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Quebec Caribou Hunting Closed for 2018 & 2019

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 10/26/18

As recently as earlier this year, these surveys have indicated that caribou populations were stable (400,00 animals +-) and in fact had increased more than anticipated. In spite of all of this scientific data, the resentment from the native people has continued to grow and eventually, what all of us in the industry feared would happen, did. The Govt, of Quebec has given in to political pressure and made a decision that carries huge proportions. Again, no scientific or population survey data exists to justify this action. Sadly, it is simply another example in the world of sport hunting, where politics has overcome sensible wildlife management!

According to CBS, the Leaf River caribou herd has declined to only 199,000 from approximately 430,000 in 2011. Wide Open Spaces find it difficult to believe that one additional harvest of, at most, less than 1% of the population will have a long-term impact on the Inuit's harvest ability.

The goal of the Inuit and non-Inuit hunters is the same. They should be working together to find solutions to preserve both lifestyles.

Clearly, more is going on with this herd than hunter harvest. 

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The Government of Quebec announced that at the conclusion of the 2017 caribou hunting season, caribou hunting in Quebec will be completely closed for the 2018-19 seasons.  

According to Fins & Furs Adventures, there has been an ongoing dispute in Quebec between the Government, the caribou outfitters and the indigenous tribes in Quebec. The natives have long resented the fact that outfitters are allowed to conduct caribou hunts in what is described on maps of Quebec as Nunavik, which is the upper half, including the Ungava Peninsula, of the Province. Quebec has annually conducted aerial surveys and has radio-collared caribou cows as a means to regularly determine and monitor the population. 

Quebec Caribou Hunting Closed for 2018 & 2019