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If you have a fishing event that you would like to add, we would be happy to list it in our Fishing Derbies, Contests or Tournaments directory. A regular listing is FREE, just follow a few simple steps below.  Your event MUST have a website or Facebook Page for information and sign up to be entered in our data base.             
If you would like to be listed in our BASS, CATFISH or WALLEYE fishing clubs just state that in comments above.

If you would like to add your fishing Derby, Tournament or Contest in our FEATURED EVENTS, run a Text Ad or have your LOGO listed on the right side of your states fishing page see Advertise With Us or Contact Us.
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Whether an event is for freshwater, saltwater, open water or ice fishing, they are listed in our directory.  Backcountry Press Outdoor News  makes every effort to have the most complete, up-to-date directory of fishing venues.
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  • If your looking for an exciting way to have more fun fishing.
  • If you belong to a fishing organization or club, we may have your venues listed.
  • Add a contest, derby or tournament FREE to our data base.  
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