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Arizona 2019 Pronghorn Antelope & Elk Hunt Draw Information Booklet Available Online

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 01/02/19

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As a reminder, this will be the second-to-last draw in which paper applications will be accepted.  AZGFD is moving toward paperless hunt draws. Only online applications will be accepted beginning with the spring 2020 draw (which typically opens in late August or early September). In the meantime, hunters are encouraged to become familiar with the online draw application process.

A valid hunting license (or combination hunting and fishing license) is required to hunt wildlife in Arizona. No one under 14 may hunt big game without having completed a Hunter Education course. While it is not necessary for anyone 10 to 13 to complete a Hunter Education course before applying for a hunt permit-tag, these courses fill quickly. 

Consider registering now by visiting or calling 623-236-7239.

For more information see;

Stock Image courtesy of AR fish & game

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News # 12174

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has posted the “2019 Pronghorn Antelope and Elk Hunt Draw Information” booklet online at

The department now is accepting paper applications for hunt permit-tags. Paper applications can be mailed to: Arizona Game and Fish Department, Attn.: Drawing Section, P.O. Box 74020, Phoenix, AZ  85087-1052, or dropped off at any department office statewide.

The printed 2019 Pronghorn Antelope and Elk Hunt Draw Information booklets are expected to be available the first week of January at department offices and license dealers statewide.
Arizona 2019 Pronghorn Antelope & Elk Hunt Draw Information Booklet Available Online
In an effort to provide better customer service by announcing draw results sooner, all paper applications must be received no later than 7 p.m. (Arizona time) Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019. Postmarks do not count.  

The online application service for the draw is expected to be available in early to mid-January. Online applications must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019.