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Michigan Deer Hunting Opportunities in Nov for Hunters with Health Challenges

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 10/29/18

Remaining reserved deer hunting permits are available from any license agent, DNR Customer Service Center or online at The following reserved hunts are available on a first-come, first-served basis:

Hunt 0405 (Nov. 18-20)
Hunt 0406 (Nov. 21-23)
Hunt 0407 (Nov. 24-26)
Hunt 0408 (Nov. 27-30)

Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors provides improved outdoor recreation opportunities for wounded veterans and individuals with health challenges and coordinates a support network that facilitates their recovery through connecting with nature.

Get more information about this cooperative partnership, including eligibility for hunting, at or contact Dennis Tison at 517-522-4097.

Stock Image courtesy of UT fish & game

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Michigan Deer Hunting Opportunities in Nov for Hunters with Health Challenges
Michigan hunters with qualifying disabilities are encouraged to take advantage of reserved deer hunting opportunities at the Pierce Road Hunt Unit of the Sharonville State Game Area (in Jackson and Washtenaw counties).

 As part of the DNR’s Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors initiative, this 600-acre unit was designated as a restricted access hunt area to provide special hunt opportunities.