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KDWPT Sets 2021 Regulation Changes for Waterfowl on Select Public Lands

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Posted on: 08/16/21
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Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area
  • Boats with motors will not be allowed in Pool 3A
  • All boats will be limited to speeds that do not leave a visible wake
  • Boats with motors will not be allowed on water in Pool 4A after 1 p.m.
  • Pool 4B will be “Youth Only” during the Youth/Military weekend

McPherson Valley Wetlands Wildlife Area
  • Motorized boats will be prohibited in all pools
  • The Big Basin Unit will be designated “Youth Only” during the Youth/Military weekend

Neosho Wildlife Area
  • Hunters will not be able to access the water before 5 a.m. and must be out of hunting areas an hour after sunset

For additional hunting/fishing changes for the 2021 season see; Commission-Approves-Waterfowl-Regulations-on-Select-Public-Lands/


The Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission met June 17, 2021 at the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita for their first in-person meeting in more than a year. Several virtual options were available, allowing some commissioners and the public to participate or watch online.

During the meeting, the KDWPT commission approved new regulations to help ease over-crowding issues at select public waterfowl hunting areas. After a presentation by Stuart Schrag, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) Public Lands director, commissioners unanimously passed the following regulations, which will be in place prior to upcoming waterfowl seasons: