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FWC closure for Gray Triggerfish, Red Grouper and some Snappers in Gulf State Waters 

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Posted on: 10/12/21
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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved temporary closures to recreational harvest of gray triggerfish, red grouper, blackfin snapper, queen snapper, silk snapper and wenchman in Gulf state waters starting Monday, Oct. 11. These closures are consistent with recent closures in Gulf federal waters.

Gray triggerfish will reopen March 1, 2022. Red grouper, as well as blackfin snapper, queen snapper, silk snapper and wenchman, will reopen Jan. 1, 2022, both in Gulf state in federal waters.

These fisheries were closed in federal waters because NOAA Fisheries estimates that the annual quotas for these species have been reached.