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Pennsylvania 2018-19 Duck Hunting Opens in South Zone Nov 20 -- Mandatory Life Jacket Requirement Starts Nov 1

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 10/30/18
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Ducks & Geese
DUCKS, SEA DUCKS, COOTS and MERGANSERS:  Lake Erie Zone - Oct. 29-Jan. 5;  Northwest Zone - Oct. 6-Dec. 8 and Dec. 27-Jan. 1;  North Zone - Oct. 6-Nov. 17 and Dec. 18-Jan. 12;  South Zone - Oct. 13-20 and Nov. 20-Jan. 19. (Ducks & Sea Ducks - 6 daily, 18 possession. Coots - 15 daily, 45 possession. Mergansers - 5 daily, 15 possession.) 

CANADA GEESE: Southern James Bay Population Zone - Sept. 1-25 (In western Crawford County, the season runs from Sept. 1-15) (1 daily, 3 possession); Oct. 6-Nov. 24 and Dec. 11-Jan. 19 (3 daily, 9 possession).  Resident Population Zone - Sept. 1-25 (8 daily, 24 possession); Oct. 27-Nov. 24, Dec. 17-Jan. 19 and Jan. 26-Feb. 23 (5 daily, 15 possession).  Atlantic Population Zone - Sept. 1-25 (8 daily, 24 possession); Nov. 15-24 and Dec. 15-Jan. 31 (3 daily, 9 possession). 

LIGHT GEESE: Southern James Bay Population Zone - Regular Season Oct. 1-Jan. 19 and Conservation Season Jan. 21-April 19.  Resident Population Zone - Regular Season Oct. 23-Feb. 23 and Conservation Season Feb. 25-April 19.  Atlantic Population Zone - Regular Season Oct. 1- Jan. 31 and Conservation Season Feb. 1-April 19. (25 daily, no possession limit).

For more information see;

Stock Image  courtesy of PA fish & game

Pennsylvania 2018-19 duck hunting opens in South Zone Nov 20 and runs through Jan 19. 

Bag limits are Ducks & Sea Ducks - 6 daily, 18 possession. Coots - 15 daily, 45 possession. Mergansers - 5 daily, 15 possession. 

The PFBC is reminding boaters that beginning November 1 and lasting through April 30, they are required to wear a life jacket while underway or at anchor on boats less than 16 feet in length or on any canoe or kayak. The requirement applies to all Pennsylvania waters.
“Life jackets are the most important piece of safety equipment on a boat,” says Ryan Walt, PFBC Boating and Watercraft Safety Manager. “According to Pennsylvania’s boating accident reports, almost 80 percent of all boating fatalities happen to boaters not wearing a life jacket. A disproportionate number of the fatalities occur during the months of November through April. During these cold weather months, boaters are especially at risk due to the water temperature and the risk of sudden cold water immersion.” To learn more about life jacket wear and cold water survival, visit the Water Safety page and the “Wear It Pennsylvania” page.

Pennsylvania 2018-19 Duck Hunting Opens in South Zone Nov 20