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Connecticut 2019 Fall Archery Deer Hunting Season Opens Sept 15

Submitted by:  TBC Press
Posted on: 09/10/19
News # 12892
“For the third year in a row, acorn production has been low due to gypsy moth infestations, so if pending weather conditions are favorable, harvest numbers this fall should increase from 2018.”

“The best hunting opportunities still exist in the southwest corner of the state and many of the shoreline towns, especially for bowhunters,” continued LaBonte. “Many landowners use the archery deer hunting season as a safe and effective means of reducing deer populations, especially in the more developed areas of the state where firearms hunting may not be feasible.”

Harvest Tags: When hunters harvest a deer or turkey, they are required to fill out a Harvest Tag, sign it, and keep the Harvest Tag with the animal until it is processed for consumption. Copies of Harvest Tags and instructions for their use are on page 34 of the 2019 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide, as well as on the DEEP website at

Report Harvest: Hunters are required to report their deer and turkey harvest within 24 hours either on the DEEP website ( or by calling a toll free number (1-877-337-4868). Deer hunters in Deer Management Zones 11 and 12 who take advantage of the Replacement Antlerless and Earn-a-Buck tag programs must complete this same tagging and reporting procedure prior to going to a check station that issues replacement tags. 

A listing of replacement tag vendors is available on the DEEP website. After reporting their harvest via the Internet or by telephone, hunters will be given a confirmation number to write on their Harvest Tag. This confirmation number serves as proof that the harvest was legally reported.

Wear Fluorescent Orange: Bowhunters are reminded that they must wear 400 square inches of fluorescent orange while walking to and from their tree stands during the firearms deer hunting season. However, once in a tree stand, elevated at least 10 feet off the ground, bowhunters may remove the fluorescent orange clothing. 

All private land archery hunters are required to carry a DEEP consent form signed by the landowner and dated for the current season. Consent forms can be found in the Hunting Guide or at Deer permits and Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamps can be purchased online at or at participating town halls, vendors, and at some DEEP offices. Hunters should consult the DEEP website for an up-to-date listing of new state lands open to archery hunting.

Stock Image courtesy of CT fish & game
Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) reminds sportsmen that the 2019 fall archery hunting season for deer opens on Sunday, September 15 on private land only and on Monday, September 16 on state land. 

  • Fall archery hunting season for deer and wild turkey goes to the end of December on private lands and state land bowhunting only areas, and to the end of January 2020 on private lands in Deer Management Zones 11 and 12.
  • On state lands open to firearms hunting, the archery season runs from September 16 to November 19 and from December 25 through the end of the month.
  • Archery deer hunting is allowed on private lands on Sundays in all Deer Management Zones. 

“The outlook for the 2019 hunting season looks good as mild winters and relatively low harvest pressure have made it easy on deer,” said Andy LaBonte, DEEP Wildlife Division Biologist.

Connecticut 2019 Fall Archery Deer Hunting Season Opens Sept 15