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The Easy Secrets to Jump-Shooting Ducks
Posted on: 09/05/17

When the ducks dont come to you, you can go to the ducks. Floating a river or jump-­shooting ponds, potholes, and creeks puts ducks in the bag on tough days. The tactic has an excitement all its own: You trade the breathless anticipation of seeing ducks drop into the decoys for the adrenaline boost of waterfowl blasting into the air in a shower of spray. You’re also trading incoming and overhead shots for chances at birds going up and away. The shooting is much more like upland hunting than typical waterfowling. Here are some tips...

Velvet Shed: The First True Stage of the Rut -- Three Key Things That Happen
Posted on: 09/05/17

The rut gets all the ink for craziness, but shedding velvet comes in a close second in terms of shaking up a buck’s world. While the process of shedding is short-lived—it takes only a day or two for most bucks, and some will have clean antlers within a matter of hours—the event signifies a whole new phase for whitetails. Here are three key things that happen when bucks reach hard antler, and how to deal with them...

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Hunters: Venison Needed to Help Families in Need This Fall

With hunting season in full swing, hunters from across the nation are walking the woods & fields. Each year, hunters, meat processors, and food pantries help the families in need all over the country. The generosity of hunters has been incredible and the need for venison is great so...

Letter From Backcountry Press: Thank You Hunters
With hunting season in full swing, hunters from across the nation are walking the woods & fields. Sportsmen and women certainly appreciate this time of year, with the opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy the sport and bring home fresh game for the dinner table! Hunters are not just contributors to wildlife management or meals for individual families, but also to....

Alabama 2017-18 Archery Deer Hunting Season Opens Oct 15
Posted on: 09/22/17

Alabama 2017-18 deer hunting season opens with archery Oct 15 - Feb. 10 in Zones A and C for either sex, Zone B, antlered buck only: Oct. 15 - Oct. 24 and Zone B, either sex: Oct. 25 - Feb. 10. Game Check requires that all hunters...

Register for Alabama 2017-18 Special Opportunity Area (SOA) Hunts by Oct 3rd
Posted on: 09/22/17

The Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries will be unveiling a new opportunity for public land hunting this upcoming 2017-2018 season. Registration closes Oct 3, 2017 AT 08:00AM CST. This new public hunting format comes in the form of a Special Opportunity Area (SOA). This year, four SOAs, will offer...

Register for Alabama 2017 Youth Deer & Duck Hunts
Posted on: 09/22/17

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) announces the youth deer and duck hunt schedules at the M. Barnett Lawley Forever Wild Field Trial Area (FWFTA) in Hale County. The hunts will take place in late November 2017 through January 2018. Registration will be open September 15 through October 31, 2017. In addition...

Colorado 2017-18 Regular Waterfowl Hunting Season Opens Sept 30
Posted on: 09/22/17

The 2017 waterfowl hunting season begins Saturday, Sept. 30, as local lakes and reservoirs become a stop for a variety of migratory birds. Hunters are gearing up to enjoy this exciting and challenging outdoor recreational opportunity. Western Colorado lies within the Pacific Flyway and has split seasons for waterfowl...

Apply for 2017 Private Land Hunts in NW Colorado by Oct 6
Posted on: 09/22/17

Colorado elk & mule deer hunt opportunities available in Rio Blanco County at Collins Mountain Ranch or Miller Creek Ranch. Both applications are due at the office by 5pm, Oct 6. Only hunters who have...

Colorado Providing Hunting License Refunds for Those Affected by Hurricanes & Western Wildfires
Posted on: 09/22/17

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is issuing hunting license refunds and preference point restoration exceptions for hunters who had their Colorado hunts cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, or one of the many wildfires burning in our western states. The fire exception is only for those fires that are burning outside the state of Colorado...

Florida Gulf County Bay Scallop Season Opens Sept 23
Posted on: 09/22/17

The Florida Gulf County bay scallop season will open to harvest Sept. 23. The 2017 season was postponed earlier this year due to a naturally occurring algae bloom (Pseudo-nitzschia) in St. Joseph Bay that affects shellfish. The 2017 season will be open for 16 days, with the last day of harvest being...

Utah 2017-18 Waterfowl Hunting Season Opens Oct 7 -- Outlook Promising
Posted on: 09/22/17

Utah will hold two opening days this year. In the Northern duck hunting zone, the season opens at 7:01 a.m. on Oct. 7, 2017. In the Southern zone, the hunt opens at 7:08 a.m. on Oct. 14, 2017. If you enjoy hunting ducks, geese or swans in Utah, get ready for a good hunt. And give a nod to...