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Why Africa Hunting is More Affordable than You Think
Posted on: 07/11/17

Many hunters dream of at least one wondrous hunting adventure. I know some long for the out West elk or mule deer hunt. Others dream of moose in Alaska or big horns in British Columbia. All true hunters think of Africa and a safari. Fortunately, it is affordable, epically challenging, and potentially life changing. Here's why...

Fred Bear’s 10 Commandments of Hunting -Video
Posted on: 04/13/17
Anybody who has ever shot a bow and arrow has probably heard the name Fred Bear before. Whether you watched his hunting shows, heard his name in a Ted Nugent song, or shoot a Bear bow, we can all take a page out of his book and remember all the valuable lessons he taught in his lifetime. Here is his 10 commandments...

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Hunter Education and Safety Programs

It's that time again and most states have started their mandatory Hunter Education Programs and / or their Safety Education Programs for the 2017 season. Classes are held in several areas and dates throughout your state. Click on the state you want and scroll down to Hunter Education. All hunters must attend or have attended these programs in order to hunt this spring and/or fall...

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CDFW Completes 2017 Waterfowl Breeding Population Survey
Posted on: 07/14/17

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has completed its annual waterfowl breeding population survey. The breeding population of mallards decreased from 263,774 to 198,392 (a decrease of 25 percent) and total ducks decreased from...

Aerial Surveys Confirm Lesser Prairie Chicken Population is Holding Steady
Posted on: 07/14/17

The latest lesser prairie chicken survey shows population trends remain stable after six years of aerial survey data collection, according to the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA). The survey indicates an...

Montana Boaters MUST Stop at AIS Inspection Stations Every Time
Posted on: 07/14/17

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens would like to remind watercraft users that they must stop every time they pass an AIS inspection station, even if they have previously been inspected. For example...

Wildfires Have had a Furious Start in 2017 Across the USA
Posted on: 07/14/17

Wildfires have charred a whopping 2 million acres across the U.S. so far this year, an area larger than the state of Delaware. It's a gigantic number for so early in the season, roughly 10 times the average and also the most acres burned as of mid-March since...

Maryland 2017-18 Waterfowl Blind Site Licensing Dates and Locations Announced
Posted on: 07/13/17

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will allow the state’s resident hunters to apply for a 2017-18 waterfowl blind site license beginning Aug. 1. Each site license is assigned to a designated location in...

Apply for Nebraska 2017 Gifford Point Access Permit by July 31
Posted on: 07/13/17

Nebraska hunters interested in hunting deer at Gifford Point Wildlife Management Area (WMA) this season may apply for access permits through July 31. Van Winkle, the Gifford Point WMA manager, said 200 authorization permits will be issued to allow deer hunters access to the area. To be eligible to apply, hunters must...

Nebraska Remaining 2017 Big Game Permits Available Now through Close of Season
Posted on: 07/13/17

Nebraska resident, non-resident and eligable landowners may purchase remaining deer and antelope permits as of July 10 through close of season. Residents and eligable landowners may purchase remaining elk permits. Permits will be available for purchase on a first-come basis. In addition...

Florida Gag Grouper 2017 Fall Season Approved in Gulf 4-County Region
Posted on: 07/12/17

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recently approved lengthening the Gulf of Mexico gag grouper recreational season in state waters off Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor counties by opening the season Sept. 1 through...

Florida Approves Gulf Gray Triggerfish Limited Fall Season
Posted on: 07/12/17

At its July meeting in Orlando, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved several management changes for gray triggerfish caught in Gulf of Mexico state waters including a limited fall season and several conservation measures...