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When the Weather gets Cool the Fishing gets Hot in Mississippi

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Posted on: 01/04/22
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Ross Barnett Reservoir: The crappie fishery is in great shape and abundant two-pound slabs are being caught. Winter anglers target deep water by trolling crankbaits, minnows, or jigs along the ledges of the old Pearl River channel through the main lake. Anglers also use advanced electronics to find the biggest fish in the stump fields. Upriver anglers use jigs and minnows around large, submerged trees in deep river bends.

All waters: If you don’t have a boat or water levels or weather make fishing on the big lakes tough, spillways are good alternatives. Anglers are reminded there are regulation differences above and below the FCR dams.

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Alert! Winter fishing can be hazardous; an accident in cold weather can turn tragic quickly. Be safe.


Winter Crappie: When the weather gets cool the fishing gets hot in Mississippi.

Flood Control Reservoirs (Arkabutla, Sardis, Enid, Grenada): Expect murky, fluctuating water as rain runoff fills the lakes and the Corps of Engineers releases water to maintain winter pools. The lakes are normally low with limited boating access. 

Fish and anglers concentrate in deeper water over river channels. Anglers either troll multiple poles or use advanced electronics to target keepers with single poles. Both groups use smaller jigs and/or minnows to tempt cold water crappie. Fish bite better after a few warm, sunny days.

Eagle Lake: Crappie move into deeper water following shad and thermal refuge. They can be caught at the end of deep piers with minnows and jigs. Anglers also target fish on the old Mississippi River channel ledges by trolling jigs and small crankbaits.