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Idaho Confirms 300 White-Tailed Deer Died from Disease in the Kamiah Area

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Posted on: 08/21/21
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Deer can be taken to Simmons Sanitation for disposal at the expense of Fish and Game. Idaho Fish and Game officers are stretched thin and are not able to keep up with all the reports of dead deer. We encourage neighbors to help neighbors. If you know of someone that has a dead deer on their property, please assist them with removal. 

Wildlife biologists have a sufficient number of disease samples in the Kamiah area, however staff will be monitoring the situation and will be interested in taking samples in other areas throughout the region. Please report dead or sick deer online at the Wildlife Health webpage


Idaho Fish and Game is continuing to receive reports of dead deer in the Kamiah area. Approximately 250-300 whitetails have died near the Kamiah area. Idaho Fish and Game wildlife staff has confirmed that the disease is a type of hemorrhagic disease (HD). 

Additional tests are currently being conducted to determine the specific type of hemorrhagic disease. The results of those tests are still pending. Fish and Game staff will continue to provide updates as more information is available.

Due to the potential deer-to-deer transmission route, Fish and Game officials continue to encourage people to remove food and water sources that attract and congregate deer. They also encourage the reporting of any symptomatic (lethargic deer exhibiting respiratory distress) or the disposal of dead deer carcasses.