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MDC Updated COVID-19 Procedural Levels for Waterfowl Managed Hunts

Submitted by:  TBC Press
Posted on: 10/15/20
News # 13990
Earlier this year, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) made the decision to modify the 2020-2021 waterfowl managed hunt process to assure the safety of hunters and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the first managed hunt application period set to open on Oct. 20, MDC has determined procedural levels for the start of the season for each conservation area. MDC also encourages hunters to review the process throughout the entire waterfowl season as procedural levels may change due to COVID-19 considerations.

MDC is committed to providing hunting opportunities on managed waterfowl areas throughout the season. In order to be more agile during this pandemic, including ensuring the safety of hunters and staff across the state, there was no pre-season application period or draw for the 2020-2021 waterfowl season, as well as no youth season draws.

All reservations, including ADA blinds, will be allocated through the weekly in-season draw. The first application period opens Oct. 20 and results will be announced Oct. 27. The weekly application period opens every Tuesday at 8 a.m. and closes the following Monday at 3 p.m.

Throughout the entire season, hunters will be asked to follow precautionary guidelines to assure the safety of everyone at the conservation area during the morning draw. The guidelines range from red level, which is the most restrictive, to green level, which is the least restrictive.

Throughout the season, procedures could change with limited time to notify hunters. To receive updates as quickly as possible, hunters should subscribe to the “Waterfowl” email update list at

A list of conservation areas, procedural levels for season start, and county health departments is located at

Bob Brown and Schell-Osage: No morning draw due to construction. The waterfowl hunting only areas will be open for opportunistic waterfowl hunting through self-registration.

Each conservation area’s procedural level is based on input from the county health department and the status of COVID-19 cases in the county. Throughout the season, MDC staff will work with county health departments to ensure areas are using the appropriate restriction level.

Get more details on the procedure at

Hunters can also refer to the MDC website at

MDC has designated the following staff to answer questions hunters may have about the changes to this year’s waterfowl season:
  • Statewide -- Joel Porath at 573-522-4115 ext. 3188
  • North Zone -- Chris Freeman at (660) 646-6122, Craig Crisler at (660) 446-3371, or Mike Flaspohler at (573) 248-2530
  • Middle Zone -- Luke Wehmhoff at 573-624-5821 ext. 4662, Gary Calvert at 636-441-4554 ext. 4180
  • South Zone -- Joel Porath at 573-522-4115 ext. 3188


Publishers Notes: OUT OF STATE HUNTERS, FISHERMEN & OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS; Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there could be limitations for OUT of STATE hunters, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts to include a 14-day quarantine requirement or negative COVID-19 testing alternative. Please check with the State's Department of Natural Resources BEFORE you travel or apply for the 2020 Fall Hunts.

As OUR COUNTRY REOPENS AGAIN (from the COVID-19 pandemic) and continue to enjoy outdoor activities, ALL outdoor enthusiasts (man, woman, child) should follow the guidelines set by These guidelines include; social distancing, the Leave No Trace principles, including pack-in and pack-out, to keep outdoor spaces safe and healthy.