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New Jersey Does Special Chukar Stocking To Close Out Pheasant Season

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 12/31/18

Hunters should note that the daily bag limit for chukars is seven (7) birds per day, as compared to two (2) pheasants. 

The Division hopes upland bird hunters enjoy this new experience in the field and welcomes feedback on the program - send your comments to [email protected].

End of Year Stocking Schedule (pdf, 110kb)

Stock Image courtesy of IDFG

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News # 12165
The overabundance of rain in New Jersey this year has led to a shortfall in the number of available pheasants at the Rockport Pheasant Farm - but bird hunters need not panic. 

In fact, those looking for something different this season are in for a treat: the Division is purchasing 3,000 chukars for the last day of the 2018 stocking season (December 29).

The chukars were stocked in the same areas as pheasants (see the Pheasant Stocking Maps), and an additional 750 birds (3,000 total vs. the published 2,250) were be stocked.

New Jersey Does Special Chukar Stocking To Close Out Pheasant Season