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Join CPW Virtual SW Region Sportspersons' Roundtable Meeting Feb 18

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Posted on: 02/17/21
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To connect with the call, go to:, then enter the Meeting ID – 81468446639 and the Passcode – 700654.
For those who don’t have internet access, please dial-in using your phone: 720-928-9299 and then enter the Meeting ID - 81468446639 and the Passcode - 700654.
If you have questions, please contact Lewandowski at 970-759-9590 or via email at [email protected].


Publishers Notes: Our country is still battling COVID-19. To avoid the spread of this virus and continue to enjoy outdoor activities, ALL outdoor enthusiasts (man, woman, child) should follow the guidelines set by These guidelines include; social distancing, the Leave No Trace principles, including pack-in and pack-out, to keep outdoor spaces safe and healthy.
If you’re interested in hunting, fishing and wildlife in Southwest Colorado, please join an on-line meeting with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 6 p.m., Feb. 18.
This Zoom meeting is part of CPW’s “Sportspersons’ Roundtable” program the works to involve hunters and anglers in Colorado’s wildlife issues. Attending the meeting will be CPW staff who will present updates on the 202 hunting season, terrestrial species, aquatic species and other issues that CPW is now facing.
“CPW always wants to hear from hunters and anglers about what’s on their minds and ideas they have,” said Joe Lewandowski, CPW’s public information officer for the Southwest Region.