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Utah 2018 Archery Elk/Deer Hunts Opens Aug 18 -- Still Time to Get Permit

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News 
Posted on: 08/09/18
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The 2018 Utah Big Game Field Regulation Guidebook is the place to go to learn the rules for Utah's archery hunts.

Equipment rules for the hunt (minimum pull of 30 pounds at the bow's draw or peak; arrows must be at least 20 inches long, from the tip of the arrowhead to the tip of the nock; and arrowheads must have two or more sharp-cutting edges that cannot pass through a 7/8-inch ring) are found on page 45 of the guidebook.

Pages 23–24 also provide deer and elk hunting information.

The free guidebook is available online at and from DWR offices and hunting license agents across Utah.

Extended archery areas
Even when the general archery elk and deer hunts wrap up in September, archery hunting will continue in extended archery areas in various parts of Utah. The extended archery areas for deer are listed on page 19 of the free 2018 Utah Big Game Field Regulations Guidebook. Page 25 lists areas for elk.

To hunt any of the extended archery areas, you must complete the DWR's Archery Ethics Course and then carry your certificate of completion with you while you're hunting. The course will be available online soon.

For more information see; prepare-now-for-utah-s-archery-hunts

Stock Image courtesy of Utah fish & game

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It's time to prepare for Utah's archery elk and deer hunts. Both hunts start Aug. 18. Archery elk permits went on sale July 17, are unlimited in number, so there’s no problem getting one. 

Also, almost 500 permits—to hunt buck deer on two general season hunting units in northern Utah went on sale July 19

Taking the DWR's Bowhunter Education course is another great way to prepare for the upcoming season. The course teaches the basics of archery hunting. It's for youth and adults alike.
Utah 2018 Archery Elk/Deer Hunts Opens Aug 18