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Nebraska Hunter Information as 2021 Fall Hunting Season gets Underway

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Posted on: 09/29/21
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— Upcoming season dates: Get ready for pheasant and quail season (Oct. 30-Jan. 31), firearm deer season (Nov. 13-21), firearm antelope (Oct. 9-24), and various waterfowl seasons, including dark goose and light goose.

— Upland and Duck slams: Enjoy a challenge? Set your sights on completing the Upland Slam and Duck Slam this year. Your goal: to harvest four specific species in Nebraska by the end of the season. Your reward: pins, certificates, entry into prize drawings — and epic bragging rights.

— Hunter education classes: It’s not too late to take a Hunter Education course! Complete one from the safety of your own home with the online version, or attend a traditional classroom course.

Big game hunters should be aware of two regulation changes
Nebraska big game and turkey hunters should be aware of wildlife regulation changes for 2021 regarding hunting over bait and carrying a handgun while hunting.

The amended baiting regulation states that it is illegal to hunt any big game animals or turkeys within 200 yards of a baited area. An area is be considered baited for 10 days following the complete removal of all bait. The hunter and the animal must be outside of the baited area during the harvest or attempted harvest.

A baited area is any location where grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, hay, minerals (including salt), or any other natural food materials, commercial products containing food materials, or by-products of such materials that may attract big game or turkey.

Big game animals in Nebraska are deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep and mountain lions.

The other regulation allows big game and turkey hunters to carry a handgun, with a barrel of no longer than 5 inches, while pursuing game with bow and arrow or muzzleloader. Any take or attempted take of wildlife with the aid of the handgun, other than for the immediate protection of human life, is prohibited.

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Nebraska 2021 fall hunting season is underway. As you continue planning new hunts and enjoying current opportunities, here are a few resources and things to keep in mind:

— Turkey season is open. Go out there and get a gobbler or two: the season doesn’t end until Jan. 31. Buy a permit today — and make it a family trip with an $8 youth permit for your son, daughter or grandchild.

— Take ’em Hunting: Speaking of family hunting, if you have a new hunter in the family, this is the perfect time to enter the Take ’em Hunting challenge. Send us your photos to be entered to win prizes including a new John Deere Gator.