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CPW Warns of Aggressive Mountain Lion Behavior in Deer Creek Canyon

Submitted by:  TBC Press
Posted on: 10/15/20
News # 13995
Given recent reports of concerning mountain lion activity at Deer Creek Canyon Park, Colorado Parks and Wildlife advises the public to be aware and take necessary precautions in Jefferson County Open Space’s 1,637-acre park southwest of Littleton.

CPW closed the park Saturday morning and attempted to track the mountain lion down. They were unsuccessful, and the animal remains at large as of this report.

Visitors to the park should be very vigilant, keep pets on leashes and don’t let children wander too far off the trail. And if possible, recreate in small groups instead of going off on your own.

Please be aware that there could still be a mountain lion in the area and report any unusual lion activity or behavior to authorities,” said Wildlife Officer Melanie Kaknes. “The individual from Friday’s encounter did all the right things - she did not run, she faced the animal and kept her bike in between her and the lion.”

Unusual mountain lion activity can be reported through Colorado State Patrol by calling 303-239-4501 at any time. It can also be reported through CPW’s Denver office, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., by dialing 303-291-7227.

CPW recommends you walk/hike/bike in groups and make plenty of noise to reduce your chances of surprising a mountain lion. Lions are most active early in the morning and in the evening, you may choose to avoid recreating during those times. Always be aware of your surroundings.

If you happen to run into a mountain lion on the trail, stand your ground and don’t run, CPW says. Make yourself look as big as possible and make a lot of noise. Use anything at your disposal to keep space between you and the animal. And if you are attacked, fight back with everything you have.

CPW reports fewer than a dozen people have been killed by mountain lions in more than 100 years.

Image is a screenshot of a U-tube video and not the actual cat in this report

Publishers Notes: OUT OF STATE HUNTERS, FISHERMEN & OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS; Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there could be limitations for OUT of STATE hunters, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts to include a 14-day quarantine requirement or negative COVID-19 testing alternative. Please check with the State's Department of Natural Resources BEFORE you travel or apply for the 2020 Fall Hunts.

As OUR COUNTRY REOPENS AGAIN (from the COVID-19 pandemic) and continue to enjoy outdoor activities, ALL outdoor enthusiasts (man, woman, child) should follow the guidelines set by These guidelines include; social distancing, the Leave No Trace principles, including pack-in and pack-out, to keep outdoor spaces safe and healthy.

CPW Warns of Aggressive Mountain Lion Behavior in Deer Creek Canyon