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Georgia 2021-22 General Duck Hunting Season gets Underway

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Posted on: 11/23/21
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Youth, Active Military and Veterans can take advantage of two early Waterfowl Hunting Dates on Nov. 13-14. On these two days, youth age 16 or younger (or active military or veterans) may hunt specific migratory birds, such as ducks, Canada geese and mergansers. Youth must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age (only the youth may hunt).

To hunt waterfowl in Georgia you will need a Georgia hunting license, a Georgia migratory bird license, and a federal duck stamp (now available when you purchase your other recreational licenses).  WRD has made your purchase decision even easier by the creation of the Waterfowl Hunter Package at, which includes all you need (and includes a convenient plastic card).

For more information on Georgia Hunting Regulations for waterfowl, visit


Georgia waterfowl hunters head to their favorite wetland locations as duck season opened Sat., Nov. 20, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).  

“The waterfowl seasons and bag limits are basically the same this season as they were last season,” said Kara Nitschke, migratory gamebird biologist.  “Atlantic Flyway breeding populations fared quite a bit better this summer than mid-continent and western birds. If we can get cold weather in the Great Lakes, New England, and mid-Atlantic regions, southern hunters can expect a good number of wood ducks, ring-necks and teal.”

Duck season dates are Nov. 20-28 and Dec. 12 – Jan. 31.  Full migratory bird hunting regulations can be found at