyote
Posted on: 05/02/18

The Utah DWR predator-control program provides incentives for hunters to remove coyotes. Participants receive $50 for each properly documented coyote that they kill in Utah. Coyote check-ins and reimbursements will occur throughout the year, as long as funding remains available. In order to qualify for the bounty, hunters must...

Wisconsin / Minnesota DNRs to Discuss Bag, Size Limits on Mississippi
Posted on: 05/02/18

Wisconsin and Minnesota DNR's will hold five public input meetings in mid-May to kick off a multi-state review of bag and size limits for gamefish on the Mississippi River between Hastings, Minnesota and the Iowa border. All gamefish species will be discussed, including...

Alabama 2018 Red Snapper Recreational Seasons Opens June 1st
Posted on: 05/01/18

The Alabama 2018 red snapper seasons for private recreational anglers and the charter fleet are finally set. Well, maybe. The recreational for-hire (federally permitted charter boats) sector season is definitely set. It will start on June 1 and run through July 21. However...

Florida 2018 Greater Amberjack, Grouper & Hogfish Season Opens
Posted on: 05/01/18

The following species will reopen to recreational harvest May 1 in Florida state and federal waters of the Atlantic: hogfish; gag, black, red, yellowmouth and yellowfin grouper; scamp; red hind; rock hind; coney; and graysby. The greater amberjack recreational season in Gulf state waters will reopen to harvest May 1 and...

Illinois Bowfishing Festival & Conservation Shoot May 19th
Posted on: 05/01/18

Illinois’ Bowfishing Festival and Conservation Shoot at the Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area boat access area is scheduled for Saturday, May 19. The Conservation Shoot bowfishing tournament – coordinated by the Bowfishing Association of Illinois – will target..

Minnesota DNR Urges Extreme Caution on Late-Season Ice
Posted on: 05/01/18

Lakes in every part of Minnesota are experiencing later-than-usual ice-out but temperatures are rising and the Department of Natural Resources reminds anyone venturing onto remaining ice to use extreme caution – or stay off altogether. During the past week, conservation officers throughout the state report...

South Carolina 2018 Coyote Harvest Incentive Program in 2nd Year
Posted on: 05/01/18

For the second year in a row, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources has tagged and released 16 coyotes. Four coyotes have been placed in each game zone as part of the coyote harvest incentive program. Anyone who kills one of the tagged coyotes and...

Applications Available for South Carolina 2018 Alligator Hunting - Deadline to Apply June 15th
Posted on: 05/01/18

Beginning May 1st, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) will begin accepting online applications for the 2018 Public Alligator Hunting season and the 2018 Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Alligator Hunting Season. A $10 nonrefundable application fee is required to apply for the Public Lands Hunt and...

Washington Finds Elk Hoof Disease in Eastern Region - Plans Euthanasia to Stop Spread
Posted on: 05/01/18

For the first time, Washington state wildlife managers have found elk on the east side of the Cascade Range infected with a crippling hoof disease that has spread to 11 counties in western Washington over the past decade. Lab results from a deformed hoof and direct observations of elk walking with a profound limp in...

Washington 2018 Halibut Season Opens Starting May 3rd
Posted on: 05/01/18

Anglers fishing for halibut in Washington waters will see a similar season structure as compared to 2017 when fishing gets underway in Marine Area 1 (Columbia River) Thursday, May 3. As in 2017, marine areas in Puget Sound and on the coast – with the exception of Marine Area 1 – will be open on...