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 Deadline to Apply for Wisconsin 2019 Spring Turkey Permits Dec 10

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 12/06/18
News # 12069

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Any harvest authorizations that were not awarded in the drawing will be available for purchase as bonus harvest authorizations. Bonus harvest authorizations will cost $10 for residents and $15 for non-residents.

All turkey hunters are required to possess a valid spring turkey license and wild turkey stamp when they acquire their spring turkey harvest authorization. A 2019 Spring Turkey License is $15 for Wisconsin residents and $60 for non-residents. The 2019 Wild Turkey Stamp is $5.25.

The 2019 spring turkey season is as follows:
  • Youth Hunt - April 13-14;
  • Period A - April 17-23;
  • Period B - April 24-30;
  • Period C - May 1-7;
  • Period D - May 8-14;
  • Period E - May 15-21; and
  • Period F - May 22-28.

For information on hunting in state parks, visit and search keywords "hunting state parks." All harvested turkeys must be registered. For information on how to register your turkey, visit and search keywords "turkey registration."

Youth turkey hunt - April 13-14
The annual Spring Turkey Youth Hunt is designed for hunters ages 15 and younger. Interested youth hunt participants should apply for a spring turkey harvest authorization before the Dec. 10 deadline. A harvest authorization for any time period can be used during the two-day youth hunt, but hunters are limited to the zone listed on their hunting authorization.

Youth hunters must either have a Hunter Education Certificate of Accomplishment or hunt under the Mentored Hunting Program. All hunters under 12 years of age must participate in the Mentored Hunting Program, even if they have successfully completed a hunter safety education course. All other turkey hunting regulation apply to the youth hunt.

Spring wild turkey hunt for people with disabilities applications due Dec. 10
Hunters with disabilities may apply for a harvest authorization outside of the normal spring turkey drawing. Hunters can apply for the Spring Wild Turkey Hunt for People with Disabilities by submitting Forms 2300-271 and 2300-271A.

This special hunt is only valid on private lands. Forms must be submitted by Dec. 10 to the DNR wildlife biologist for the county in which the hunt will take place. Any applicant who applies for a turkey harvest authorization using Forms 2300-271 and 2300-271A may not apply for a harvest authorization through the general spring turkey drawing.

For more information regarding turkey hunting in Wisconsin, search keywords "turkey."

Stock Image courtesy of UT fish & game

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The second and third choices are optional, but applicants are encouraged to provide second and third choices to maximize their likelihood drawing a harvest authorization.

Successful applicants will be notified by mail after the drawing results are finalized.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive a preference point that will increase their chances of drawing a harvest authorization the following spring season. Hunters can check their application status online through Go Wild.

Dec.10 is the deadline to apply for a spring turkey harvest authorization (previously known as a tag or permit). Turkey harvest authorizations are issued through a preference-based drawing system. For more information on the turkey preference drawing, see the Turkey Frequently Asked Questions.

Applicants may choose up to two time period and zone combinations that they would like to hunt. As a third choice, applicants may choose one zone in which they will accept a harvest authorization for any time period. This third choice can be the same zone as the first and/or second choice. 
Deadline to Apply for Wisconsin 2019 Spring Turkey Permits Dec 10