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Apply for WVDNR 2021 McClintic WMA Waterfowl Hunt by Aug 15

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Posted on: 07/30/21
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On their assigned hunting day, hunters must report to the McClintic WMA office before 6 a.m. Applicants who were not selected may come to the McClintic WMA office on the morning of each day’s hunt and sign up to use shooting stations in the event any are not filled by selected hunters.

For information about waterfowl hunting and season dates, consult the 2021-2022 Migratory Bird Regulations, which will be available at all WVDNR offices and on by the end of August.


The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is now accepting applications for a controlled waterfowl hunt at the McClintic Wildlife Management Area, located near Point Pleasant. Waterfowl hunters who wish to participate in the permit-only hunt must submit an application by midnight Aug. 15.

Hunters may apply online at by logging in and clicking “Enter A Lottery Drawing.” Successful applicants will be notified by mail by the second week of September.

The controlled hunt will take place on a portion of McClintic WMA during the October split of West Virginia’s waterfowl season. Hunters who are successful in the lottery draw are randomly assigned a day to hunt and given an assigned hunting area, free of charge. Hunters are permitted to bring one guest. A shooting station is also available for physically challenged waterfowl hunters.