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Tips for Tagging a Late-Season Whitetail
Posted on: 12/07/17

Deer season is still going strong throughout much of North America, and if you still have an open tag, it’s time to get off the couch and into a treestand or ground blind. Under certain conditions, the late season can be your best chance at a mature buck — provided you keep in mind the three tips...

Deer Hunting Mistakes Guaranteed to Ruin the Rut
Posted on: 10/09/17

The rut is the Super Bowl of whitetail hunting. Bucks that typically behave like ghosts are suddenly vulnerable, and your chances of tagging a wall-hanger are at their highest. But whitetails are still whitetails—always cautious and rarely pushovers. So there are plenty of ways you can go wrong. Here are 15 ways you can turn the annual breeding season into a surefire flop...

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Several Grouper Closures Start Jan 1 in Florida Gulf & Atlantic Waters
Posted on: 12/21/17

Florida gag grouper will close to recreational harvest in Gulf state and federal waters Jan. 1, 2018. The same day, several species of grouper will also close to recreational and commercial harvest in Florida state waters of the Atlantic and all state waters off Monroe County. This seasonal closure includes...

Georgia 2018 Shad Season Opens Jan 1
Posted on: 12/21/17

Commercial fishermen can take to the water beginning at 12 a.m. on Monday, January 1, 2018 to take advantage of the opening day of shad season, according to the Georgia DNR’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD). Shad season runs through midnight on Saturday, March 31, 2018. The 2018 shad season includes the following specific regulations for rivers...

Iowa Hunters Focus on Coyote Hunting in Jan
Posted on: 12/21/17

An expected 10,000 to 15,000 Iowa hunters will turn their attention to pursuing the state’s top predator after Jan. 10. That’s when most of Iowa’s hunting seasons close, and coyote hunting begins in earnest. Although its season never closes, coyotes are hunted most often during...

Kansas Antlerless-only Whitetail Season Opens January 1
Posted on: 12/21/17

Starting January 1, all Kansas unfilled 2017 deer permits convert to firearm whitetail antlerless-only permits, providing deer hunters one last opportunity to hunt white-tailed deer before the close of the season. Unit restrictions still apply. Hunters who possess permits valid in Units...

Michigan Deer Hunting Opportunities in Ionia & Montcalm Counties in Jan
Posted on: 12/21/17

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently announced that an additional firearm deer hunt has been added in Ionia and Montcalm counties to help with chronic wasting disease surveillance. Hunt dates are Jan. 4-7 and 11-14, 2018. The hunt will occur on public and private land in the following townships...

Montana Seeks Input on Proposed Hunting Regulations for 2018-19
Posted on: 12/21/17

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is requesting public review and comment on proposed hunting regulations for 2018-2019. Proposals address many topics and include seasons and quotas for Deer, Elk, Antelope/Moose/Sheep/Goat/Bison, Black Bear/Mountain Lion/Wolf, and Turkey/Upland Game Bird/Migratory Game Bird. There are also proposals dealing with...

Montana Proposes Another Special CWD Hunt in Sage Creek
Posted on: 12/21/17

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission held a conference call to make a decision on a Sage Creek Special Chronic Wasting Disease hunt north of Chester. CWD was found in a mule deer buck harvested in hunting district 401, which borders Canada. This is the second area of the state where...

More Than 100 Montana Deer Harvested in Special CWD Hunt
Posted on: 12/21/17

Montana hunters harvested at least 107 deer in Carbon County over the weekend to kick off a special hunt to gather data on chronic wasting disease, or CWD, in south central Montana. The deer brought to Montana FWP check station at Joliet during the first three days of the special season, included 73 mule deer and 34 white-tailed deer. The season opened Friday, Dec. 15. It will run through Feb. 15, unless...

South Carolina 2018 Coyote Harvest Incentive Program
Posted on: 12/21/17

For the second year in a row, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources has tagged and released 16 coyotes. Four coyotes have been placed in each game zone as part of the coyote harvest incentive program. Anyone who kills one of the tagged coyotes, saves the carcass for verification and contacts SCDNR will receive...

Texas Toyota Sharelunker 2018 Season Changes
Posted on: 12/21/17

This year, the TX Toyota Sharelunker program is launching Jan. 1, 2018, with a new year-round participation season and more opportunities for anglers to participate and be recognized for contributions. The program also has...