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Ways to Survive Crazy Public-Water Duck Hunting Openers
Posted on: 09/28/16

It might be the most anticipated day of the year, but you hate it. Go ahead. It’s OK. Admit that you love yet despise the opening day of duck season if you hunt public water. Further, you’ve waited all year to hit the marsh again, and you feel compelled to hunt. So you return to hard-hunted public marshes year after blood-boiling year. But there’s hope. By adjusting your planning and mindset, you can find happiness opening day. Here's how...

Top States for 2016 -17 Trophy Whitetail Bucks
Posted on: 09/26/16

What makes a trophy buck? The argument can be made for a buck’s score based on antler scoring systems like those from Boone and Crockett, or Pope & Young. But what really defines a trophy is you. So for the sake of our discussion here, let’s look at the states that give you the best chance of tagging a buck you’ll happily call a trophy...

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Hunter Safety - Drowning is Biggest Safety Risk for Waterfowl Hunters
Posted on: 09/30/16

Drowning is the biggest safety risk for waterfowl hunters. Each year, more waterfowl hunters die from drowning than from other types of hunting accidents. Swamping, capsizing and falling overboard are all common factors leading to these deaths, but in nearly all cases the hunter would have survived had they been wearing a life jacket. Other water safety tips for duck hunters include...

Kansas Duck Hunters Invited to FREE Breakfast at Wetlands Education Center Oct 8
Posted on: 09/30/16

The Kansas Wetlands Education Center (KWEC) invite all duck hunters to enjoy a free breakfast on opening day in the Low Plains Early Duck Zone, Oct. 8, 2016. In addition...

Kansas Youth Waterfowl Hunting Opens Oct 1
Posted on: 09/30/16

The Kansas youth waterfowl seasons provide the perfect venues to introduce young hunters to duck hunting, opening prior to the regular seasons in all zones: Oct. 1-2 in the High Plains and Low Plains Early zones, Oct. 22-23 in the Low Plains Late Zone, and Nov. 5-6 in the Low Plains Southeast Zone. In addition...

Kentucky Opens More Land for Public Hunting
Posted on: 09/30/16

Public land hunting opportunities in Kentucky just grew by more than 4,600 acres. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources announces the opening of six new properties ranging from Ballard County in the west to Bath County in the east. Newly opened properties include...

Michigan Deer Hunting 2016 Forecast
Posted on: 09/30/16

The 2016 deer season is expected to be a successful year for many hunters. Persistence can pay off for deer hunters. Nationwide, successful deer hunters hunt an average of 18 days – slightly more than the average of about 14 days that Michigan deer hunters spent afield last year. What to expect accross the state...

Montana Fox Lake WMA Dry, No Opportunity for Waterfowl
Posted on: 09/30/16

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are letting hunters know that the Fox Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is currently dry and will offer no opportunity for waterfowl hunting this coming season. There will also be restricted access in the WMA, but some hunting opportunity is available for other species...

Two Recent Grizzly Incidents; Montana Archers Reminded to Stay Alert
Posted on: 09/30/16

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is urging archery hunters to stay alert for bears, to know what to do in the case of an encounter, and remember that all of southwest Montana is bear country. Two weekend incidents involving grizzly bears drive this message home. On Saturday afternoon...

Ohio Special Trapping Drawing to be Held at Killdeer Plains WA
Posted on: 09/30/16

A one-time drawing will be held Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. for trapping in the wildlife refuge on the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). All participants must register before 6:25 p.m., and must show a valid 2016-2017 Ohio Fur Taker Permi. In addition...

Oregon Big Creek Fishing Closure Will Continue Through October
Posted on: 09/30/16

The annual September recreational fishing closure on Big Creek will be extended through the month of October, under temporary rules adopted recently by the Oregon DWF. The closure applies to all species and is effective from the fishing deadline at Big Creek Hatchery downstream approximately three miles to...

Oregon Wild Coho Salmon Bag Limits Clarified for Siltcoos & Tahkenitch Lakes
Posted on: 09/30/16

Fishery managers issued a temporary rule to clarify bag limit regulations for the wild coho salmon fisheries in Siltcoos and Tahkenitch Lakes. The permanent rules for Siltcoos Lake (Southwest Zone) are...

Texas Deer Hunting Outlook as Bowhunting Opens Oct 1
Posted on: 09/30/16

Texas deer hunting’s silent season, limited to archery equipment only, opens statewide Oct 1 and all indicators point to excellent prospects, according to wildlife biologists with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). “It’s has been quite a while since I remember a time when we’ve experienced great back-to-back years of good rains across most if not all of the state. In addition...

Vermont Hunters Reminded of Rules on Importing Deer, Elk
Posted on: 09/309/16

Hunters traveling outside Vermont to hunt deer or elk need to keep in mind that a regulation designed to protect Vermont's wild deer from chronic wasting disease remains in effect, according to a reminder from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. It is illegal to import or possess deer or elk, or...