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Oregon Central Coast Opens for Two More Days of Ocean Coho

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 09/13/18

Oregon ocean waters from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. will be open for more coho salmon fishing this Friday and Saturday (Sept. 14-15). 

This is the second open period for the 2018 non selective coho season. During the first two-day period anglers averaged more than one fish for every two anglers with a total estimated catch of 2,700 coho.

With an initial quota of 3,500 coho, that left only 800 coho available for harvest – not enough for another opener, according Eric Schindler, ODFW ocean salmon manager.

“However, with coordination and cooperation from NOAA Fisheries and flexibility in salmon management we were able to “roll-over” quota from the summer hatchery coho season to September,” Schindler said. “That bumped the quota up to 7,600 coho, and will give everyone at least two more days of fishing.”

Managers will review catches next week and decide on Wednesday if there is enough quota left for any additional fishing days.

Fishing for Chinook salmon remains open seven days a week through October, but Chinook catches have been slow most of the season. Anglers are reminded that when fishing for salmon in the ocean no more than two single point barbless hooks are allowed. The hook rules also apply when fishing for any other species if a salmon has been retained.

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Oregon Central Coast Opens for Two More Days of Ocean Coho