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Hunter Safety -- Canada Blaze Orange Requirements 

Submitted by:  TBC Press

No garment color requirements or recommendations. 

British Columbia
No garment color requirements or recommendations. 

A solid blaze orange hat and an additional 2580 sq. cm. of blaze orange above the waist and visible from all sides must be worn by big game hunters. Bow hunters are exempt during bow hunting seasons or in bow hunting areas only. Wolf hunters are exempt when hunting in game hunting areas while no other big game season is on. Black bear and wolf hunters are exempt during the spring season. Manitoba requires 50% of Camouflage Hunter Orange garment to be daylight fluorescent orange color. 

Newfoundland and Labrador
Upland and big game hunters are strongly recommended to wear a minimum of 2580 square centimeters of Hunter Orange (400 square inches). 

Nova Scotia
All hunters and those accompanying them must wear a cap or hat and a vest, coat, or shirt of solid Hunter Orange visible from all sides. Camouflage Hunter Orange is permitted during bow hunter season for deer as long as there are at least 400 square inches visible from all sides. Nova Scotia refuses to recognize Camouflage Hunter Orange as a legal fabric except during archery deer season. 

Northwest Territory
Upland and big game hunters are strongly recommended to wear Hunter Orange. 

New Brunswick
Every person, while hunting or being a licensed guide accompanying any person engaged in hunting shall wear a hat and upon his or her back, chest and shoulders, an exterior garment of which not less than 2580 square centimeters (400 square inches) in aggregate shall be exposed to view in such a manner as to be plainly visible from all directions, and the color of the hat and the exterior garment shall be solid hunter orange. 


All hunters must wear a minimum of 2580 square centimeters (400 sq in) of solid Hunter Orange clothing above the waist which is visible from all sides and head cover during the Deer, Moose and Bear gun hunting seasons. Exceptions include bear hunters, while hunting from an elevated stand, bow hunters during bows only seasons and waterfowl hunters. 

All hunters, guides and companions must wear at least 2580 square centimeters (400 square inches) of Hunter Orange on their back, shoulders, and chest, visible from any angle. During hunting season through December 1st, coyote, fox and wolf hunters and guides are required to wear the same as other hunters. (Exception: crow, or migratory bird hunters, and those hunting deer or moose during special archery seasons.) 

Prince Edward Island
All upland game hunters are encouraged to wear Hunter Orange.

All big game hunters must wear a complete outer suit of scarlet, bright yellow, Hunter Orange of white, and a head covering of any of these colors except white. (Exception: bow hunters and black powder hunters during special archery muzzle-loading seasons.) 

It is recommended that hunters wear Hunter Orange. 

Got orange? If not, now is a good time to obtain blaze orange for fall hunting. Humans can recognize blaze orange and will relate it to the presence of a human because it is a color not found in nature.

This directory is a guide for Canadian Hunters and as rules change always check your Province and/or Territories  fish & game department for changes... 

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