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Hunting Gear Checklist for Big Game
Posted on: 01/26/17
Big game hunting needs some amount of seriousness. Planning is necessary due to the risks involved like high altitude, cold weather, exhaustion and fatigue, and attacks from wild animals. Some of the necessary hunting equipment needed in the field to hunt bear, caribou, moose, elk, and more is listed as well as equipment needed to transport and preserve your trophy...

Moose Hunting Tips & Techniques
Posted on: 01/26/17

Moose are the largest of the deer family with seven different sub-species recognized in the world, four of which inhabit North America. They are the Alaskan, Shiras, Canadian and Yukon moose. Generally speaking, an area which includes both young trees and swampy lakes would be considered prime moose country. Here are some good tips and techniques for hunting these big game trophies...

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Hunter Education and Safety Programs

It's that time again and most states have started their mandatory Hunter Education Programs and / or their Safety Education Programs for the 2017 season. Classes are held in several areas and dates throughout your state. Click on the state you want and scroll down to Hunter Education. All hunters must attend or have attended these programs in order to hunt this spring and/or fall...

Todays News
Maryland Migratory Game Bird Hunting Seasons Proposed for 2017-18
Posted on: 02/22/17

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is accepting public comment on proposed 2017-2018 Migratory Game Bird Hunting Seasons. The public comment period will close at noon March 8. Proposed changes include....

Montana Approves Lighted Nocks for Archery-Only Season
Posted on: 02/22/17

Montana archery hunters will be allowed to utilize another piece of equipment this fall in their pursuit of game. During its Feb. 10 meeting, the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission approved the use of lighted nocks on arrows during the 2017 archery-only season and in archery equipment-only areas or hunting districts. In addition...

Missouri Paddlefish Snagging Season Opens March 15
Posted on: 02/22/17

Missouri's major paddlefish snagging waters include Lake of the Ozarks, Truman Lake, and Table Rock Lake. The paddlefish snagging season for these and most other waters in the state runs March 15 through April 30. The season for the Mississippi River is...

South Carolina Palmetto Sportsmens Classic March 24-26
Posted on: 02/22/17

Make plans to visit the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic, which kicks off its three-day run at the State Fairgrounds in Columbia, SC on Friday, March 24, 2017 and runs the weekend. The show is huge – organizers say the more than 320 vendors take up...

Tennessee Sets 2017-18 Waterfowl Hunting Seasons
Posted on: 02/22/17

The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission established the 2017-18 waterfowl and other migratory bird hunting seasons at its February meeting. The TFWC also elected its new officers for the coming year. Changes include...

First 2017 Texas Toyota ShareLunker Collected at Marine Creek Lake
Posted on: 02/22/17

Fort Worth angler Ryder Wicker caught the first Toyota ShareLunker of the 2017 season Feb. 10 at Marine Creek Lake. But this wasn’t the only “first” he checked off the list – this particular fish outweighs the former water body record holder by more than 2 pounds, and is...

Washington One-day Smelt Fishery on Cowlitz River Feb 25
Posted on: 02/22/17

Washington State fishery managers approved a limited sport fishery for smelt on the Cowlitz River for Saturday, Feb. 25. Under this year's rules, a portion of the Cowlitz River will be open to recreational dip netting along the shore from

Wisconsin 2017 Spring Turkey Leftover OTC Permits Starting March 20
Posted on: 02/22/17

There are approximately 240,768 2017 Wisconsin 2017 spring turkey permits available. Remaining permits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Each zone will have a designated sales date starting March 20 and...

Ladies Sign Up for Wyoming BOW Workshop by April 15
Posted on: 02/22/17

The popular Wyoming Game and Fish Department outdoors program, Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, is back, and applications are open for women who want to develop their outdoors skills. The application deadline for the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman camp is April 15. In addition...