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ODFW Seeks Input on Proposed 2022 Archery Elk Seasons

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Posted on: 04/05/21
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ODFW wants input on the draft proposal from hunters before developing a final staff proposal that would go to the Commission at the June 18 meeting. Final Big Game Regulations will be adopted at the September 2021 Commission meeting.

Comments can be taken during this meeting, by emailing [email protected] no later than April 15, or by testifying at the June Commission meeting.

More detailed information is available on ODFW’s March 10 news release and on the Big Game Review page.

Join the April 7 southwest Oregon virtual meeting using ZoomGov or Skype for Business. The meeting runs 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

For more information see;


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Southwest Oregon archery elk hunters are encouraged to attend an April 7 virtual meeting to learn about proposed changes to the 2022 archery elk seasons and provide their input

While archery elk hunting in western Oregon and much of eastern Oregon would remain a general season under the draft proposal, several northeast Oregon units would move to some form of controlled archery hunting to better manage elk populations. This proposed change would also more equitably distribute necessary harvest reductions between rifle and archery hunters. 

Tags would not be portable to general season hunts, so archery elk hunters would need to choose either Eastern Oregon General, Western Oregon General, or the controlled hunt tag they drew.