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Turkeys are some of the hardest wild game to hunt. Sometimes it takes a different kind of turkey call to lure them in.

Hunters are always looking for new and sometimes off-the-wall ways to attract game.

Here is one of those things: A turkey call from a pill bottle. All you need are a few simple items and 15 minutes to make something those gobblers have never heard before.

There is also a HOW to VIDEO at the bottom.

How to Make a Great DIY Turkey Call from a Pill Bottle

Submitted by:  TBC Press
Posted on: 02/12/20
Article # A20-2142
How to Make a Great DIY Turkey Call from a Pill Bottle
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A list of items you will need for this project.

Draw out a half circle on the pill bottle lid.
Be careful to leave around a 1/16 of an inch around the lid's edge to give it some stability and prevent it from cutting through the latex you will put over it later.
  • Razor blade
  • Fine-toothed hack saw
  • Sharpie
  • Pill bottle,
  • Powder-free latex glove
  • Rubber band
Carefully cut out the traced outline on the lid with a razor blade.
This doesn't have to be perfect, but try to get it as close as you can.
Use your hack saw to cut off the bottom of the bottle.
You can clean any rough edges up with some sandpaper or just use the razor blade and run it around the edge.
Cut part of one of the fingers off the latex glove. This will serve as your reed.
After cutting the finger off, slit it up the middle to the tip. Try to get the bottom as even as possible as well.
Stretch it over the hole you cut out of the lid and rubber band it in place.
You will want to leave a gap between the bottom edge and latex to be able to make any sound. It takes a little playing around with the gap size to get it to how you want it to sound. At this point you can also cut off the excess latex or just leave it be.
To use it, press your bottom lip across the edge of the half that is left and press it against your mouth.
Then chirp, purr, or gobble like you would any other mouth call.

This makes some interesting sounds depending on how you place the latex across the hole. It is also fun to play around with in your spare time. I plan on trying mine out this spring while scouting to see just how well turkey respond to it.

You never know, it may just peak their interest enough to come out and see what it is.

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