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Kansas Unit 4 Spring Turkey Permit Deadline Feb 8

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 01/07/19

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The Unit 4 spring turkey permit is also valid in adjacent Units 1, 2 and 5. Applicants have the option of applying for a Unit 4 combo permit at a reduced price, but the second turkey game tag will only be valid in Units 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Unit 4 Spring Turkey Application Fees
  • General Application: $32.50
  • Landowner/Tenant Application: $20.00
  • General Combo Permit/Game Tag Application: $42.50
  • Landowner/Tenant Combo Permit/Game Tag Application: $25.00
  • Nonresident Tenant Application: $37.50
  • Nonresident Tenant Combo Permit/Game Tag Application:  $50.00
  • Preference Point only: $6.50

Any individual who has purchased a spring turkey permit is eligible for a second turkey game tag that is valid in Units 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 ONLY.

All other spring turkey permits and game tags are sold over-the-counter and online at

The 2019 Kansas spring turkey season will open April 1-16 for youth and hunters with disabilities, April 8-16 for archery hunters, and April 17-May 31 for the regular season.

For more information on spring turkey hunting, visit or call (620) 672-5911.

Stock Image courtesy of MNDNR

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Resident youth spring turkey permits, which may be purchased over the counter or online, are valid statewide, so residents age 15 and younger do not need to enter the Unit 4 draw.

The permit fee is $32.50, which includes the application fee. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a refund check for the permit price ($26) and be issued a preference point. Hunters may elect not to apply for a permit and only purchase a preference point for $6.50. Only one point may be obtained per year.

2019 North America Sportshows
Five hundred spring turkey permits are allocated for Kansas residents in Turkey Management Unit 4, which covers the southwestern quarter of Kansas. 

While spring turkey permits in all other units are available over the counter and online, Unit 4 permits are issued through a lottery drawing and the deadline to apply is Friday, Feb. 8, 2019

To apply for a Unit 4 spring turkey permit, visit and click “Hunting,” “Fees, Licenses & Permits,” then “Turkey.”
Kansas Unit 4 Spring Turkey Permit Deadline Feb 8