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Maryland Elk Neck State Forest Shooting Range Reopens

Submitted by:  TBC Press
Posted on: 09/10/19

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The department worked with the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office in repairing 22 sections of range safety baffles. An important safety addition is a No Blue Sky system — a feature which helps shooters focus only on their intended target and keeps rounds safely within the facility.

The range is popular with shooting sports enthusiasts and hunters who are honing their skills ahead of Maryland’s fall hunting seasons. 

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Maryland Elk Neck State Forest Shooting Range Reopens
The rifle and shotgun ranges at Elk Neck State Forest in Cecil County re-opened at 9 a.m. Sept. 6, following completion of a critical maintenance project this summer according to The Maryland Department of Natural Resources . 

During the six-week project, the department’s contractor enhanced numerous safety and comfort features. Upgrades include a new concrete slab with new pavilion posts aligned with the shooting range baffles. The contractor also constructed and installed new shooting stations, lane partitions, and pavilion back rests.