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State Directory of FREE Fishing Days for 2019

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 05/16/19

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Article # A19-2125
2019 North America Sportshows
These are days – some states even offer free fishing weekends – where anglers can go fishing without a license. Check out the next free fishing days in your state. has the information you need to get out on the water. Learn how to fish, find places to fish and boat using their interactive map, get a fishing license or register your boat.

State Directory of FREE Fishing Days for 2019
Please note that the individual states may place certain restrictions and other regulations may apply, so be sure to contact your state fish and wildlife agency for specific state regulations.

Alabama -- Second Saturday in June. June 8.

Arkansas -- Second full weekend in June. Free Fishing Weekend begins at noon on June 7 and ends at midnight on June 9.

Arizona -- First Saturday in June. June 1.

California -- First Saturday in July. Saturday, July 6 and Saturday, August 31

Colorado -- First full weekend of June. June 1-2.

Connecticut -- May 11. CT offers 2 free fishing license days Sunday June 16 and Saturday Aug 10 (must get the free one day license)

DC -- First full week of June. From Saturday, June 1 to Sunday, June 9.

Delaware -- First full weekend of June. June 1-2.

  • Second Saturday and Sunday in June (freshwater)
  • First Saturday and Sunday in June (saltwater)
  • First Saturday in September (saltwater)
  • Saturday following Thanksgiving (saltwater)

Georgia -- June 1, June 8, September 28, 2019

Hawaii -- 365 days a year (marine)

Iowa -- First Friday, Saturday and Sunday that land in June: June 7-9, 2019.

Idaho -- Second Saturday every June. June 8.

Illinois -- Father's Day weekend in June. June 15-16.

Indiana -- April 20, May 18, and June 1-2.

Kansas -- First full weekend in June. June 1-2.

Kentucky -- First full weekend in June. June 1-2.

Louisiana -- Second Saturday and Sunday in June. June 8-9

Maine -- Free Fishing Weekends in Maine are February 16-17, 2019 and June 1-2, 2019.

Maryland -- June 1, June 8, and July 4 Independence Day.

Massachusetts -- First Saturday & Sunday in June (Freshwater). Fathers Day weekend June 15-16 (Saltwater)                      

Michigan -- Feb 16-17 and Second weekend in June 8-9. 

Minnesota -- Take a Kid Fishing Weekend—June 7-9, 2019 - Minnesota residents 16 and older fish free with children younger than 16.

Missouri -- Second Saturday and Sunday in June. June 8-9.

Mississippi -- June 1 and 2.

Montana -- Father's Day weekend. June 15-16.

North Carolina -- July 4 Independence Day

North Dakota -- First weekend in June June 1-2. Last weekend in Dec. Dec 28-29 (free ice fishing days)

Nebraska -- Free Fishing/Free Park Entry day on Saturday, May 18.

New Hampshire -- First Saturday in June. June 1.

New Jersey -- Second Saturday in June 8. October 19.

New Mexico -- First Saturday in June 1 and the last Saturday in September 28 (National Hungting and Fishing Day)

New York
  • June 29-30, 2019
  • September 28, 2019
  • November 11, 2019 
  • February 15-16, 2020