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Letter: Thank You Hunters

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 

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Those who travel, often stay at local hotels, lodges and motels. Lodgers, as a result, also experience an upswing in business during the season and look forward to it each year.  Businesses are able to hire more people during these times, which means more jobs for those locally.

Because hunters utilize so many hospitality businesses within the states each year, a major revenue flow is generated. Hence, the hunting season is not just a time that hunters look forward to each year, but that Hospitality businesses, Taxidermists, Tanners and others look forward to each year also and seriously appreciate. 

Hunters in some states help feed the hungry by donating their trophies. There is nothing better than helping our own in this economy. 

So, from The Backcountry Press and businesses all across the country
Thank you hunters.

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Hunters are not just contributors to wildlife management or meals for individual families, but also to local small businesses. Because hunting has become such a strong tradition and social activity for some, the hospitality industry, taxidermy and other businesses, experiences a major uptake in business during this season.

Many hunters from all over the country, take the opportunity to head out for a meal or for drinks with their friends and family to talk about their hunt’s highlights.

Even though our country in the 2020 Season still copes with Covid-19, our hunters have resilience amidst adversity to help our country. With hunting season getting in full swing, hunters from across the nation are walking the woods & fields. 

Sportsmen and women certainly appreciate this time of year, with the opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy the sport and bring home fresh game for the dinner table! It’s not just the meat, however, that these hunters are bringing in. 

Businesses across the states also experience a special season — one of additional commerce. Hospitality businesses, for example, are extremely grateful for this season as restaurants, bars and lodging locations experience a new flow of customers.
Letter: Thank You Hunters